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Preliminary Screening Application. Additional Information: 17.

Preliminary Screening Application

Please list all pets that have lived with you in the past 10 years. Do not include livestock. Create a new line (double space) for each pet starting with its name. Answer a. through g. a. Delete the below Examples before filling in your own pets. Example, Line 1: shelby, Ragdoll, 8, indoors only, spayed, yes on vaccines, currently living with me. Cat Urine, Dog Urine and Pet Odors. 40+ Must-Read Cleaning Tips & Tricks That Will Make your Home Shine – Cute DIY Projects. The phrase cleanliness is next to godliness is never truer than with regard to your home and personal space.

40+ Must-Read Cleaning Tips & Tricks That Will Make your Home Shine – Cute DIY Projects

As many of you might be aware, the overall hygiene of every appliance and item in your house is a direct reflection of the kind of person that you are. If you are living in a gated community and are generally a social person, this practice of being clean and hygienic is bound to get you into the good books of many people. In this article we take a look at some cleaning tips that are not only useful but have been proven to be extremely efficient. 40+ Must-Read Cleaning Tips & Tricks: Kitten formula. The kitten can survive just fine for 48 hours on fluids.

kitten formula

They need hydration and energy at this point- not formula. I have seen formula kill kittens or pups because thier systems were not ready for it yet. The first 48 hours mom does not have milk- they have colostrum. They get thier milk in at 48 hours or so. So give this instead for the first 48 hours: >Homemade Ringer's solution > >Put in a Pyrex custard cup or microwave-safe dish, 1 Tsp.

After 48 hours if mom's milk is still not in (should be at this point) you can choose one of these recipes- you will want to tube it instead of bottle feeding or by dropper as you risk aspiration of the fluid into the lungs. Emergency Kitty Formulat Recipes. 26 Hacks That Will Make Any Cat Owner's Life Easier. Do Cats Sweat Or Pant When They Overheat? Photo: conceptworker (flickr) Cats do sweat...through their paws, but, because paws have too small a surface area to do much cooling, cats have developed additional strategies for coping with heat.

Do Cats Sweat Or Pant When They Overheat?

Close your eyes and imagine it’s a hot summer day. You’re sitting on the front porch, peacefully sweating and fanning yourself. How to Remove Cat Urine Smell: 14 Steps. Alternative to the Elizabethan Collar. 1.

Alternative to the Elizabethan Collar

Foam pipe insulation: This is the insulation used to keep pipes from freezing in winter. It should be fairly ridged foam and should defiantly not be fiberglass. What matters most is the outer diameter (O.D.). However, insulation is generally measured by the inner diameter so take a measuring tape. For my small to mid-sized cats I used foam with an O.D. of 5cm (2in). For large dogs you may want to fill the inside of the foam with cloth or smaller diameter foam so the dog can't simply crush the collar. Soft alternative to elizabethian collar for dog. FIrst, I READ everything I could find on the internet.

Soft alternative to elizabethian collar for dog

Know that there are many devices out there (all fairly pricey) but they are basically one of two styles: a cone, or a neck restrictor. This idea isn't different from them, but I think it's the most comfortable. You need to MEASURE your dog's neck, both around the neck (my corgi's neck is 16" around, comfortably) and from the back of the ear to the shoulder (which was approx. 5") These measurements will be different in your dog, and you should measure several times just to be sure you get the numbers right.

(Because, if your dog is like mine, she's not standing still for some stupid tape measure!) Because I used a very thick foam (which is key to keeping the dog's head stabilized) I CUT an extra long and wide piece of egg crate style foam because it's what I had laying around. (you'll notice that the piece of foam is kind of fuzzy looking - i took it out of the fur sleeve for this Instructable, so sorry it's not pristine!) DIY E-Collar Alternative for My OCD Cat. My adorable Simon-cat has a not-so-adorable problem.

DIY E-Collar Alternative for My OCD Cat

Much like his cat-mom, he suffers from some pretty serious OCD. Like most cats, Simon is a thorough cleaner. The problem is, if he comes across any sort of scratch or skin irritation—as critters that come equipped with sharp claws are wont to do—he’ll obsessively clean the area until he’s created a painful sore, which he’ll then want to clean some more. This scenario always leads to the same inevitable conclusion: a trip to the vet and several weeks in the Cone of Shame. This is not a happy outcome for anyone involved. So, when a spot that I’d been watching crossed the line yesterday, I dug out the cone and watched sadly as my poor little kitty sulked around and bumped into things.

I went to work on designing a version that would hook right to Simon’s collar, giving it the best chance of actually staying in place. It may not be the most elegant solution, but it works. Related I Heart Hedgehogs Cat Toy Wednesday, October 20, 2010 In "Cats" Pin by Sandy Ramirez on Pets. How to Bathe Your Cat With a Damp Towel: 9 Steps.