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Buy Helvetica on VHX. 10 Commandments of Typography by Fontyou. Typography needs moral but mostly aesthetic instructions.

10 Commandments of Typography by Fontyou

Comicraft's Online Guide to Comic Lettering and Production. Comicraft - The World's Greatest Comic Book Fonts. The First Steps of Hand-Lettering: Concept to Sketch (Lettering I) My name is Mary Kate McDevitt and I'm proud to welcome you to my Skillshare class, where we will cover the first steps of lettering.

The First Steps of Hand-Lettering: Concept to Sketch (Lettering I)

If you find letters beautiful and want to turn your handwriting into artful drawings, this is the class for you. It will cover the fundamentals of hand-lettering - and, while it is geared towards beginners, even skilled letterers will learn new tips on what to avoid when lettering, how to create a more conceptual hand-lettered illustration and how to make a clean final drawing ready to scan. In this class, we'll work with different types of applications for lettering. Start with your favorite quote, title or phrase. Hand Lettering Fundamentals - Tuts+ Design & Illustration Tutorials. This brush-lettering tutorial will provide you with a deep understanding of proper brush techniques, tips, and editing process to develop your own unique brush-lettered script.

Hand Lettering Fundamentals - Tuts+ Design & Illustration Tutorials

Life. Speaker information: TYPO Berlin 2013 Touch – International Design Conference for Typography, Graphic Design. Bold & Fearless Poster Design with James Victore. An empowered designer is a truly creative designer.

Bold & Fearless Poster Design with James Victore

Let designer, author, artist, and activist, James Victore show you how to trust your instinct and embrace imperfection in Bold & Fearless Poster Design. When you follow the trends your ideas stagnate and you don’t create the kind of memorable pieces that get you noticed. Victore knows the anecdote to that creative rut. Victore has been exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art in New York and is represented in the permanent collections of museums worldwide. His commercial work continues to wow by being sexy, strong, and memorable. Learn how you can make work that is captivating and uniquely you by taking a behind-the-scenes look at this renowned designer’s method and thinking. Exercises for generating concepts and design solutionsHow to incorporate your hand into your workUnexpected image-making tools and techniquesSoftware strategies for turning the analog into digital Poster design is the perfect blank canvas for experimentation.

Introduction to the Art of Modern Calligraphy. Create a Wheatpaste Poster. The Abduzeedo team is always worried to bring to our readers and followers the best content of the creative businesses.

Create a Wheatpaste Poster

Working with Types: Typography Design Tutorial for Beginners. Hand Lettering Tutorial - Learn Lettering. 90 top-quality typography tutorials. Whether you're a creative director, illustrator or web developer – whatever your discipline, typography is an essential part of design.

90 top-quality typography tutorials

Beautiful web type — the best typefaces from the Google web fonts directory. Among the numerous faults of those who pass their lives recklessly and without due reflexion, my good friend Liberalis, I should say that there is hardly any one so hurtful to society as this, that we neither know how to bestow or how to receive a benefit.

Beautiful web type — the best typefaces from the Google web fonts directory

It follows from this that benefits are badly invested, and become bad debts: in these cases it is too late to complain of their not being returned, for they were thrown away when we bestowed them. Nor need we wonder that while the greatest vices are common, none is more common than ingratitude: for this I see is brought about by various causes. The first of these is, that we do not choose worthy persons upon whom to bestow our bounty, but although when we are about to lend money we first make a careful enquiry into the means and habits of life of our debtor, and avoid sowing seed in a worn-out or unfruitful soil, yet without any discrimination we scatter our benefits at random rather than bestow them. Web Font Load: Install All Google Web Fonts at Once. Effective Web Typography: Rules, Techniques and Responsive Design. Responsive Web Design isn’t just about columns, grids, images and icons.

Effective Web Typography: Rules, Techniques and Responsive Design

All of this will not make sense without text for content. As Bill Gates once said “Content is King.” Everlie Handwritten Font « Freebies PSD. Thirsty Dog free hand drawn typeface. You like free fonts don’t you?

Thirsty Dog free hand drawn typeface

Yeah, it’s your lucky day. Last Friday I bought a whole bunch of Faber Castell pens, ink nibs and a pot of ink to create this new hand drawn font. I’m calling it Thirsty Dog. The name comes from a Nick Cave song—thanks, Nick. Thirsty dog is wilfully scratchy and distorted, I’ve tried to inject as much movement as my pen and ink would allow. How I created Thirsty dog It took me about a day to draw, scan in, clean up, and convert to a font with glyphs app. You can’t get something for nothing Well, I disagree, Stephen Hawking puts it better he said: “Because there is a law such as gravity, the Universe can and will create itself from nothing.” So there. Thirsty Dog let ‘er rip, tater chip! Thirsty dog is a messy typeface. It’s ideal for use over images (like in my examples) or anything that you want to look spontaneous. Hand Lettering by Joao Neves.