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Upcycled Sweater Boots - StumbleUpon

Upcycled Sweater Boots - StumbleUpon
Snip off the sleeves where they meet the sweater, flip them inside out, and slide them up your leg, sweater cuff first. Slip on one of your flats, and then stretch the sleeve to form to your leg, while keeping the edges wrapped around the shoe. This will give it a nice boot shape, instead of a big slouchy triangle. Pin the new stretched shape in place.

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How To Make Simple Crochet Slippers IMPORTANT NOTE: This pattern uses US crochet terminology. You can find the SLIPPER SIZE, YARN and HOOK specifications at the end of this article !!! (To see more of my patterns, please visit my ONLINE SHOP!) I am an addict. An addict for crochet slippers. It all began when I saw slippers similar to these somewhere on the internet. circle skirt tutorial - version 2.0 - new and improved! : ... The moment you’ve all been waiting for: a circle skirt tutorial that has the math already done for you! Download my FREE circle skirt template, and you’re ready to go! For detailed instructions, watch my video tutorial here:

Woven Chain Bracelet Chain link bracelets, with colorful threads woven through them, have been popping up here and there. We adore Aurèlie Bidermann‘s Do Brazil bracelets and thought it was about time we graduate to the ultimate “grown-up” friendship bracelet. With a curb chain bracelet and some embroidery thread, we’ll teach you how to make your own woven chain bracelet. And one for your bestie too, of course. You’ll need:a curb link braceletembroidery threadtwo bobby pinsa pair of scissors Cut 2 sets of 15 strands of embroidery thread, with each strand measuring four times the length of the bracelet.

Make Your Own Glitter Flats In case you haven’t noticed in the past almost 3 years (!!) WANM has been in existence, I am not a crafty person. Nope, I leave the crafts to Chels and I stick to the kitchen (where disasters can easily be shoved down the garbage disposal!). It’s not that I don’t want to get into crafts; I’ve just never been good at them. I like following recipes. I don’t like open-ended assignments where I have to choose colors and designs.

DIY Kate Spade Inspired Bow Necklace I think a bow is such a cute accent to an outfit! Seeing that I don't have $80+ to purchase this cute Kate Spade necklace (pinned here), I thought I'd gather my craft supplies and DIY a bow necklace! Step 1: Tie a small bow with ribbon. Choose a ribbon similar to the color of your glitter. Step 2: Dip your bow into fabric stiffener.

Easy anklet slipper sock I have recently renewed my passion for crocheting, I have not crocheted since I was a kid and I was not very into it then how ever I find now that as an adult I quiet enjoy it. I have created my own pattern for a pair of anklet slipper socks that can easily be modified to fit any size and even turned into more of a boot/calf style bootie. materials: 1 Skein of yarn ( your choice) I used Red heart super saver in black Hook: H/8-5.00mm

Dollar Store Crafts & Blog Archive & Reconstructed Clothing... I have that classic womanly problem of a closet full of clothes but nothing to wear. Ever feel like everything you own is just kind of... meh? Never fear, there is still hope for your tired wardrobe! There is a solution, and it's called reconstructed clothing. Crystal Egg Geodes - Martha Stewart Holidays Geodes can be grown without using egg dye. The resulting crystals are clear to milky white, like quartz. While large chicken eggshells are suggested in this process, larger eggshells can be used. Simply increase the size of the plastic or glass container and double or triple the amounts of dye (1 packet), alum (3/4 part), and water (2 parts) used to create the growing solution.

20 Ways to Repurpose Old Sweaters It might not feel like it here in SF, but winter is most definitely on its way. While we love cozying up in all of our old sweaters as the air gets cooler, there are definitely a few sweaters who are on their last legs. What’s a scrappy DIYer to do but repurpose like mad?!

Braided Four Strand Bracelet I saw this tutorial for a beaded necklace and new I needed to try it. The instructions were easy to follow and it made a great bracelet. I added a gold chain and experimented with both a three strand braid and a four strand braid. I liked both but the four strand braid was a bit harder to work with. How to Make a Custom Cut Up Tee Shirt Draw a design on your tee shirt, starting at the neckline. For a simple, feminine design, cut away the tee shirt's ribbing at the neck. Cut the shirt along the seam line. Summer Feather Hair Accessories Hey there, It's Promise again with a new fashion DIY. Your new summer hair accessory? Well,... mine at least. So fresh and earthy. This is a really easy DIY using items that are probably already in your home… And thats exactly the way I like it. haha. I am really thrifty and always like to see what I can make with the items that I already have.

DIY Shibori Today marks HonestlyWTF’s four year anniversary. Four years! To celebrate, we’re revisiting the very first tutorial we ever featured on the site: shibori tie dye. Pasta necklace...again! I know....this is the third post (for those who follow) with pasta necklaces ... I can't stop! We went to Belgium a few weeks ago to visit family but also for my cousin wedding! My sister had a nice long green dress and she wanted a gold necklace to go with!

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