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Combined Joint Task Force - Operation Inherent Resolve Monthly Civilian Casualty Report > U.S. Central Command > Press Release View. June 2, 2017Release # 20170602-02FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE SOUTHWEST ASIA — In the month of April, CJTF-OIR received 43 new reports of possible civilian casualties resulting from Coalition strikes in support of partnered force operations to defeat ISIS in Iraq and Syria.

Combined Joint Task Force - Operation Inherent Resolve Monthly Civilian Casualty Report > U.S. Central Command > Press Release View

During this period, the Coalition completed the assessment of 47 reports, of which 31 were assessed to be non-credible and 16 were assessed to be credible resulting in 132 unintentional civilian deaths. To date, based on information available, CJTF-OIR assesses that, it is more likely than not, at least 484 civilians have been unintentionally killed by Coalition strikes since the start of Operation Inherent Resolve. A total of 38 reports were still open and being assessed at the end of the month. Jihadistan: [ANALISI] In Libia Ansar al Sharia annuncia la propria disfatta. Perché ci deve far pensare. What I Discovered From Interviewing Imprisoned ISIS Fighters. No sooner am I settled in an interviewing room in the police station of Kirkuk, Iraq, than the first prisoner I am there to see is brought in, flanked by two policemen and in handcuffs.

What I Discovered From Interviewing Imprisoned ISIS Fighters

I awkwardly rise, unsure of the etiquette involved in interviewing an ISIS fighter who is facing the death penalty. He is small, much smaller than I, on first appearances just a boy in trouble with the police, his eyes fixed on the floor, his face a mask. We all sit on armchairs lined up against facing walls, in a room cloudy with cigarette smoke and lit by fluorescent strip lighting, a room so small that my knees almost touch the prisoner’s—but he still doesn’t look up. I have interviewed plenty of soldiers on the other side of this fight, mostly from the Kurdish forces (known as pesh merga) but also fighters in the Iraqi army (known as the Iraqi Security Forces or ISF), both Arab and Kurdish. Al-Qaeda's Zawahiri calls for 'guerrilla war' in Syria. Al-Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri has called on the armed Syrian opposition to wage guerrilla warfare against the government of Bashar al-Assad and its allies.

Al-Qaeda's Zawahiri calls for 'guerrilla war' in Syria

In an audio tape titled "Syria will only bow to God", released on the internet on Sunday, Zawahiri urged Syrian rebels to "have patience and prepare themselves for a long war against the Crusaders and their Shia allies". He urged them to adopt a "guerilla warfare" strategy because it would "weaken and drain the enemy". Al-Souri, le théoricien djihadiste de la guerre civile en Europe. Âgé de 58 ans, s’il est encore vivant, Abou Moussab al-Souri est considéré comme l’inspirateur des attentats djihadistes, commis en France depuis 2012, par des individus seuls ou des petites cellules.

Al-Souri, le théoricien djihadiste de la guerre civile en Europe

Dans un document de 1 500 pages, cet ancien compagnon de route d’Oussama ben Laden a théorisé son « djihad de proximité » qui doit conduire à une guerre civile dans les pays européens. Son vrai nom est Moustafa Setmariam Nasar, mais pour tous les sites djihadistes, notamment ceux qui reproduisent son « Appel à la résistance islamique mondiale », il est Abou Moussab al-Souri (le Syrien). Jabhat an-Nusra, Ahrar as-Sham and Fajr al-Umma in Ghouta joined in a new coalition: Jaysh al-Fustat. ISIL’s Caliph Left Mosul. Is he Now in Afghanistan? ISIL Caliphate, Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi, is said to have fled Mosul.

ISIL’s Caliph Left Mosul. Is he Now in Afghanistan?

ISIL says this is not true and it makes everyone believe he is still there. Though we have never thought of killing individuals, or terrorist leaders, as important compared to refuting their ideas, it is always tempting to see the head of this criminal gang behind bars or being beheaded by one of his many victims. It's the end of IS as we know it - but this is just the beginning. In late January, Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi announced that Iraqi and Peshmerga forces had seized control of the eastern half of Mosul, which had been under the rule of the self-proclaimed Islamic State (IS) since 2014.

