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How can a crafter turn an image into a custom pattern for a knitted motif — quickly and easily — without spending a fortune? It’s not as difficult as you might think, and it can be done for little or no cost at all. Suddenly, all sorts of creative possibilities come to mind – custom logo knitwear for the cheerleading squada child’s artwork reproduced on a sweater vest for GrannyImpressionist landscapes rendered on knitted afghans and throws a knitted tote with a rock idol’s portraityour pet’s portrait on a knitted cushion cover… Here, for example, is a chart for knitting a Union Jack flag motif in three colours. 3 Easy Ways to Chart a Knitting Pattern | so you wannabee a Domestik Goddess? 3 Easy Ways to Chart a Knitting Pattern | so you wannabee a Domestik Goddess?
kpg - knitting pattern generator Convert a picture into a knitting pattern. Introduction kpg http://sourceforge.net/projects/kpg/ is a free program that can create knitting patterns out of pictures. It can either create straight patterns or illusion patterns that only reveal the picture when viewed at an angle. The knitting patterns are simple rectangles (squares) that use simple stiches, a regular "knit stitch" and optionally a "perl stitch". kpg - knitting pattern generator
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