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Yarn, Knitting Patterns, Crochet Patterns

Yarn, Knitting Patterns, Crochet Patterns

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Free Amigurumi Witch crochet pattern for Halloween ~ Amigurumi crochet patterns ~ K and J Dolls Little Witch Free Amigurumi Pattern K and J Dolls Pattern designed by Sayjai For materials I used: Crochet Pattern for Penguin Sweater It’s here! It’s here! I just got the e mail this morning, the wonderful Sherry G Daughtry has taken time to create a crochet pattern for the Penguin Sweaters! Thank you so much! ★ Origamic Architecture Instructions & Free Kirigami Templates ★ Architectural origami is the art of paper cutting to create 3D buildings – from just one sheet of paper! The designs range from the simple to the exceptionally intricate, and the subject matter can be anything from a whole city to a famous landmark or even your own house. This page will focus on 90° pop-up buildings and detailed shapes, where the 3D design emerges and is fully visible when the paper is folded to an angle of 90 degrees.

Gleeful Things Free Crochet & Sewing Pattern: Floral Fringe Bag Tutorial March 19, 2014 Did you know that March is National Craft Month?! Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores invited me to create a project tutorial to share with you for the occasion! They gave me four themes to choose from (floral, nautical, geometric and vivid orchid) and I went with the floral theme because it’s perfect for Spring! Jo-Ann makes spring crafting easy during National Craft Month with a $5 off $25 or more purchase coupon and a spring crafting inspiration website. Free Tunisian Crochet Video Tutorial Introduction : Learn to Crochet Video Series by NexStitch™ Afghan crochet, another name for tunisian crochet, is believed to have been invented during the mid to late 1800's when it was used as a base for cross-stitch. It is currently experiencing a resurgence in popularity with the advent of crochet as a new favorite pastime, along with knitting. Dubbed "the half-way crochet," tunisian has several similarities to knitting, including stitch names like purl and knit, as well as the manner in which the stitches are worked onto the hook. This form of crochet is unique in that it is created in two passes.

Family Fun with Free Crochet Game Patterns! The winter months can be cold and dreary, with everyone stuck inside – but it’s also the perfect time for indoor family fun! Around here that means games, and that’s something it seems you can never have enough of, whether you’re inside during a blizzard or a heat wave, or just riding in the back seat of the car. So let’s kick the month off with 10 free crochet game patterns! Pass The Piggies by Brigitte ReadRoman Sock: Includes printable instructions on how to play, and I love the sweet carrying case! Penguin Bowling Set by Hannah KaminskyBitterSweet: So funny! Great for all ages, and nice and soft (and quiet)!

Wickerwork Mitts ~ Crochet Pattern and Phototutorial Even after 19 winters in Wisconsin, I'm still learning how to keep warm during the chilly months. This year's lesson: cover the pulse points! Not all the sweaters in the world will help if one's neck and wrists are bare. Dryope: Crocheting Jayne hats for Mugua (Dummies) Okay, first off, if you can crochet, your fingers are clever enough to knit. However, if you crochet, you probably like going really fast and hate how learning to knit is really obnoxious and slow at first. I feel your pain. While I recommend just learning to knit (this hat is a great first project), here's a mock-up pattern for making a Jayne hat by crochet: Materials: orange yarn, yellow yarn, and red yarn, about 150 grams total (about one skein each for most yarns).

Pampering Massage Soap Saver Massage soap with the bumps and nubs on one side is lovely stuff. But what happens when you use soap? Within a few showers, those bumps are gone. What to do? Make the Pampering Massage Soap Saver! This crochet soap saver pattern features 12 bumps (aka cluster stitches) on one side for perfect pampering that doesn’t wear away. Various Adulations About Life, Screencapped → Anonymous → Hi Jad, are you married? :D Throwback: Grandfathers Crochet Kitten Pattern I knitted this kitty from this pattern but then decided I'd like to try and crochet one. The pattern below is made by me. It's the first pattern I've ever made so please feel free to contact me by email if you have any problems. It's much simpler that it looks.

Christmas Stockings: Free Pattern from B.hooked Crochet - B.hooked Crochet As promised, I have a few original, Christmas-themed patterns to share with you and here is the first. I designed this stocking so that my husband and I could have personalized stockings that we could cherish for years to come. I think you will be surprised how easily these stockings come together! There is little money and time invested, making this project a must-do this holiday season! Crochet Christmas Stockings Please do not copy, sell or redistribute this pattern without first obtaining my permission.

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