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Newsletters spam test by

Newsletters spam test by

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30 free Sketch plugins to grab right now - InVision Blog You’ve been working up a storm in Sketch, and for that you deserve all of the high-fives. But now it’s time to kick things up a notch and improve your workflow—so stop what you’re doing and grab these 30 free Sketch plugins. BaseAlign Web Interface - Uploader · Image Optimization Mode offers several optimization modes The mode you select should depend on your specific requirements - such as the type of image that you are compressing, and the target audience of your images. Lossy Our intelligent lossy optimization typically produces savings of at least 60% of the initial file weight; with savings of 80% to 90% occurring frequently.

  Google Developers As part of our transition of display ads to HTML5. the Swiffy Flash conversion tool is no longer available. We will continue to serve the Swiffy runtimes, so any files you have already converted will continue to play. Today more consumers are using the web in HTML5 compatible environments than Flash-compatible environments. In order to reach as large an audience as possible, we encourage everyone to transition to HTML5 authoring. Developers who currently create Flash SWF files have several ways to switch to HTML5 including Adobe Animate and Google Web Designer. If you need to play an existing Flash SWF file in your browser alone, you might be able to use Mozilla’s Shumway. aptly - Mirroring with snapshots Goal: build mirror of Debian wheezy, with security updates incorporated, done using snapshots to make package installation consistent on all the hosts. Preparation First, install aptly. Please verify that you have aptly dependencies installed: packages bzip2, gnupg and gpgv. Second, choose some user that would be running all aptly commands (it shouldn’t be root user). We would be signing published repositories with our GPG key, so if you don’t have GPG key yet, it’s time to create one:

Freelance Hourly Rate Calculator by Motiv How This Calculator Works The Freelance Hourly Rate Calculator will help you determine what you need in order to support the lifestyle that you desire. By entering information into each field, you can calculate an hourly rate based on your costs, number of billable hours, and desired annual profit. VirtualBox: Clone VM without Re-activation of Windows 7 I just started using Oracle’s VirtualBox for the first time this past weekend. Shortly after creating my first Virtual Machine with a Windows 7 guest, I created a clone just to test out this functionality. I was surprised to find out that within the clone, Windows 7 had to be re-activated. After doing some digging, I found a pretty simple way to create VMs so that the clones do not require a second activation. See the instructions after the break.

New-Age Bullshit Generator Just click and the truth will manifest Click the Reionize electrons button at the top of the page to generate a full page of New Age poppycock. The inspiration for this idea came from watching philosophy debates involving Deepak Chopra. I wrote a blog post about it if you're interested. After sitting through hours of New Age rhetoric, I decided to have a crack at writing code to generate it automatically and speed things up a bit. Caso de éxito RedOrbit was founded in 2003 by Eric Ralls having the vision to create a big and unique Internet community for niche topics. The company is the single point of contact for news related to topics such as outer space, science, health and technology. By means of unique content of more than 2 million pages, reached an average number of visitors of 7,6 million per month. Challenge Google was ranking many articles within the Google News Search. At the same time, the visibility within the Google Organic Search was relatively low.

Selenium IDE Plugins Selenium IDE is an integrated development environment for Selenium scripts. It is implemented as a Firefox extension, and allows you to record, edit, and debug tests. Selenium IDE includes the entire Selenium Core, allowing you to easily and quickly record and play back tests in the actual environment that they will run in. Selenium IDE is not only a recording tool: it is a complete IDE. You can choose to use its recording capability, or you may edit your scripts by hand. Advanced Marketing Institute - Headline Analyzer Enter Your Headline Text Paste your headline in the text area below. The analysis engine will automatically cut your submission at 20 words, so we encourage you to do a word count before submitting! This will ensure the most accurate analysis. What is the Headline Analyzer? This free tool will analyze your headline to determine the Emotional Marketing Value (EMV) score.

Boosting Productivity: How to Organize the WordPress Admin Alright, I’ll admit it: I’m a procrastinator. I struggle to work productively unless my working environment is just so. That means a clutter-free work space, a meticulously organized hard-drive, and a beautifully formatted Excel spreadsheet I use to track my every action.