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Abandoned Berlin

Abandoned Berlin

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Travel Travel Hotspot for Design: Liege Reciprocity Design Triennale We love to travel with a cultural agenda. Visiting Venice for the Art Biennale or Milan for Design Week was so inspiring and we love to look back at the photos we collected there. Dating in Berlin: Why You Shouldn’t Date German Men artwork: Eugenia Loli / CC Since I started dating I’ve always gone international. There are only a few European countries I haven’t planted my metaphorical flag (yes, this is a dick joke about my metaphorically huge dick). There is only one country whose men (and only men) I try to avoid: Germany. “Why? 10 Reasons Berlin Is Still Cool In the last decade, Berlin has been transformed from a city that was once touted as "poor but sexy" to a rapidly growing international hub with a bustling tech startup scene, an expanding expat community, and a host of riled natives. Sure, there's been an invasion of 20-somethings from around the world trying to sop up the remaining coolness, but Berlin is not over yet. Berlin remains a city unlike any other in the world. It's where graffiti meets cobblestone streets, long summer nights are spent canalside with a beer, and clubbing doesn't really start until the sun is up.

Bijzonder overnachten in Berlijn Middenin Friedrichshain bij het metro station Warschauer straße, vind je het Berlijnse Michel Berger hotel. Een gigantisch gebouw aan een drukke straat. Auto’s, trams en fietsers zoeven ons voorbij, met op de achtergrond de muziek van een stel creatieve Berliners. Aan de buitenkant zien we niet meteen hoe hip Michel Berger is, maar omdat ik al een en ander gegoogled heb weet ik beter. 'New Berlin': The Rise and Fall of Cool Cities When Andre Herrmann first moved to Leipzig in 2007, the post-industrial East German city wasn’t exactly known for its glamour. Since the Berlin Wall had fallen, the city had mostly been in dire economic straits, with many empty buildings left to rot. “The GDR had let many of the late-nineteenth century buildings fall apart, because it didn’t like them,” says Herrmann, a writer who often blogs about Leipzig. Although the city attracted its share of students and young creative types, Leipzig was mostly known for its poverty and desolation. But in recent years, Leipzig has become one of the most hyped “cool” cities in Europe. It began when the New York Times listed Leipzig as one of its “places to go” in 2010, touting its music scene and burgeoning artist community.

Winter in Berlin – 21 awesome things to do - Mit Vergnügen Berlin No one is on the streets, you spent half of the time curled up on the couch catching up with all the shows you missed during the summer and your friends don’t want to leave the house because they say it’s “too cold!” – face it, winter has arrived. But no worries, even in the midst of winter you can find an invincible summer in this city.

10 Awesome Outdoor Locations in Berlin » photo: Haubentaucher The season of skulking through the dark nightclubs and dirty bars of Berlin is over, guys! It’s time to go outside and enjoy the sun. Well, we might not have a very long and intense summer here in Berlin (sadly). But those golden days that we get, we like to use as much as we can. And where do we like to go? Alternative Berlin » Yaam Two buildings face each other on the Spree: one is a shiny highrise, its mosaic of metallic colours gleaming on the roadside. It is the new Mercedes Benz building that will be constructed by Caimmo. Across the road from it sits a beach club with a colourful graffiti-style sign and gates flung wide open.

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SLOWBERLIN: The Battle Of Berlin: A Timeline “The events […] are distant and strange, but they happened not very long ago, to that woman sitting right in front of me, insisting I take another slice of bread and butter and a fresh cup of tea.” – Anna Reid, Leningrad In the spring of 1945, after six years of war, the last major battle in Europe was fought between the Soviet Union and Hitler’s Third Reich. The Battle of Berlin, one of the most bitterly contested offensives of the entire war, saw a gigantic army of 2.5 million men unleashed in a deadly assault against the remnants of the Wehrmacht – an assault designed to crush Nazi Germany once and for all. For the Soviet Union, Berlin was the ultimate prize, the city being the heart of the Reich and the place where Adolf Hitler was hiding in his bunker.

Berlin’s Best Beer Gardens It was decreed by Albert V of Bavaria that only during the period from the feast of St. Michael to the festival of St George could beer be brewed. This led to breweries storing beer underground, usually along river banks, beneath the cool shade of chestnut trees. Inevitably, some genius (or perhaps drunkard) realized that the combination of cold beer in the pleasant shade made for the perfect summer spot: thus, the beer garden was born. Although our modern interpretations of the historic Biergarten often differ from the traditional guidelines – traditional ‘rules’ included that shade must come from trees not umbrellas, and that no fast food would be served, only solid meals – we still enjoy them on sweltering summer days with as much veracity as our beer swilling ancestors before us.

Internationals in Berlin (Berlino) We would like to welcome Internationals and locals as well, and visitors to Berlin. Most of our events tend to be in English, but we also have an occasional event for practicing German and welcome more German language events. Feel free to post ideas. If three people like it, then it automatically becomes a meetup. We tend to turn most ideas into meetups, even before the three person deal. We welcome ideas about exploring Berlin's history and culture, tennis and other sports, contemporary art, performance events, food and music gatherings, and whatever else you think a few members would enjoy.