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Restaurants - Zip Checklist. Employee Task Manager to Save Time and Cut Costs. Just as a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, the failure of a business typically happens not due to one dramatic, cataclysmic event, but because of an accumulation of small workflow management missteps. Frequently those small but damaging erosions of time revolve around a lack of effective task management.

Inconspicuous time-wasters that rob you of 90 seconds per hour for each employee, for instance, may not seem like a big deal. But if you have a team of 10 people that adds up to 15 minutes of lost productivity per hour. That’s 25% of every hour – or two hours out of every 8-hour shift. Rank and file employees are not the only ones who may be less productive, however, and oftentimes the biggest loss of productivity is amongst managers, top executives, and owners. The typical entrepreneur or small to medium-sized company won’t even have to set aside substantial capital in order to acquire the applications they want and need.

Overcome the Fear of Digital To Do List Technology. Technological advances, including mobile phone applications, have created a low-overhead, high-productivity toolkit that can greatly benefit small and medium-sized businesses. The digital technology accelerating and enhancing the way business is done is of particular significance to franchise owners, restaurants, and companies that sell retail products and consumer packaged goods. But unless owners and managers take advantage of these technologies, they’ll be left behind by competitors who are more comfortable upgrading to the new ways of doing business in the 21st century. Fear of technology is nothing new. If you’ve ever bought or sold a home, you’re aware of the dependence of realtors and their clients on the Multiple Listing Service or “MLS,” that industry’s go-to database of real estate listings.

You’ve probably even accessed the MLS yourself while shopping for a home, because nearly every real estate broker has a website with a search engine that is connected to the MLS. 8 Hidden Benefits of A Restaurant Time Card App. Share This Story, Choose Your Platform! Most businesses with a mobile workforce, including restaurants, should be in the market for a Time Card app. Why? Most mobile time clock solutions present real-time employee time tracking and allow employees to easily switch from labor category to category and also to switch job codes and numbers. An accurate and uncomplicated time tracking system will generally improve payroll processing, reduce payroll costs and eventually reduce administrative costs.

Unfortunately, in a bid to increase revenue, most restaurant owners and managers look outward when they should be looking inward. Switching to a web-based time and attendance system will accurately track employee hours, and this will promote a more productive, well-organized, and happy workplace for both employers and employees. The advantages of a Time Card app are not always obvious; nonetheless, here are some of them: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Everything You Need To Know About The Free Time Clock. Share This Story, Choose Your Platform! As a business owner or manager, chances are that you hardly have the time to keep track of the whereabouts of your employees, especially if you have employees operating across different locations. But as you probably know, a free time clock offers a simple, yet very efficient, way to monitor employees without having to hover over them continuously.

If you intend to implement a time clock into your business but you are still not so sure what this kind of system entails, a free time clock, or a premium one for that matter, enables employees to clock in and clock out online or via the web through a mobile phone app or on a browser. Below is a compilation of everything you need to know about a free time clock: Speed Unlike a physical time tracking system or a traditional time clock, online time tracking avails data instantly. Accuracy Ease of use Using a time clock online or via the Internet is easy for all involved. Cost Saves time It’s free. Make the Most of Your 8 Hour Work Day - Zip Clock. Share This Story, Choose Your Platform! How Efficient People Make the Most of Their 8-Hour Work Day We all know how easily the 8-hour work day can morph into the 9- or 10-hour day. It’s as inevitable as an exhausted toddler having a meltdown. It happens.

But if those longer days are happening with regular frequency, it may be time to reevaluate and consider how you may be unwittingly contributing to them. Many people would like to be more efficient, but they’re just not hard-wired for it. Furthermore, having more time to enjoy yourself will leave you happier and more fulfilled – all of which will lend itself to your performing better at your job.

They take time to refresh and learn something of use. Studies show that we function better when we take periodic breaks away from work to refresh. For most of us taking a break, the internet is the obvious go-to. Still, another member of the efficiency tribe may instead pick up some new knowledge that will enhance his interests or hobbies. And yet… United States Labor Laws Resources | Zip Schedules. Share This Story, Choose Your Platform!

Zip Schedules Staffing App – Assistance you can count on! Without a shadow of doubt, employee planning and scheduling is an arduous and time consuming activity that requires significant time and efficient management skills. However, with the introduction of scheduling apps and staff planners, employee scheduling has become a lot easier than it was before. With growing demand in the market, you’ll be able to find a number of staff planning apps and schedulers to help you manage your shifts making effective use of your organizational resources. Zip Schedules is one such app that has been designed to help you plan your schedules as per United States labor laws. Zip Schedules: Find links and resources for United States Labor laws Whether you manage a small business or a big organization, you’d want to avoid any United States labor law violations that may increase your risk of being penalized by law agencies.

Easy Staff Planning Minimize Scheduling Conflicts. 10 Nearly Free Ways to Boost Employee Morale. Share This Story, Choose Your Platform! Whether you’re trying to find more ways to boost employee morale among the ways you already implement, or you’re looking for free gifts you can provide to your employees, there are a number of simple and effective ways to do each. Businesses are changing more than they ever have in this day and time due to the effects of the economy and the growth of entrepreneurship. Therefore, increasing the amount of employee satisfaction and employee morale at your business can go a long way towards creating better employees and higher levels of success and satisfaction among workers. So consider these 10 nearly free ways to boost employee morale in your business. These tips are simpler than you think and many can be put in place immediately, or within a few weeks or months. 1. Who doesn’t hate coming into the office everyday to a full inbox?

