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YourStory sur Twitter : "On 'Fear, #failure & #entrepreneurship - a #mustRead from @sharmashradha. Fear, failure, and entrepreneurship. I have aerophobia.

Fear, failure, and entrepreneurship

First Tweet by some of the popular Indian startups, entrepreneurs, investors and influencers. Today is Twitter’s eight birthday and they have launched a new service for everyone to go back their memory lane and look at their first tweet.

First Tweet by some of the popular Indian startups, entrepreneurs, investors and influencers

Here’s a quick list of first tweets from the Indian startups, entrepreneurs, investors and influencers. Some are funny, some witty and some … well have a look below! 7 Deadly Social Media Sins That Will Kill Your Personal Brand. Until Facebook and its ilk came along and spoiled things, I had personal branding all figured out.

7 Deadly Social Media Sins That Will Kill Your Personal Brand

Zombie Startups. To get the full effect, press play on the track above and start reading.

Zombie Startups

This post is a more in-depth commentary following our announcement yesterday that Referly will discontinue paying users cash rewards for generating purchases at the end of this month. Referly has pivoted and you can read more about our new direction here. My greatest fear as a startup founder isn’t to fail, it is to become a zombie startup. The World Needs More Women Entrepreneurs. For a very long time I have failed to understand how this society ended up being so male dominated.

The World Needs More Women Entrepreneurs

By and large, I have noticed women to be far more sensible and sensitive than men. These, according to me are the two most important traits that go into building synergy; be it in a home, in society or in an enterprise. It comes naturally to women to build strong relationships, which is probably the most basic need for any business. Women can generally display more compassion and empathy, which is the key to developing a great team. Smart Fund Raising Tips from Sasha Mirchandani. The Global Super Angels Forum held over two days on the 26 and 27th November had some interesting discussions unfold.

Smart Fund Raising Tips from Sasha Mirchandani

Sasha Mirchandani, founder & MD of Kae Capital and also the founder of Mumbai Angels, gave some very direct incisive points about fund raising. Mahesh Murthy on Fund Raising. No words minced, Mahesh Murthy gives some very candid views about raising funds… One of India’s most successful college dropouts, Mahesh Murthy is a very well known face in the Indian VC fraternity (and otherwise).

Mahesh Murthy on Fund Raising

He is currently a managing partner at SeedFund and the founder of renowned marketing firm, Pinstorm and has held various creative positions at multinational companies such as HP, Microsoft and Pepsi to name a few. Here we have Mahesh Murthy’s words of wisdom on the best ways to raise money, the thought process of a VC, when and when not to take VC money - Cloud Foundry Core Defines the Baseline Feature set of Cloud Foundry. One of the biggest concerns of the Cloud is the portability.

Cloud Foundry Core Defines the Baseline Feature set of Cloud Foundry

This is more obvious in the PaaS world because of the tighter integration with the underlying platform capabilities and the API. Cloud Foundry was one of the first PaaS offerings to attempt portability through the Open PaaS approach. The 'Indian Education Market'; How Big is it for Budding Entrepreneurs? Gone are the days of blackboard teaching!

The 'Indian Education Market'; How Big is it for Budding Entrepreneurs?

Thanks to the developments in technology, the education sector is witnessing many new disruptions for learning and teaching processes. From the classroom blackboard teaching to interactive pictorial teaching, we have come a long way. A student today needs a more sophisticated education, delivered with the use of technology. Change in the technology of any kind requires a lot of expertise and skill.

Further, in a field like education it becomes very imperative to train both the teachers as well as the students to adopt the latest developments in the technology. It is estimated that there will be around 40 million students pursuing higher education in India by 2020. All of these initiatives required to meet the increased demand will also need to leverage technology to maintain quality and increase their scale of operations. 4 Reasons You Should Attend MobiSparks on 24th November 2012.

As the world is moving towards mobile and so it seems to be and with so much technology happening around mobile, we thought we should tell you exciting stories of entrepreneurs in this space.

4 Reasons You Should Attend MobiSparks on 24th November 2012

Especially in India mobile-first users of the Internet are likely to explode in the coming years. Dip yourself into entrepreneurs who bring the world on your hands. A typical Chinese self-made billionaire. 6 November 2012Last updated at 19:13 ET Viewpoint by Wu Changjiang Chairman of NVC Lighting Mr Wu says a harsh childhood drives entrepreneurs like him to succeed Wu Changjiang founded NVC Lighting in 1998. It has since gone on to become the biggest lighting manufacturer in China, and Mr Wu's 20% stake has helped to make him a billionaire (in Chinese yuan at least). “Care about Analytics,” Prof. Anindya Ghose of NYU Stern to Indian Entrepreneurs. Anindya Ghose is an Associate Professor & Co-director Center for Business Analytics, New York University’s Leonard N. Stern School of Business. Anindya does causal modelling, econometric modelling and randomizing experiments on all things internet including social, digital and mobile.

