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How To Set Up A Low Tech Mushroom Farm - GroCycle. Quick Summary Here's a quick run down of what we'll cover in this article, so you can decide if it's for you or not: Why Mushrooms are a great crop to growWhy they're perfect for small-scale local food productionHow many mushrooms can be grown in a small unused spaceWhy low-tech mushroom farming is the easiest methodSome ideas for generating income from mushrooms Ok, if that sounds like something you want to learn more about, let's get stuck in!

How To Set Up A Low Tech Mushroom Farm - GroCycle

Read time: approx. 12 mins .....Short of time? You can also download this article as a free ebook Small Scale Food Growing Imagine being able to grow lots of high-value local food, in an easy and reliable way. You don’t need access to land, and chances are that no one else in your area is already doing it. You could make a part time income from it, or run it as a community food project. Sounds impossible? Then chances are you already know a bit about growing food on a small scale. Example of small scale mushroom growing Grow Fast, Grow Anywhere. How To Make Alkaline Water To Fight Fatigue, Digestive Issues And Cancer. You have probably heard of the alkaline diet.

How To Make Alkaline Water To Fight Fatigue, Digestive Issues And Cancer

Namely, the foods you consume can have an alkaline or acidic effect on your body after they are metabolized. In addition, acidosis is triggered by the acid-forming foods your consume daily, stress you experience, and many environmental toxins you come in contact with. In fact, if your body is too acidic, you are at a higher risk of digestive problems, fatigue, weight gain, and more. This means that in case the environment in your body is too acidic for a long period of time, your normal cells may become toxic and even cancerous.

Alkalinity Plays an Important Role in Maintaining Good Overall Health The pH scale actually runs from 0-14 (14 is the most alkaline, 0 is the most acidic, and 7 is neutral. The human body requires a slightly alkaline environment of 7.4 for optimal health. Comfrey: Its History, Uses & Benefits. - Comfrey has a long history for use as an animal feed.

Comfrey: Its History, Uses & Benefits

Lawrence D Hills dedicated books to this topic*. The leaves are best received by animals wilted. Fresh leaves can be eaten by pigs, sheep, and poultry but cattle, rabbits and horses will only consume wilted leaves. Human consumption - Symphytum officianale and Symphytum x uplandicum are both reported to be used for salad and potherb and are best when cooked. 10 Straightforward Exercises to Give You Great Eyesight. Deliberately exercising your eyes is one of those simple things that very few people do, but which can help immeasurably to maintain great vision.

10 Straightforward Exercises to Give You Great Eyesight

Here are ten such exercises which will take you no more than ten minutes to do. Give them a try — we can’t emphasise how useful they are! 1. You're not going to believe what I'm about to tell you. Comics Blog Books.

You're not going to believe what I'm about to tell you

Susy e la bella Europa. How to Plant a Perennial Food Garden – 20 Fruits & Veggies That Will Keep Coming Back Year After Year. Love gardening?

How to Plant a Perennial Food Garden – 20 Fruits & Veggies That Will Keep Coming Back Year After Year

Then you’ll love our brand new Kindle book: 605 Secrets For A Beautiful, Bountiful Organic Garden: Insider Secrets From A Gardening Superstar. Growing vegetables and fruits in the home garden is rewarding, but many people are put off by the backbreaking work involved at the start of the growing season. Perennial edibles are the answer to this problem. What keeps me going? – Rob Hopkins. Permaculture Magazine recently asked me to write something about how I maintain momentum and energy over time in dark and difficult times.

What keeps me going? – Rob Hopkins

The piece appears in the latest edition, available here, alongside another article about what a truly local beer might look like. There are a few things that keep me going through these difficult times and which keep me focused on what I can do to help. The first is that you never know where the tipping points are. You never know who will see a project you are doing and be inspired, who might hear the story of what you’re doing, and where it might go. How much do you REALLY know about GMOs? — GMO Quiz. Celebrity Trainer Ashley Borden's Award Winning Fitness Programs From The Body Foundation Challenge — Value: $55 Lose body fat, build muscle, and ignite your metabolism in the comfort of your own home with the help of master trainer and lifestyle consultant Ashley Borden.

How much do you REALLY know about GMOs? — GMO Quiz

Ashley works with some of Hollywood’s most recognizable faces and world-class athletes. And she’s giving you access to her exclusive personal training style through 2 of her programs. The first one, The Body Foundation, is a 21-day comprehensive functional strength, cardio, and core program with ZERO equipment needed. The second one, 6 Weeks to Sculpted, offers six weeks of varied cardio, strength, yoga, core, and foam rolling workouts that build in difficulty and endurance. Both of these programs will reinforce your fitness foundation and help you access a new level of physical, mental, and emotional confidence. Coltivare funghi in casa e in giardino. Pastorizzare ed inoculare la paglia. Come già accennato, la paglia costituisce una delle materie prime fondamentali per ogni coltivatore.

