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Knitting and Crochet

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Sewing Vintage. Crochet_Hair_clip_and_Rings. Free Crochet Idea - Flower Pendant or Hairclip. Step 1: Getting Started Necklaces or hair clips are a great way to display your favorite pendant or heirlooms.

Free Crochet Idea - Flower Pendant or Hairclip

Use this free pattern for a crocheted flower and then add to a necklace or hair clip and you will have the best of both worlds. This is a great idea for a personalized gift for Mother's day or for anyone that loves flowers! Unleash your creativity! Difficulty: Easy Materials:1 ball of yarn, Crochet Hook Size U.S. Hot glue gun, pendant, and hair clips. Size of Flower: Approx 4" wide. Instructions for Flower Pattern: Ch 4, leaving a long end to use for gathering center closed when flower is complete. 1st rnd: Ch 1. (2 sc. 2 hdc. 2 dc. 3 tr) all in ring. 2nd rnd: Working behind 1st rnd, ch 1. 3rd rnd: *Ch 1. (5 dc. 4th rnd: Working behind last rnd, ch 1. 1 sc in same sp as last sl st. Crochet Rose Ring Tutorial MATERIALS: Yarn in... Stephanie's Sewn Felt Slippers - Martha Stewart Holiday & Seasonal Crafts. Five Green Acres. It’s here, it’s here!

Five Green Acres

As promised, the Sweater Mitten Tutorial is ALL YOURS, with plenty of time to whip out a dozen pairs for the Holidays. These are patterns I’ve used dozens of times, so many times that I’d rather not make them in bulk ever again. The patterns were given to me by a kind and generous woman in Northern Wisconsin who whips out dozens of them each year, both for her family and to sell. It was in this spirit of generosity and crafting for the greater good that I’ve decided to in turn, share the patterns with you. Through my own use, I’ve made my own modifications, omitting the turned cuff that you may have seen as part of many sweater mittens, and modifying the fit slightly. Ravelry. Upcycled Sweater Boots - StumbleUpon.


Coral Reef Patterns. How to get the ends not to curl up. KK Round Looms. Learning to Loom Knit - Round Looms. Since learning to knit with a loom some months ago, I've been asked many times to give a run down on how to do it.

Learning to Loom Knit - Round Looms

So finally here it is... - I am not a professional. I've only been looming a few months but I do pick things up very quickly. - Everyone has their own style. As with knitting and crochet, everyone has their own way of doing it. . - I don't know all the different stitches and I probably don't care to learn. . - I do looming for yarn bombing as it's much quicker than normaly knitting and crochet. . - Don't just take my word for it. I find that most people learn far more quickly and with less stress if they can see steps first hand, so youtube is a wonderful tool for learning. This blog entry is about looming on "round" or "circle" looms. There are also "long" or "straight" looms but we'll deal with them another time. Sweater Surgery.

How to Recycle Yarn from a Thrift-Store Sweater. October 4th, 2008 Email 62 users recommend When you're done ripping, you'll have hundreds of yards of brand-new yarn for knitting!

How to Recycle Yarn from a Thrift-Store Sweater

Lee Meredith This example sweater is bulky yarn, so it'll be easier to see what's going on. Sometimes the edge will be machine sewn closed, so you'll have to make more cuts to get it started. Photo: Lee Meredith The most classic handmade holiday gift has to be the knit sweater, which is also one of the most ambitious. You'll Need: Thrifted sweater to unravel (details below)Seam ripperScissors (embroidery scissors can be helpful)Dish soap or shampooThese will help if you have them: niddy noddy, swift, ball winder.

Sweet sweater vest « knick knacks & ric rac. Thrift stores are full of dorky sweater vests. i got this idea to restyle one into a cute dirndl-bodice-like top.

sweet sweater vest « knick knacks & ric rac

(that adorable felt flower brooch is from the fabulous woolly fabulous!) I liked the nordic looking pattern knitted into this one, and the silver buttons. it was kind of frumpy and big to begin with, but priced right at $1.99. it was wool so i shrunk it in the washer and dryer first, which made it small enough that i didn’t have to cut the armholes or the bottom, only the part around the bust. i should have taken a picture of how i cut it, but in my excitement i forgot so i drew this diagram to show you… Tutorial Tuesday - Recycled Wool Mittens & Mitten Doublers. Edited to add: I take it for granted that everyone knows the true "first step"... felt (wash it in a hot wash & throw it in the dryer) your sweater before you cut your mitten pieces.

Tutorial Tuesday - Recycled Wool Mittens & Mitten Doublers

This will prevent your pieces from unraveling. The first step is to create your pattern. Free Reindeer Head Ornament Pattern - Christmas Tree Decoration. Reindeer Head Ornament Free Pattern Designed by Sandi Marshall [Click Here For Printer-Friendly Page] Reindeer Decoration Pattern Directions Materials Worsted weight yarn: small amounts of colors light tan for head and ears, also white for antlers; a strand of dark brown for shading, if desired.

Free Reindeer Head Ornament Pattern - Christmas Tree Decoration

Size G crochet hook Acrylic cabochon, red button or red felt circle for nose Finished Size: 3 1/2 inches long (not counting antlers) 5 1/2 inches long (including antlers) 5 inches wide (from ear to ear) Abbreviations: sc = single crochet, ch = chain ea = each, tog = together. - Crochet and Knitting Patterns - Including Our FREE Pattern!


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