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Phlow MP3-Magazine: Free MP3 Music Culture - Netlabels, Netaudio-Artists and more... Holy Fuck: "Red Lights (A Place to Bury Strangers Remix)" Brooklyn DIYers A Place To Bury Strangers remixed Holy Fuck's "Red Lights" from their third album, Latin, released spring of last year.

Holy Fuck: "Red Lights (A Place to Bury Strangers Remix)"

Shedding the excessive cute kitty factor that defined the song's first video, L.A. -based director Thomas Smith enters more visceral territory with APTBS' reworking of the track. Of Montreal : Un EP puis un album en 2011 - News, actualité, interviews, actu, brèves. Pitchfork: Home. TV. Best New Albums. M3LL155X, a five-song EP by FKA twigs accompanied by a 16-minute music video/film, dropped last week, just over a year after the release of twigs' high profile debut, LP1.

Best New Albums

As a creative package the EP is unimpeachable; a high-concept, intellectually curious piece of work that's evocative, accessible and transgressive enough to satisfy the competing demands of a newly broadened fanbase and her existing audience of Tumblr-educated aesthetes. M3LL155X (pronounced 'Melissa') builds on her previous work, exploring ideas of psychic and interpersonal dominance and submission, but drills down almost completely into self. The EP takes that ur-feminist mantra "the personal is political" as a starting point, and if we need a feminist pop star, then twigs is it. Treble. Indie Rock Mag - IRM des musiques actuelles.