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Restaurants - Berlin

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Wirtshaus Wuppke *** Kochu Karu - Korean Cuisine *** Osteria Ribaltone am Viktoria Luise Platz *** Asia Deli *** Let me share a little secret between the Chinese and that is Asia Deli at Seestr.

Asia Deli ***

This tiny Imbiss sell cheap and homey Chinese dishes. Most of people who visit this imbiss are either poor students or simply Chinese people who just crave for home-cooked style food. I visit them frequently and try almost every single dish they offered. Most of their dishes are very tasty, with their price (mind you, Everything cost under 10 euro and most dishes cost around 6 euro). Be warned though, if you have MSG-allergy, this is not the suitable place for you. My most favourite dish is their steamed dorade with chopped chilli and cilantro. Another popular dish is beef in ceramic pot. For the cold dish they have spiced tofu braised in soy sauce. For a real home style chinese stir fry, I recommend this bok choy with egg drop filled with minced pork. Stir fried spicy beef tripes ... chewy and bursting with spiciness and garlicky flavour. Metzer Eck *** The Cafe Einstein - Stammhaus *** Steckerlfisch & Co. *** Restaurant Kolk (Spandau) ** [Permanently closed]

Zur Kneipe ** Brezel Company Berlin ** Café Bleibtreu ** Coco Banh Mi (Mitte) * Route 66 Diner * Que Pasa (Mitte) * Café-Bar Datscha * El Borriquito (Wilmersdorf) * Allermunde * Faro Berlin. BäckerMann - der Schwabenbäcker in Berlin! Morélos – Gastlichkeit mit mexikanischem Akzent. Beef House - Taiwanese Food in Neukolln. Beef House is an authentic Taiwanese Restaurant in Neukölln.

Beef House - Taiwanese Food in Neukolln

So authentic that we only knew about this place because some friends from Taiwan decided to show us the only place for taiwanese food that they go when they are in Berlin. Yes, this is how great the food is at the Beef House. Don’t get confused by the name of this restaurant, this is not an american steak place. This is the place to try taiwanese noodle soup and some fried and cooked dumplings. The last time we were there, we had this big bowl of noodle soup and we are still wondering how it is possible for anyone to finish this huge dish. the amazing beef noodles When you go to Beef House, you have to ignore the menu above the counter and focus on the menu they are going to give you.

Best Restaurants in Berlin: The Coolest Places to Eat. Welcome to Eat Seeker, our newest, shiniest, most oooh-inducing feature, where we'll be telling you about the very best restaurants to eat at right at this very moment.

Best Restaurants in Berlin: The Coolest Places to Eat

We'll be including everything from the newest spots, to the old faithful classics, to everything in between, which we'll be updating regularly so that you are never left wondering where to eat right now. Industry Standard. Best Restaurants in Berlin - Chinese, Italian, French, Mexican. Thrillist Berlin’s Best of 2015 Awards. Berlin’s 14 Most Important Restaurants. Flickr/Juska Wendland One-Line Save Venue Kreuzberg Eating at Mustafa’s at least once is a Berliner’s rite of passage.

Berlin’s 14 Most Important Restaurants

After all, Germany’s most hyped döner kebap stand is a subject of never-ending debate: is it really worth all the guidebook lip service, and is it especially worth waiting in a 30-minute-plus queue? The fun is all in forming your own opinion, and the only way to do that is biting into Mustafa’s chicken and grilled veggies in flatbread, coated in secret sauce. Mitte When Das Lokal opened in 2012, it became an institution in Berlin for a couple reasons: 1) it was one of the first restaurants to source its meat and veggies entirely from Brandenburg, and 2) the capital was aching for delicious, yet affordable German food.

Berlin U-Bahn Restaurant Map - Berlin Restaurants Near Stations. Asia Deli Menu - Berlin, Berlin. Da Jia Le - Berlin Food Stories. Da Jia Le is a a hidden gem in a not so pretty corner of Schöneberg dishing up some superbly authentic Chinese food.

Da Jia Le - Berlin Food Stories

Take the trip out here for some of the best Chinese food in Berlin. Da Jia Le did for a long time fall under the category “hidden gem”, the first time I stood outside this place and took a look at the somewhat shady neighbourhood around Gleisdreieck I was skeptic, to say the least. Actually I was unsure if I should enter at all. Then I reminded myself why I was here, I was urged to visit this place by a reader with unusually good knowledge of Chinese restaurants in Berlin and therefore my curiosity prevailed. The reader had insisted that I visit this place as it was totally off the grid but serving some of the best Chinese food in town.

And boy, was he right about Da Jia Le being off the grid. Some of the best German beer money can buy and you should not leave this place without drinking it. Dajiale China Restaurant. Berlin’s 10 greatest food trucks - Thrillist Berlin. House of Flying Dumplings Berlin street food doesn’t just mean the hangover-foreshadowing flavors of currywurst & doner kebab anymore.

Berlin’s 10 greatest food trucks - Thrillist Berlin

Sure, the city has traditionally frowned upon chow-hawking trucks roaming the streets, but thanks to the launch of some awesome food events this year, culinary entrepreneurs are finding even more places to park their wheels -- and don’t let the oncoming winter deter you; Street Food Thursday is going strong & both Bite Club and Burgers & Hip Hop have Christmas events in the works. Whether you’re looking for tacos, dumplings, or rum-spiked ice cream (and you should be looking for all three, quite frankly) we’ve collected the deets on how to get the city’s best into your face.

Speisehaus. 10 of the best budget eats in Berlin. Curry 36 If you want to eat currywurst the Berlin way, order yours here boiled and naked ("ohne darm", without skin), looking a little pale in comparison with the ones in pink skins.

10 of the best budget eats in Berlin

The sausage at this particular snack bar is so popular that they've started a range of merchandise sporting their daft logo. Besides the currywurst there's bockwurst, krakauers and several other types of sausage as well as proletarian Berlin specialities such as fried burgers and bouletten (meatballs/patties). Take it away or wolf it all down at one of the outdoor stand-up tables.• Mehringdamm 36, Kreuzberg, no telephone,

Restaurant borchardt - Eine Instanz der Berliner Küche. No Hablo Español Burritos. - COTTO E CRUDO - Les valseuses - Französisches bistro. White Trash Fast Food – Restaurant, Club & Tattoo Studio Berlin. ~ Las Primas Bar ~ Beste Spanisches Restaurant ~ Kreuzberg. Wiener Brot. Berlin’s New Pastrami Star. Hamburger Heaven. Sorry to Disappoint, but I Ate Well in Berlin. Best Restaurants in Berlin. Other Published on August 30th, 2013 | by Peurling Totally defying the general lack of genuine Thai restaurants in Berlin, the Thai Food Market in Wilmersdorf offers a complete journey through the wonderful world of Thai food.

Best Restaurants in Berlin

Sample spectacular dishes which aren’t available anywhere else in the city whilst enjoying the scenery in the Preußen Park. The Thai Market in Berlin is by no means anything new. This spectacular food event, which takes place every Sunday in the Wilmersdorfer Preußenpark, has been around for ages, growing in size every year and giving Berliners the rare chance to sample truly authentic Thai food. Preußenpark is located just south off the S-Bahn station Charlottenburg and right next to the U7 station Konstanzer str. in an area which is not very frequently visited by most Berliners as there really is not much else to do here (apologies to all the locals).

Now, when it comes to the food, your biggest problem will be to choose what you want to eat. The Best Cheap Food in Berlin: Top 10 Eats Under 5 Euros.