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All My Faves. Real-time local Twitter trends - Trendsmap. Animaps. 15 subway-style maps that explain everything but subways. Twine / An open-source tool for telling interactive, nonlinear stories. SEO Keyword Graph Visualization. Use this free Java application to explore the connections between related websites.

SEO Keyword Graph Visualization

Try it now! Enter keywords or a URL, and click 'Graph it! ' See Getting Started below for more details. Getting Started Make sure you have the latest version of java, at least Java 1.5 Type in your search keywords or a URL, and press "Graph It! " Sample Searches: Mapyourinfo - Diigo - Better reading and research with annotation, highlighter, sticky notes, archiving, bookmarking & more. Keeeb – organize and share inspiration like never before! Home - Bag The Web. Zimilate: Free Website to Save, Organize Web Content, Notes, Images.

Zimilate is an amazing free online service that lets you save practically any digital content for future reference.

Zimilate: Free Website to Save, Organize Web Content, Notes, Images

You can use Zimilate to save images, notes, links, simple files, and even entire webpages. You can either simply drag and drop files from your computer to Zimilate’s web interface to save them, or use the Zimilate browser clipper extension to directly save entire web pages to your Zimilate account. GoCinchy. GiveALink features a search engine which, given a URL, finds other Web pages that people bookmark together with it (i.e. similar Web pages).

The search engine also supports keyword search and the results can be personalized based on the user's submitted bookmark files. In addition, users can view, organize, augment their bookmarks online, as well as download their bookmark files to several computers. All of the (anonymized) data at GiveALink is available online to other researchers and Internet users. You can download the URL collection, matrix containing similarity values for pairs of URLs, and the output from several ranking algorithms. Search results can be obtained in XML format through an RSS feed, to help you integrate them into your own applications.

GiveALink uses the existing hierarchical structure in bookmark files (folders and subfolders), as well as collaborative filtering techniques, to measure similarity between Web pages. External links[edit] See also[edit] Center for Complex Networks and Systems Research. UPDATE: As of 2015 the GiveAlink project has been archived and the website is no longer operational.

Center for Complex Networks and Systems Research

Link analysis algorithms leverage hyperlinks created by authors as semantic endorsements between pages, while social bookmarks provide a way to leverage annotations by information consumers as a source of information about pages. This project explores a novel approach that is a synergy of the two: soliciting annotations from users about the content of pages, in a way that implicitly forms networks of relationships between and among resources and tags. These socially generated relationships are then aggregated to build bottom-up, global semantic similarity networks. Algorithms are developed to construct, analyze, and mine these networks in support of search and recommendation applications, exploratory navigation interfaces, resource management utilities, tag spam detection, and incentive games to accelerate the achievement of critical mass. Project Members. Historious. Wibki - Unlock the Web: A Homepage for your Bookmarks!

Launches New Bookmarking Service. We’re thrilled to announce our new bookmarking service!

Launches New Bookmarking Service

It offers traditional online bookmarking capabilities, but with some important twists. Like a Search Engine for Your Slice of the Web We do some magic behind the scenes so you can search the full text of all your bookmarked webpages. Like a search engine, we full text index those webpages so we can serve ‘em up in search results when you keyword search your scrible Library. Google indexes the most popular websites and makes them easy for the World to find. Part of a Platform that Lets You Do More… Smarter online research - annotate, organize & collaborate on web pages. All about researching + sharing online information. - Smart bookmarks. – Smart Bookmarks. Takes Bookmarks Into The Cloud And Makes Them Beautiful. If your email isn’t restricted to a client, and if your documents aren’t restricted to your hard drive, then why should your bookmarks be any different? Takes Bookmarks Into The Cloud And Makes Them Beautiful

Meet, a new service that takes your bookmarks into the cloud and makes them beautiful as well as easy to search. Raindrop isn’t the first service of its kind, of course. Apps like XMarks are a great way to sync bookmarks across browsers. But they do require syncing, which means the browser needs a plugin or some other installation. The Source for Social Data - Gnip. Free Online Database Geocoding - Step 3 Identify Data Fields. Consumer Barometer. Browser Automation, Data Extraction and Web Testing. Choosel - Choosel: A data visualization framework for GWT. gRaphaël—Charting JavaScript Library. CanvasXpress.

JavaScript UI Library, Ajax Components & HTML5 Framework - DHTMLX. Vega: A Visualization Grammar. Built By Balance. Tabletop takes a Google Spreadsheet and makes it easily accessible through JavaScript.

Built By Balance

With zero dependencies! Tabletop easily integrates Google Spreadsheets with Backbone.js, Handlebars, and anything else that is hip and cool. It will also help you make new friends and play jazz piano. Download zipDownload on Github Like how easy? One Google spreadsheet plus…this here: 1 function init() { 2 Tabletop.init( { key: ‘0AmYzu_s7QHsmdDNZUzRlYldnWTZCLXdrMXlYQzVxSFE’, 3 callback: function(data) { console.log(data) }, 4 simpleSheet: true } ) Quartz/Chartbuilder.

Dataviz Art. Caesar0301/awesome-public-datasets. Enigma. A visual exploration on mapping complex networks.

Free tutorials on HTML, CSS and PHP - Build your own website - Code School - TryRuby. Create iOS, Android and Flash Games with Stencyl. Advance Your Education With Free College Courses Online - Udacity. Learn PHP, MySQL, jQuery, CSS and Java. Collecting all the cheat sheets.

Get Better At Programming. Collecting all the cheat sheets. Learn web design and development online free. PythonBooks - Learn Python the easy way ! Teaching Tree. How to Make an Interactive Network Visualization. Networks!

How to Make an Interactive Network Visualization

The Data Visualisation Catalogue. 100+ Awesome Open Courseware Links for Artists. Posted by Site Administrator in Learning Tools Nov 20th, 2008.

100+ Awesome Open Courseware Links for Artists

Visual Thinking. Visual Complexity. 3-Visualizations & mapping. Wikipedia - Web Archiving, Aspects of Curation. Web archiving is the process of collecting portions of the World Wide Web to ensure the information is preserved in an archive for future researchers, historians, and the public.

Wikipedia - Web Archiving, Aspects of Curation

Web archivists typically employ web crawlers for automated capture due to the massive size and amount of information on the Web. The largest web archiving organization based on a bulk crawling approach is the Internet Archive which strives to maintain an archive of the entire Web. The International Web Archiving Workshop (IWAW), begun in 2001, has provided a platform to share experiences and exchange ideas. The later founding of the International Internet Preservation Consortium (IIPC), in 2003, has greatly facilitated international collaboration in developing standards and open source tools for the creation of web archives. Collecting the web[edit] Methods of collection[edit] Remote harvesting[edit] Home - The Location Platform Enabling Mobile Personalization. Research Data Repositories. Graph Computation, Layout, Algorithms for JavaScript.

Data Visualization for the Web. InfiView™ : InfiView - Home. JavaScript InfoVis Toolkit. MixItUp. Kindling: An Introduction to Spark with Cassandra (Part 1) This is an introduction to the new (relatively) distributed compute platform Apache Spark. The focus will be on how to get up and running with Spark and Cassandra; with a small example of what can be done with Spark.

I chose to make this the focus for one reason: when I was trying to learn Spark two months ago I had difficulty finding articles on how to setup Spark to use Cassandra. The process is actually not that difficult, but pulling all the steps together required some searching and investigation. Writing about D3.js - a glob of nerdishness.

On Monday I signed a contract to write a book about D3.js for Manning Publications. If all goes according to schedule, it should be out early next year, with draft chapters available in electronic form for subscribers even sooner. Wow!