Pastorizzare ed inoculare la paglia

Multi-Angle Ruler Template Tool - Wrist & Cuff. Carl Sagan's baloney detection kit can help you spot fake news and weaponized lies — Quartz. The civil war in Syria, which began in 2011, has been a tragedy for millions of people, including refugees fleeing the violence and residents caught in the crossfire.

Carl Sagan's baloney detection kit can help you spot fake news and weaponized lies — Quartz

But for North Korea’s ruling elite, the conflict has in many ways been a good thing. Since the 1960s, North Korea has sold arms and equipment to Syria, and provided other sorts of military-to-military assistance, such as training and technical assistance. Of particular importance, Pyongyang has helped develop Syria’s chemical weapons and ballistic missile programs. Today, North Korea, faced with United Nations sanctions over its ongoing missile and nuclear tests, denies providing such assistance to Syria.

But evidence has emerged suggesting that in one way or another, via front companies and elaborate logistics, war materials from North Korea have ended up in Syria, ultimately enriching the Kim regime. Cordial relations North Korea and Syria have much in common. Those ties have proven resilient through the decades. PSOAS: ALLENIAMO IL MUSCOLO DELL'ANIMA - Visione Alchemica. Non tutti conoscono l’importanza del muscolo Psoas, detto anche muscolo Ileopsoas. The Latest in Nutrition Related Research.

Untitled. Baking soda, or sodium bicarbonate, has a multitude of uses. It’s most commonly kept in the kitchen pantry for baking purposes or in the refrigerator to stop kitchen odors. But baking soda can do whole lot more than that—it can literally do everything. Baking soda serves as a household cleaner, bath soak, hair revitalizer, breath freshener, deodorizer, degreaser, and so much more. Weeds in Paths? Use Vinegar, Not Roundup. NEED PROOF THAT VINEGAR IS A WEED-TERMINATOR? Just look at the weeds growing along a pea-gravel path in my Herb Garden. These were photographed yesterday afternoon, just moments before I sprayed them with cheap, straight-from-the-bottle, store-brand white vinegar. Here’s what all that greenery looked like this morning: I’d say those weeds are deader than dead. Drugs Don't Cause Addiction: This Brilliant Animated Video Will Change Your View on Drugs Forever. Most people think that the reason why people become addicted to drugs is solely because of the drugs themselves.

This, however, is far from the truth, as shown repeatedly by scientific studies on drug addiction. The brilliant short animated video below will explain to you why drugs don’t actually cause addiction, changing your view on drugs forever. Mappa del volto: emozioni e salute si leggono in faccia - Tecnologia e Ambiente. Ein guter Tag hat 100 Punkte - A better day the 100 way. Ein guter Tag hat 100 Punkte - A better day the 100 way. Al via il compostaggio di comunità: c'è il decreto.

Don’t Try Building Hugel Swales – This is a Very and I Mean Very Bad Idea. Let’s start out with a basic understanding of what full scale Hugelkultur and full scale swale based systems are. Then we can jump into what they are not and why combining them can be a very bad idea. First, as most permies know, a swale is a ditch on contour. They are also tree growing systems, and are not designed to grow annual gardens. Permaculture Survival Guide: The Future is Already Here, Start Worrying - Details to Follow - Permaculture Apprentice.

Heavy Duty Face Lathe Machine to Process Rotor Shaft or axle/120T load. What is biophysical economics? Biophysical economics is the study of the ways and means by which human societies procure and use energy and other biological and physical resources to produce, distribute, consume and exchange goods and services, while generating various types of waste and environmental impacts. Biophysical economics builds on both social sciences and natural sciences to overcome some of the most fundamental limitations and blind spots of conventional economics. It makes it possible to understand some key requirements and framework conditions for economic growth, as well as related constraints and boundaries. Learn more about: Conventional economic ‘science’ analyzes the economy on the basis of a limited set of functions and parameters that are internal or ‘endogenous’ to the economic process.

In fact, ‘mainstream’ economics typically envisions the economy as the process of producing goods or services using essentially two ‘factors of production’: capital and labor. Back to top Figure 8: U.S. Il Giardino di Zerdesht: Tabella consociazioni utili tra gli ortaggi. Coltivare insieme diversi tipi ortaggi è una tecnica conosciuta con il nome di consociazione, cioè consociare o associare ortaggi che riescono ad aiutarsi l’uno con l’altro. La pratica di associare diversi ortaggi, ha, però, delle regole ben definite, in quanto, anche tra gli ortaggi, esistono simpatie e antipatie, inspiegabili dal punto di vista razionale ed invisibili ad occhio nudo. The Prepared Home: 50 Essential Items to Put in Your Ultimate Survival Medical Kit.