Having been in the space for more than a decade, Anindya feels safe in believing that he has almost covered everything that is there in this space. “I have looked at advertising, display, mobile, search, social media, user generated content, e-commerce and all things related,” he tells us with a smile. [YS TV] InMobi's Naveen Tewari on an Entrepreneur's Mindset. InMobi is one of the poster-boys of the Indian startup scene ably headed by founder, Naveen Tewari. Since inception in the Asia-Pacific region in 2007, InMobi has grown to become the largest independent mobile ad network and a global leader in the mobile technology space.

Here, we get in a candid chat with Naveen at the NASSCOM Product Conclave 2012 and try to understand his mindset and things that enabled them to become a truly global company. The biggest challenge with the mindset of Indian entrepreneurs according to Naveen, still is thinking big. 4 Must Read Books For Entrepreneurs. Hello Hope this email finds you well and you are having a good week! In this week's YourStory newsletter we bring you curated content with some interesting resources and opportunities. Dr Madanmohan Rao who leads YourStory Research reviews four books about startups and entrepreneurs that are a must read for anyone interested in entrepreneurship: Cloning Silicon Valley,High Tech Startup, The Internet Entrepreneurs and Do you have more books to suggest to be reviewed? Small companies in poor countries: Looking for a Google. "We look for highly ethical entrepreneurs"- Subu, Bessemer VenturePart.

Subu (Subramanya S. V. ), Director, Bessemer Venture Partners recently interacted with YourStory TV and shared the upcoming plans for Bessemer post setting up a new office in Bangalore. Active in India for more than 7 years, Bessemer has done justice to the growth stage investments and brick & mortar industry in first 5 years with around $400 million invested and the focus has now shifted towards technology with internet, mobile & SaaS as primary areas. In order to stay closer to the hub of startups in India, Bessemer Venture Partners established an office in Bangalore 4 months ago. AWS Summit 2012 With a Special Startup Focus.

One of the fabled success stories, Amazon Web Services (AWS) was launched in 2002 and provides cost-effective, flexible, secure and scalable technology infrastructure in-the-cloud. Thousands of companies use AWS to power their business and to keep their services up to date, AWS Cloud is evolving quickly with new services, features, and tools. To help companies, especially startups remain aware of all that is happening, AWS Summits happen around the globe and now they’ve entered India. TiE ISB Connect 2012. Colleges in India that offer courses on Entrepreneurship – an Overview. “India has witnessed an increase in consumer facing and product focused start-ups in the country,” shares Kartheepan Madasamy, Senior Director, Qualcomm Ventures. StartupValley Generates Capital For Tech Startups. Is Greed Good for Entrepreneurs? It might sound clichéd but it is ‘necessary’ to introduce Gordon Gekko, from the 80′s movie Wall Street, every time one is talking about something pertaining to greed.

Anand Babu Periasamy, Co-founder & CTO, Gluster On Entrepreneurship & Funding. N S Ramnath, Forbes India, On Social Entrepreneurship. Gautam Gandhi, Google, on Indian Startups & Entrepreneurship at TechSparks 2012. Buy tickets to attend the Grand Finale in Bangalore. Cloudnix Software Labs Launches Shopnix! Cloudnix Software Labs, a startup dedicated to building cloud applications, primarily for logistics and retail solutions, was launched in April 2010, by Nandan Pujar and Avinash Nishant after moonlighting for 2 years.

The Top 3 Challenges Student Entrepreneurs. Tutorial: Getting Started with Cloud Foundry [Part 1] We take you on an interesting journey of deploying an application on the new PaaS environment, Cloud Foundry. Analytics Quotient: A Knowledge Co-operative Providing Analytical Solutions. D&D Ecotech: Do You Save the “White Gold”? Social Entrepreneurship Summit, Bangalore. With an aim to educate the next generation of leaders and develop the knowledge and frameworks that can enable entrepreneurs to move forward and create a social impact, the Social Entrepreneurship Summit took place in Bangalore on 28th June, 2012. Startup Hiring: Notes from the Field. Wondering where to Freelance? Try

Do a Mission Impossible - With Thrillophilia!! WorkMonk: Harnessing the Power of 1500+ Freelancers and Vendors. CarStudio: Get a Makeover for Your Car!- Yourstory. Heat2Eat: Home-Cooked Food, Anywhere In India!Yourstory. 5 Refreshingly OffBeat Ventures. Infusing Creativity in Industrial Products! MirchiMart to Launch Tomorrow! S VC Perception Survey 2012. Startup Salesman ! Are You the Biz Guy Looking to Work for a Startup? Travel goes Social with Touristlink - Yourstory. Smart Farm Management Solutions: Innovation From the CropIn Stable! Don't Be a LinkedIn: Security Best Practices for Startups! 5 Things that Entrepreneurs Can Learn from Calvin and Hobbes. Drag n’ Drop: Create an App! Managing Startups: Best Posts of 2011.