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Social Studies

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Best U.S. History Websites for Students. New Year, New History Materials 2020. Students of History Teaching Resources. iCivics. Classroom Resources - Annenberg Learner. Supreme Court Case Project Based Learning by Students of History. This thorough lesson on Landmark Supreme Court cases in America includes a rigorous and authentic PBL activity, overview presentation on the cases, video overview, guided notes, and lesson plan.

Supreme Court Case Project Based Learning by Students of History

Students are assigned a landmark court case for the Project Based Learning (PBL) activity. They must research the case, Constitutional question involved, the Court's decision, and its significance. A directions page describes all of this and includes multiple links students can use for their research.

There are 34 landmark cases included for students to select from. Click the preview button to see the list. The project can be done individually, in pairs, or with small cooperative learning groups. An editable Google Doc version of the entire PBL activity is included if you need to make any changes or want to share through Google Classroom. Also included is a PowerPoint (and Google Slides) overview of most of the major Supreme Court cases so that you can ensure students learn about each one.

Experiencing Early American History with Interactive Resources. Thanksgiving, despite not becoming a national holiday until the Civil War, is a time of year steeped in images of America’s colonial past.

Experiencing Early American History with Interactive Resources

For educators at all levels hoping to use this time to delve deeper into the nation’s early history, there’s good news and bad news. Studying American History Studying American history — or any history, for that matter — can be a challenge. New Year, New History Materials 2020. Vetting Social Studies Resources Is Important. And Hard. Here’s How to Do It Well. This article is part of our upcoming guide, Social Studies: It's Time to Reinvest.

Vetting Social Studies Resources Is Important. And Hard. Here’s How to Do It Well.

What’s at stake in social studies education? The content of modern social studies curricula is highly contested, and evolving rapidly and sometimes radically. Digital resources abound, with various content advocating strong positions on gun rights, immigration, gender equality, and other hot-button issues. There’s a long history of political disagreement about what social studies classes should study – and even whether to use the term “social studies” at all – as well as what knowledge and skills constitute a high-quality social studies education.

“1619 Project” Poised to Reframe Teaching of Slavery. Here's How Educators Are Using the Information, Curriculum. Founders Online: Home. Discipline: Social Sciences. Edsitement-Lesson Plans. NCSS Digital Library. Homework Help: Study for AP U.S. History and Civics Classes. Digital Exhibit of a Historic Moment in the Civil Rights Movement. Apr 15, 2019 2019-04-15 Digital Learning • Learning Support On September 25, 1954, nine black students made history by enrolling at Central High School in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Digital Exhibit of a Historic Moment in the Civil Rights Movement

The struggles of those black students, who faced harassment, fear, and hatred during desegregation, are chronicled in a digital exhibit curated by the Center for Arkansas History and Culture. Service on Celluloid. The Abolitionists Interviews. Earth. Manifest Destiny - The Story of The US Told In 141 Maps. The United States Constitution came into effect, forming the new nation. Note that the states ratified at different times, but to simplify the map, the final result is shown here.

Defining the Era. The Learning Power of Lesson Cliffhangers and Connectors. A MiddleWeb Blog I started saying it because it amused me: Stay tuned for tomorrow’s episode in which we will look at the part of the Declaration of Independence that Thomas Jefferson cut out because it was so controversial… Or… Now that the United States has acquired the Philippines, Puerto Rico and Guam, tomorrow we will look at the key piece of the puzzle that will connect America’s new empire… Then I began to notice students talking to each other after the bell rang about what we had done in class and what might be next.

The Learning Power of Lesson Cliffhangers and Connectors

Over The Top. Open Heritage. Web Projects. Picturing US History - Zoom In. Google Tools for Social Studies. Security Check Required.

International/Cultural Resources

Beyond the Bubble. Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade. PBS Election. The Contenders - 16 for '16 PBS, in partnership with OZY Media, is proud to present The Contenders-16 for '16, a documentary series that examines the most compelling and influential presidential campaigns in modern history.

PBS Election

From Jesse Jackson’s groundbreaking 1984 and 1988 campaigns to Barry Goldwater’s 1964 launching of a brand of conservatism that influenced both Republican Ronald Reagan and even Democratic Hillary Clinton. The Contenders covers sixteen stories from the past 50 years of presidential election history. The series shows how previous elections are still influencing today in unexpected ways. Grades 6-12 FRONTLINE: How Voting Laws Have Changed.

Class Tech Tips: 5 Totally Free Teacher Tools from the Library of Congress. The Library of Congress is a fantastic resource for teachers and students.

Class Tech Tips: 5 Totally Free Teacher Tools from the Library of Congress

Their web-based collections, interactive ebooks, and mobile apps are perfect for classrooms studying United States history. Students can swipe through the ebooks on their tablets, access fables on their smartphone or examine primary source documents hosted on the web. Finding resources online can be tough but these free resources from the Library of Congress can connect students to people of the past. Primary source documents are powerful, important pieces of informational text that are appropriate for K-12 classrooms.