It's the end of IS as we know it - but this is just the beginning

While this victory reveals IS’s inability to continue operating as a strong military actor in the Middle East and North Africa, it does not signal the end of the international fight against the group. Despite IS’s loss of territory and, consequently, its loss of resources and support, IS and its affiliates will continue to pose a threat to international security. A change of tactics Given its losses, IS’s leadership is now focusing its efforts on guaranteeing the survival of its ideology rather than on the survival of the group as we’ve known it up until now.

This change in tactic, however, has proved challenging. Islamic State group's ruthless methods in Iraq could spread, Australian commander warns. Updated The most senior Australian leading the Coalition fight against the Islamic State group (IS) in Iraq has warned the terrorist organisation's ruthless tactics could be replicated by others around the world.

Islamic State group's ruthless methods in Iraq could spread, Australian commander warns

Key points: Brigadier Noble says IS has proven to be "effectively organised"Says he expects to see tactics, technological innovation pioneered by group used elsewhereA top American commander in Iraq expects Mosul, Raqqa to be recaptured within 6 months Brigadier Roger Noble will soon end his posting in Baghdad, where he has served as the Deputy Commander of the Land Force. During an address to the Lowy Institute in Sydney, the military commander reflected on what he had learned about the militant group, which is also known as Daesh. Factions and Mounting Inner Disputes: What is Going on Inside Nusra? A few days ago, Al Qaeda leader Ayman Al Zawahiri posted a recorded message on the organization’s electronic sites in response to the criticism of ISIL and as an attempt to inject his views on the current debate between Jihad-Salafi leaders, particularly in Syria, Jordan and Iraq.

Factions and Mounting Inner Disputes: What is Going on Inside Nusra?

Zawahiri focused on trying to refute the claims that the Syrian opposition is targeted because of the presence of Al Qaeda on the ground and that the organization should leave Syria in order to reach a peaceful settlement to the war there. But who was he talking to? He did not mention any particular groups or names other than when he attacked ISIL leader Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi, calling him a different and belittling name. However, listening carefully to his message leaves no doubt that what he had in mind was to announce his support to one faction in Nusra (Jabhat Fatah Al Sham-JFS) and respond to critics from ISIL at the same time.

In fact, Zawahiri is one of a trio that defines the message. What does it mean to be at war with “radical Islam”? On the attractions and dangers of a vague term. Who is the enemy in American counterterrorism?

What does it mean to be at war with “radical Islam”? On the attractions and dangers of a vague term

Is it the Islamic State, the broader jihadist movement, or a set of ideas about the role of religious and politics, often labeled “radical Islam?” The President-elect and some of his senior advisors have stressed the need to focus on radical Islam and criticized President Obama for avoiding that specific label. “I think Islam hates us,” warned Trump on the campaign trail. When pressed about who, specifically, was the enemy, he contended that a narrow label risked missing part of the danger: “it’s very hard to define. It’s very hard to separate. Alleged Target of Drone Strike That Killed American Teenager Is Alive, According to State Department. The U.S.

Alleged Target of Drone Strike That Killed American Teenager Is Alive, According to State Department

State Department confirmed on January 5 that the man the U.S. government once claimed was the target of the drone strike that killed American teenager Abdulrahman Awlaki in 2011 in Yemen is alive. The department announced that it has designated Ibrahim al Banna “a Specially Designated Global Terrorist (SDGT) under Executive Order (E.O.) 13224.” The U.S. is offering a $5 million reward for information leading to al Banna’s killing or capture. Breaking: ISIS militants capture most of Palmyra city. ISIS 'cubs of caliphate' execute spies in horrifying videos - before sending threats to Vladimir Putin. A shocking video, reportedly released by the Islamic State, shows two young boys executing spies while sending a warning to Russia's president Putin .

The youngsters are dressed in military gear and armed with guns as they stand behind two prisoners. One boy yells warnings at the camera, while the second child stands silently by his side, looking extremely uncomfortable. After the speech, they then shoot the men from behind before bringing in another two prisoners, who suffer the same fate. According to , the film was released by ISIS and titled: "Repent and you have safety from us. " The Islamic State’s coming rural revival.

In one of his last messages before he was killed by a U.S. drone strike, the Islamic State’s spokesman Abu Muhammad al-Adnani prepared the group’s followers for ruin. After the group lost half its territory in Iraq and a fourth of its territory in Syria, Adnani acknowledged that the Islamic State’s government could crumble. But, he proclaimed, we began “in the desert without cities and without territory” and in the desert we can revive once again. It is not an empty boast. The U.S. and Iraqi militaries, together with their Sunni tribal allies, decimated the Islamic State’s insurgency in 2008, which forced the group to go to ground.