Would you have the supplies you needed to stop a severe bleed? Do you know what household items you could use if someone was suffering from dehydration? What will you do if someone in the home has shortness of breath? Short-term disasters can bring on a myriad of medical situations and they can occur very quickly. Because of the disaster, roads may be impassable, or in some cases, the hospitals may be at capacity and cannot take in any more patients.

With that in mind, it is important to know what the most common medical emergencies are and prepare accordingly for them. Children feverChildhood earacheVarious injuries such as sprains, strains, broken bonesChest painAbdominal painBack painShortness of breath. SunWeb: LIVING WITH LESS. This might make a great workshop. Il Giardino di Zerdesht: L' aratura pratica errata di una agricoltura superata. How much energy does it take (on average) to produce 1 kilogram of the following materials? - LOW-TECH MAGAZINE. LA CASA DELLE SEMENTI: SCAMBIARE SEMI PER CONSERVARE CULTURA - Permacultura & Transizione. Oidio, come difendere le nostre piante in modo biologico - Coltivazione Biologica. Soil Microbiome Is More Heterogeneous in Organic Than in Conventional Farming System. PCI food and farming transition. Knowledge Hub. Of Two Minds - How Do We Design a DeGrowth Economy?

Agrarian Sciences: Grani antichi e moderni: un paradigma o una moda - "Le saragolle" How To Open Your 7 Chakras As Explained In a Children's Show. How To Open Your 7 Chakras – Explained By A Kid's Show. Here's How To Give Your Vegetable Scraps A New Life. Joel Fuhrman MD Meal Plan. The Mainstream is Wrong. Banks Create Money out of Nothing. Il consumo di suolo comune per comune. Biorenew.iastate. 20 citazioni che spiegano cos'è davvero la permacultura. Revenu universel : toutes les expériences prouvent que la proposition de Benoît Hamon n’est pas utopique. Digiuno: La più potente tecnica di guarigione. Akteure - Le Carte di Transizione… 5 bufale pubblicitarie sui "grani antichi" - Wired.

L’intelligenza silenziosa e sconosciuta delle piante - Annamaria Testa. News Prepper Hay Bale Gardening: Effortless Food Production with No Weeds, No Fertilizer & Less Watering (VIDEO) - News Prepper. Earthships, the Ultimate in Off-Grid Architecture. Resilienza si o no? Questo è il problema. - Jacopo Simonetta. Global Rich List. Che cosa è successo a "Permacultura & Transizione"? La verità sul CANCRO e gli oli essenziali: quello che nessun oncologo ti dirà mai! – Attivo Tv. ENEA: con la canapa come isolante addio ad afa e bollette costose. How To Grow An Endless Supply Of Onions Indoors All Winter. Piante spontanee in cucina. Yes, Organic Farming Will Kill Us All – NewCo Shift. Gaslighting: Know It and Identify It to Protect Yourself. Om mani padme hum. Come riconoscere i prodotti cinesi dal codice a barre. Olio di Tea Tree: ecco perché devi sempre averlo in casa. 43 modi per utilizzarlo.

How to Stop Attacking Yourself. Resilience Alliance - Panarchy. Video Conferenza - Economia della Felicità Conferenza internazionale. Dokuwiki. Festival Cinematografico. How to Plant a Perennial Food Garden – 20 Fruits & Veggies That Will Keep Coming Back Year After Year. Air crete dome homes. Società Benefit – Sito ufficiale sulle Società Benefit curato da B Lab – Benefit Corporation & B Corp – Il nuovo paradigma di business.

Fondazione BCFN. Charte ethique. Highest Good Housing: Earthbag. Guy Lane email sign up. How to escape the overthinking trap: stop judging yourself. Off Grid Italia. Earthship Biotecture - Radically Sustainable Buildings. Untitled. Sustainable Human - Chris Agnos. How To Grow An Unlimited Amount Of Blueberries In Your Backyard! About. Notre dentifrice au thym. La fase di rilevamento del territorio - Permacultura & Transizione. Siamo su un aereo che si schianterà, ma c’è un modo per cambiare rotta - Permacultura & Transizione. ResearchGate. The Global Education Project. Welcome to Pyrolysium a modern low tech corpse disposal since 2011 » Let's make biochar of human remains. What is Permaculture. 13 Sources For Free Public Domain and CC0-Licensed Images – WordPress Tavern. The River - A Deep Ecology Visual Poem.

Nove trucchi per ricordare tutto quello che leggete – Business Insider Italia. Beat The System With This List Of 40 Free Educational Websites. Come fare lo zenzero candito - Autoproduciamo. Radio Garden. Radio Garden.