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Audience Engagement Software For Events & The Classroom. Slides – Create and share presentations online. Pricing - Choose your Beamium version.

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Basic Share your documents and present live on the smart devices of your audience. No Login needed. Presentations will be deleted automatically after 14 days. Try now Professional Try now for free €12,00* per month Share your documents and present live on the smart devices of your audience. Try now *excl. Premium €39,00* per month Share your documents and present live on the smart devices of your audience. Coming soon See how effective Beamium is... Beamium Commercial from Beamium on Vimeo. Effective Presentations. Better Results. More Leads. - Present. Engage. Grow. - Presentain. Slides Carnival - Free presentation templates. ShowTime.

No more guessing games.


Take the pulse of your audience with polls. Gather opinions, understand people's views, and project the answers for everyone to see. Don't guess: Know. Asked and answered. Don't let shy students go unheard. Learning, on their terms. Some concepts are hard to follow; don't let your ideas get lost in the crowd. Win hearts; win minds.

Bring the interactivity of social media into your presentation. Ratings in real time. Know what people really thought. Get up close and personal. Control your slides from anywhere in the room, and free yourself from the podium. Mikogo. In the past, those who would seek to present an idea or project to another would usually have to get an easel and place drawings or posters as the presentation tools.


Alternatively, they might have had a projector featuring many different photographs on a group of slides to present on a screen. Since computers have become more commonplace, however, new presentation software has been developed to offer greater convenience to the presenters of the world. What is Presentation Software and Who Can Use It? Presentation software in itself is a very useful collaboration tool for anyone who needs to show off a project or present a new idea to others and educate them on the matter. The groupware software helps structure the presentation, outlines the main points that are to be made, offers visuals in the form of charts or graphs, as well as presents bulletins with the purpose of highlighting key points. Online Presentation Software What are the Benefits of Using Online Presentation Software? SlideDog.

Sliderocket. Les usages de la Présentation Assistée par ordinateur. Les usages de la Présentation Assistée par ordinateur Depuis une quinzaine d'années, de nombreux documents ont été écrits sur les logiciels de Présentation Assistée par ordinateur (cf.

Les usages de la Présentation Assistée par ordinateur

Analyse d'une situation de formation à l'usage du multimédia chez des professeurs de lycée et collège, Dimet, 2004). Leur étude a permis d'identifier deux types d'usage : un usage normal d'aide à la présentation orale ; un usage détourné d'utilisation comme logiciel d'intégration Multimédia. Ces deux usages — totalement différents — s'utilisent dans des contextes distincts. Recommandations générales de forme et de fond Les noms Ne pas oublier d'indiquer son nom complet : Prénom suivi de son Nom de famille sur le premier écran et pas l'inverse : on ne parle pas de Chirac Jacques ou de Mitterand François !

Ne jamais écrire M., Mme et Mlle — qui sont des noms d'adresse — devant le prénom ! Le français est une langue très riche et trop mal utilisée. C'est l'usage normal des logiciels de PréAo ! Remarque. Haiku Deck. Office Sway - Create and share amazing stories, presentations, and more. Zeetings. Genially. Thinglink. Peoplbrain - créer et partager des guides, notices, tutoriels et manuels facilement ! Bunkr - Present any web content.