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Anti-Racism Work

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James Baldwin. Getting Started: Curriculum Guide – Project READY: Reimagining Equity & Access for Diverse Youth. What is Project READY?

Getting Started: Curriculum Guide – Project READY: Reimagining Equity & Access for Diverse Youth

Project READY is a three-year program funded by the Institute of Museum and Library Services to create professional development for school librarians and other educators focused on racial equity and culturally sustaining pedagogy. Over the 2017-2018 school year, Project READY staff worked with teams of school librarians, literacy coaches, and classroom teachers in Wake County, North Carolina to implement the professional development curriculum. Racist Language and Origins I Didn’t Always Know. Overt racism is easy to detect and has been brought to the surface for decades.

Racist Language and Origins I Didn’t Always Know

It includes racial slurs like the “n” word, hate crimes, burning crosses, painting swastikas, violence against immigrants, dressing up in blackface or brownface, blatant use of stereotypes, and more. However, there are things I never knew about racist language which have come to the surface while I am learning to be an antiracist. Ibram X. Anti-Indigenous Content in S. E. Hinton's THE OUTSIDERS. On October 13, 2020, S.

Anti-Indigenous Content in S. E. Hinton's THE OUTSIDERS

E. Hinton replied to a tweet asking her to consider writing a graphic novel version of The Outsiders (first published in 1967). Dismantle racism? Start in the classroom, teachers say. Yehyun Kim :: CT Mirror Carolyn Streets said it’s important for teachers to be aware of diversity when planning curricula.

Dismantle racism? Start in the classroom, teachers say

“When students see themselves in the curriculum, it opens a broader perspective not only about who they are, the contributions that they’ve made to the world but also it finds what they can be in the future,” she said. Resources to Support Black Lives Matter. Asian Americans. How to Safely and Ethically Film Police Misconduct. On one of the first warm spring weekends in New York City, photos and videos circulated on social media featuring police officers handing out masks to groups of mostly white residents lounging in city parks.

How to Safely and Ethically Film Police Misconduct

That same weekend, videos of police officers — some of whom weren’t wearing protective gear — using excessive force to arrest Black and Brown civilians for allegedly violating social distancing guidelines also circulated online. Black MSNBC Reporter all but loses it rightfully on air with the truth America must hear.

MSNBC correspondent Trymaine Lee did not hold back when Chuck Todd asked him about the situation in Minneapolis after the George Floyd murderer.

Black MSNBC Reporter all but loses it rightfully on air with the truth America must hear

Filipinx for #BlackLivesMatter: Fighting Anti-Blackness in Our Own Community. June marks Filipino Heritage Month here in Canada and I want to honour our community by combatting the anti-Blackness that is so pervasive in it, that is hurting Black people and each and every single one of us.

Filipinx for #BlackLivesMatter: Fighting Anti-Blackness in Our Own Community

I ask you to honour our community by having these really critical conversations about race and injustice with those who are closest to us, those with whom it is often the most difficult to have these conversations with — our Nanays and Tatays, Titas and Titos, Lolos and Lolas. We must remember that the revolution starts at home. If you’re Filipinx and you’re reading this wondering what I mean, then let me count the ways. You know how your parents were always trying to get you out of the sun so that “hindi ka umitim”?

So you don’t “become Black”? GEORGE FLOYD: A CENTURIES OLD HISTORY - Jane Fonda. Photo: Francesco Prandoni / Getty Images.


Experts: Dismantling racism will require white people to take an honest look inward - 20 Picture Books for 2020: Readings to Embrace Race, Provide Solace & Do Good. Joy’s rhythmic verses and Holmes’s vivid artwork combine to offer a celebration of Black American culture and history that connects current movements for social justice to past Civil Rights movements, offering context and continuity between generations.