Yet it emerged four years later as one of the most capable and effective militias fighting in Syria and Iraq. In its previous incarnation, the Islamic State’s insurgency failed because it alienated its core constituency, the Sunni Arab tribes. Once defeated, the Islamic State set about remedying its mistakes by enculturating or coopting the tribes. US lists Italian rapper turned Islamic State jihadist as global terrorist. Anas El Abboubi The State Department added Anas El Abboubi, an Italian-born rapper who doubles as a jidhadist fighting for the Islamic State in Syria, to the US government’s list of specially designated global terrorists earlier today. Abboubi was briefly in Italian custody in June 2013, but fled to Syria after he was released. According to State, “Abboubi began to radicalize in 2012 after being relatively well known on the Italian hip hop scene as rapper McKhalif,” and by August of that year, “he established the Italian branch of an extremist organization.”

While State did not name the organization, it is Sharia4Italy. Did al Qaeda exchange former Pakistani army chief’s son for Zawahiri’s daughters? Al Qaeda claims that two of Ayman al Zawahiri’s daughters and a third woman were released weeks ago in exchange for the son of General Ashfaq Pervez Kayani, Pakistan’s former spymaster who also served as the Chief of Army Staff until 2013. The 20th edition of Al Masra magazine, which was posted online in late August, featured the claim on its front page. Al Masra is produced by a media shop affiliated with Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP), but it reports on news from all parts of al Qaeda’s global network. The Long War Journal cannot independently confirm the hostage exchange. Fifteen years after the 9/11 attacks, al Qaeda fights on. All appeared lost for Osama bin Laden and al Qaeda in December 2001. In the years leading up to the 9/11 hijackings, bin Laden believed that the US was a “paper tiger” and would retreat from the Muslim majority world if al Qaeda struck hard enough.

The al Qaeda founder had good reasons to think this. Saudi-Iran war of words heats up as Iranians miss Haj - World. TEHRAN: Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif accused Saudi authorities of “bigoted extremism” late Tuesday in an increasingly bitter war of words over Iran's exclusion from this year's Haj. Javad Zarif was responding to a claim by Saudi Arabia's most senior cleric, Grand Mufti Abdulaziz al-Sheikh, that Iranians were "not Muslims". "Indeed, no resemblance between Islam of Iranians and most Muslims, and [the] bigoted extremism that Wahhabi top cleric and Saudi terror masters preach," Zarif tweeted.

Iran's supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei was due to meet later on Wednesday with the families of some of the more than 400 Iranian victims of a stampede that killed nearly 2,300 pilgrims at last year's Haj. He published a scathing open letter on Monday, accusing the Saudis of failing to protect pilgrims. "The hesitation and failure to rescue the half-dead and injured people... is also obvious and incontrovertible.

Who Killed Adnani? An Open Source Survey - bellingcat. ISIL spokesman Adnani 'killed in Syria's Aleppo' - News from Al Jazeera. The main spokesman for the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) armed group, Abu Mohamed al-Adnani, has been killed in the Syrian province of Aleppo, according to an ISIL-linked website. Amaq, the ISIL-affiliated media outlet, said on Tuesday that Adnani was killed while monitoring military operations in Aleppo. Jihadistan: [ANALISI] Perchè l'Islam non è il nemico. Riconoscere la pluralità per fermare la paura. Scritte a Sirte "Libia portale per Roma" sono una notizia? No. Risale a un anno fa, come avevo scritto in un pezzo.

Guido Olimpio - I referenti (uscito su Corsera). I... Guido Olimpio - Mossa tattica prevista IL CAIRO, 28 LUG -... Al-Qaeda leader gives blessing to anticipated al-Nusra Front split. Fallujah, la battaglia continua. Truppe irachene avanzano, ma l'Isis resiste. L'esercito iracheno sta proseguendo la sua avanzata contro i militanti dello Stato islamico nella città di Fallujah, nonostante la dura resistenza dei jihadisti. The Many Challenges Facing ISIS in Libya. ISIS according to several reports, has declared a call to arms across Libya, after it withdrew most of its forces from Derna and other cities in Libya to the main stronghold in the city of Sirte, due to the losses it suffered.