So think outside the inbox and use more creative, live ways to communicate instead. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. The 10 Simple Habits of Successful Young Entrepreneurs. Share This Story, Choose Your Platform! Opinions differ on what kinds of traits make up a successful entrepreneur. Some claim that being a risk-taker is an essential character trait, while others say young entrepreneurs are the most cautious people around. A lot of these beliefs are simply anecdotal, rarely rooted in concrete evidence about what it takes to run a business. However, there are some patterns in entrepreneurial traits that we can rely on thanks to recent research on the topic. 1. It’s typical to assume that the most driven, workaholic, young entrepreneurs come out on top. 2. Seemingly unrelated to running a business, humility may actually play a secret role in the longevity of a new venture. 3.

Tolerance for ambiguity was first studied in the 1980s, as researchers attempted to determine what types of business leaders experienced the most success. 4. It’s not hard to see how modern entrepreneurs might exhibit a more rebellious nature than the average person. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 5 Companies With a Unique Onboarding Process And What Makes Them Successful - Zip Schedules. Share This Story, Choose Your Platform! An employee onboarding process is essential for the success of your company. Research shows 69% of employees will be more likely to remain with your company if your onboarding program is a winner. Companies recognize the importance of an an onboarding process as it impacts employee retention and the bottom line. Sure, recruitment is important but that’s just one aspect. This process will differ between companies in terms of length and structure. But, there are companies that are excelling more than others with their onboarding processes. 1.

The Zappos onboarding process lasts four weeks. All employees receive training on the best practices for customer service as this is an important part of Zappos’ cultural identity. They can quit and the company will give them $2000. Yes, you heard right, Zappos will give new hires $2000 to leave! 2. Twitter have an onboarding process from “Yes-to-Desk”. They spend the afternoon acclimatizing to the company. 3. 7 Questions To Consider When Coping With Depression In The Workplace - Zip Schedules. Share This Story, Choose Your Platform! Feeling down or depressed is part of the human condition. Life can throw you for a loop sometimes. But there’s feeling depressed, like when your sports teams blows it or you haven’t seen the sun in two weeks, and there’s depression, which can be a serious and chronic medical condition.

It is important to know the difference. If depression or feeling depressed have started affecting your job, here are seven questions to consider. Am I depressed as a result of my job? If you are struggling with feeling depressed on the job, it may not necessarily be depression. “Feeling like you have hit a dead end can add to depression,” says Lisa Bahar, LMFT, LPCC, a family therapist and clinical counselor, in Dana Point, Calif.

–Is your job a good fit? –Does your job align with your principles and values? –Are you working so much that you don’t have a life outside of work? -Are you getting paid enough? -Is management respectful and clear in their demands? Insomnia. The 10 Best Ted Talks for Young Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners - Zip Schedules. Share This Story, Choose Your Platform! TED Talks have been known to be life-changing experiences for the speakers, the viewers, and the listeners of various TED talks throughout the years. This is especially true in the case of entrepreneurs and small business owners who can gain knowledge, inspiration, and motivation from some of the bed TED talks for entrepreneurs. Specific things to look for when searching for some of the most inspirational , best TED talks for entrepreneurs is to look at both the speaker’s background and the topic at which they’re discussing.

Below are 10 of the best TED talks from inspirational people in the business world that have been highly rated among the general public and online reviewers. How to Find Work You Love – Scott Dinsmore In this TED talk, Scott Dinsmore shares about his experience with quitting a job he hated going to each day and finding work that also helped support himself. The Single Biggest Reason Why Startups Succeed – Bill Gross. 10 Tips and Tricks for Business Owners - Zip Schedules. Share This Story, Choose Your Platform! No matter how big or small, every business has room to grow, and with growth comes the consistent desire to improve, thrive, and be willing to change up the pace of how things go. As a business owner or manager there are several ways that you can increase the success of your business. Check out these 10 tricks and tricks that you can use and start implementing them today!

Maintain a Great Relationship With Your Staff Your staff should be just as important to you as your customers, after all the success of your business depends on how great your staff is. Your staff can make or break business. They are the blood, sweat and tears of all major production and customer service. Make it a point to maintain a great relationship with your staff. Reach out to them personally and thank them when they do something great or take care of a customer in a specific way. Challenge Your Employees With Encouraging Motivators Use Optimal Scheduling Methods. How to Best Manage Negative Employees. Share This Story, Choose Your Platform! Per a recent large, multinational Gallup Poll, a mere 13% of employees say they feel engaged at work with an enormous 22 million employees reporting being actively disengaged from their places of work, costing a whopping $350 billion dollars a year due to absenteeism and loss of productivity.

That means 1 out of every 8 employees simply aren’t committed to their jobs. If you’re a small or medium sized business, that could mean a few members of your already lean staff aren’t really on board or looking out for the team’s best interest. And in today’s economy, it’s crucial for everyone to pull their weight. How Negative Employees Impact the Workplace Negative employees can plague organizations, and their reach is wide, with the biggest and most financially detrimental problem being high turnover. Some Common Types of Negative Employees The employee the whole team has grown weary of.

What You Can Do about Negative Employees. 6 Warning Signs of Disgruntled Employees and How to Manage Them. Share This Story, Choose Your Platform! Research suggests that happy employees are 12% more productive, with unhappy employees being 10% less productive. Disgruntled employees can have a serious impact on your profits, and the ultimate success of your business. Further, the mood of a disgruntled employee can have ripple effects through your business affecting customer service and even other employees. It then becomes increasingly important for businesses to identify these disgruntled employees early on, and learn how to effectively manage them.

By approaching the process correctly you may be able to turn that disgruntled employee into a star performer. Should employees become seriously unhappy or even toxic, it may be better to just let them go. So, what then are the warning signs of a disgruntled employee? #1 An Employee Lacks Motivation; They Do The Bare Minimum Such is their unhappiness that you’ll find their bags packed well before it’s time to leave.

. #4 A Lack Of Collaboration.