20 Picture Books for 2020: Readings to Embrace Race, Provide Solace & Do Good

On one spread, “Black is the power of a movement in pain” accompanies pictures of people holding signs saying “I am a man,” “Equal Rights,” and “Black Lives Matter.” The powerful images alternate between everyday children and families, and famous historical figures such as Thurgood Marshall, Billie Holiday, and Paul Lawrence Dunbar, whose work is referenced poetically in the text. Two verses repeat throughout the pages: “Black is a color. / Black is a culture” and “My color is Black.” While the references to history, art, and culture will be familiar to many adult readers, an afterword provides details for sharing with children. American Trial: The Eric Garner Story - Gathr At Home™ - Gathr Films.

Workshop: Relational Organizing Amidst Racial Violence. Books and Resources to Help You Raise Anti-Racist Children. America is still deeply racially divided — nothing has made that more clear than the murders of members of the Black community at the hands of law enforcement.

Books and Resources to Help You Raise Anti-Racist Children

The White Man in That Photo. Diversity Lecture Explores Education’s “Contradictory Intersection” How can we ensure that today’s classrooms benefit all students and not just some? One way is to take a close look at the practices we take for granted, says Kevin Kumashiro, PhD, internationally-recognized expert on educational equity and social justice and former dean of the School of Education at the University of San Francisco.

In his moving keynote address at the GSEAP Diversity Lecture last March, Dr. Kumashiro called on attendees to consider what is the prevailing ‘common sense’ in education today that must be changed. Recalling past examples of ‘common sense’ of the time and day, Dr. Kumashiro pointed out how conventional wisdom 100 years ago was that girls shouldn’t be educated for too long for fear that they would grow up to challenge men for jobs, and that their place was ultimately in the home. “What an incredibly racist thing, but at the time, that idea went unquestioned,” Dr. School Library Journal.

School Library Journal. Support organizations fighting for Black lives and racial justice — Donate via AB Charities. In the last year, more 1,000 people have been killed by police, with Black Americans targeted at a disproportionately higher rate. The murder of George Floyd at the hands of four Minneapolis police officers highlighted the violence and brutality law enforcement inflicts on Black communities every day. Now cities and towns across America are rallying in support of Black lives and protesting state violence. We are asking you to support numerous organizations that are working on the frontlines to report the stories directly from the protests, change policies governing police, provide assistance to those facing a biased and unjust legal system, and organize a collective voice for change. Please consider giving $1 to these each of these organizations: Abolitionist Teaching Book Club 2020. Dr. Bettina L. Love is an award-winning author and the Athletic Association Endowed Professor at the University of Georgia.

She is one of the field’s most esteemed educational researchers. Her writing, research, teaching, and activism meet at the intersection of race, education, abolition, and Black joy. Racial Equity Challenge Resources – Food Solutions New England. Library Journal. Virus Of Hate: Plagues And Anti-Asian Racism, Then And Now. Frequently Asked Questions About Ending Qualified Immunity - Institute for Justice. What is qualified immunity? “Qualified immunity” is a special protection for government officials the U.S.

Supreme Court created in 1982 as an act of judicial policymaking. By default, all government officials are immune from liability if they violate your rights. Whether your rights were actually violated doesn’t necessarily matter. Under qualified immunity, government officials can only be held accountable for violating someone’s rights if a court has previously ruled that it was “clearly established” those precise actions were unconstitutional. The Easter massacre of 1873—and the subsequent Supreme Court decision that sabotaged Reconstruction. I have a hard time with the fact that, across the United States, so many of these shrines to hate and white supremacy still exist. School Library Journal. School Library Journal. Library Journal. : Resources. Black Visions Collective. Abolish Policing – Critical Resistance. In November 2018, Critical Resistance (CR) was proud to be amongst health workers and anti-policing organizers as we achieved a huge victory at the American Public Health Association (APHA) annual conference.

Voting representatives of the APHA, a body of over 25,000 public health professionals, overwhelmingly adopted a policy statement that identifies the violence of policing as a public health issue, and consequently advocates for decriminalization measures, divestment from law enforcement, and alternatives to policing. Talking About Race.