Despite its retreat from positions in Libya due to the repeated strikes by the Libyan army, it does not mean that ISIS is not an established presence on the ground, as they have attempted a number of failed operations very recently. « L’État islamique est une entité éminemment postmoderne » - Propos recueillis par Anthony SAMRANI. U.S. general: Number of ISIS fighters in Libya doubles. Gen. Bruxelles, kamikaze metro passò per Italia nel 2015. Is ISIS Decentralizing? Guido Olimpio - Mondo Kamikaze (uscito su Corsera) In una... Will the Islamic State survive 2016? Guido Olimpio - Il network (uscito su Corsera cartaceo)... Tattiche, armi, target: perché fermarli è difficile. How Belgium Became a Top Exporter of Jihad.

Belgian Ibrahim and Khalid Bakrawi identified as #BrusselsAttacks bombers. Hunt for Laachraoui and Abrini who are on the run. #Belgium. The signal/threat was sent in Baghdadi's speech last year. What we see after is trolling and a repetition of threat. @Nicolaj_Gericke. LIVE BLOG: Bomb attacks in Brussels. John Cantlie: Briton Appears In New IS Video. ISIL commander Omar the Chechen confirmed dead - AJE News. Who Are the ISIS Leaders Subject to New U.S. Sanctions? Italian foreign fighters. The Military Structure of the ” Islamic State ” in “Wilayat al-Khair ” (Deir ez-Zour province)     - MICRO SYRIA. Mokhtar Belmokhtar, l'introuvable chef jihadiste algérien au Sahel. Così la Jihad ha preso vigore in Indonesia. Al Qaeda minaccia l'Italia in un video: ha occupato Tripoli, se ne pentirà. - Connecting People Through News. How ISIL Out-Terrorized Bin Laden. Islamic State battles to seize control of key Libyan oil depot.

The Ramadi illusion. Leaked documents may reveal the inner workings of the Islamic State — but what if they are fake? IS gains and losses in Iraq and Syria. Iraqi military retakes center of Ramadi from Islamic State. Baghdadi claims ‘infidel nations’ are afraid of ‘final war’ How Saddam Hussein Gave Us ISIS. Where is the Islamic State’s oil going? Negotiate With ISIS. Chilling new ISIS 'armageddon' video showing final battle with 'crusaders' On ISIS. Guido Olimpio - Photos du journal. ISIS wants to destroy the 'grey zone'. Here's how we defend it. Tunisia: Lo Stato Islamico (IS) rivendica responsabilità per attacco terroristico in Tunisia » Guerre nel Mondo. CNN Reporter To President Obama: Why Can't We Take Out These Bastards?

Syria oil map: the journey of a barrel of Isis oil. Amerli: Iraqi town besieged by IS starving to death. In Dabiq magazine, Islamic State complains about jihadist rivals in Libya. Al Qaeda group claims credit for attack on hotel in Mali’s capital. George W. Bush e l'11 settembre. Lo Stato islamico insiste: “Siamo stati noi ad abbattere l’aereo russo” Jihad, Sharia, Stato islamico e Califfato: guida per un corretto uso. Foreignaffairs. 20080131 Caliphate and Radicalization. Jihadistan: [ANALISI] Dalla Libia può passare il futuro del jihad globale (+ 1 intervento)

ISIS ed al-Qaeda “canale storico”: la propaganda delle strategie differenti per conseguire obiettivi comuni. ISIS & Occidente. Making a State by Iron and Blood. Qui cherche vraiment à lutter contre Daesh ? The two wings of the ‘Caliphate’ Britain’s secret ties to governments, firms behind ISIS oil sales — INSURGE intelligence. Mokhtar Belmokhtar. Al-Qaeda “canale storico”: aspetti ed obiettivi finora sconosciuti. The Ansar al-Sham Battalions - Syria in Crisis - Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. Islamic State is winning, America must soon use its one remaining option.

Turning from the bare cupboard, these poor souls will know what commonsensical Americans untainted by Ivy League educations have known all along. Namely, that it is time to put America first and to return to General Washington’s foreign-policy legacy by immediately proclaiming the end of U.S. interventionism, the termination of support for all states and groups in the Middle East, the U.S. withdrawal from NATO, and the resumption of America’s most effective national security policy — strict neutrality. – mcc43

Al Qaeda in Talks with ISIL to Remerge. China-led SCO troops may follow Russia to Syria. Russian Buildup in Syria Raises Questions on Role.