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Type Worship. Colourful messages transform the winding favela streets Earlier this year Boa Mistura, an urban art collective formed in Madrid, worked on a vibrant community project near São Paulo, Brazil The collective worked with the children and other residents of Brasilândia Vila, a poor suburb on the outskirts of São Paulo, to fill the narrow streets with colour and words: beleza, amor, doçura, firmeza and orgulho (beauty, love, sweetness, firmness and pride).

Type Worship

These one-point perspective messages are carefully painted to reveal themselves to passers-by as they reach a certain part of the the street. The smiles of the participants clearly say it all. I Like It. This new print by Anthony Burrill made me smile. 51 x 77 cm, Gold Hot Foiling on Black Colourplan stock. Design with Beauty • Build in Truth Fantastic stationery for The Architectural Association, produced by master stationers, Downey (more about them and their work to follow).

Beautiful. Light Writing. Art of the Title. Typography Served. The Making of John Mayer's 'Born & Raised' Artwork. Typojungle Books. 75 top typography tutorials. Whether you're a creative director, illustrator or web developer – whatever your discipline, typography is an essential part of design.

75 top typography tutorials

There are hundreds of paid-for and free fonts available these days, but when it comes to the art of type, you can never stop learning about it or improving your typography skills. To help you out, we've gathered together the most amazing typography tutorials from around the web, which are bound to help you raise your type skills to the next level. In this post, you'll find typography tutorials in the following areas: The basics and advanced typography skills (1-11)Web typography skills (12-16)Typography in Illustrator (17-23)Adding colour to your type (24-28)Learn type through games (29-31)3D text effects (32-38)Fire up your type (39-41)Snow and ice effects (42-44)Make your type metallic (45-49)Eye-catching type effects (50-58)Design your own type (59-65)Make a typography poster (66-68)Illustrative typography (69-82) Let's get started! The basics 01. 02. Amazing Collection of Typography. Here is a slice of some spectacular typography projects done by African digital artists.

Amazing Collection of Typography

More Typography You might also like Comments Michael Dachstein Inspiration junkie :) 25 New Fonts for Graphic & Web Designers - Download Now. Russell Brown: Tips and Techniques for Using Tilt Shift, Iris Blur, and Field Blur in Photoshop CS6 Robots of Brixton Origins - A Beautiful 3D Animated Short Film.

25 New Fonts for Graphic & Web Designers - Download Now

Graphic Design Inspiration and ... Typography Mania #29 by paul0v2 Wed, 05/19/2010 - 10:27 Typography Mania is a weekly post series that comes around every Wednesday with the best of Typography work on the web, from videos to images everything is full of great design and inspiration.

Graphic Design Inspiration and ...

Click here to check out all the previous Typography Mania Make sure to click on each image to go to original location where you can check out more work from each artist and designer. Videos Book Suggestion Typology Type Design from the Victorian Era to the Digital Age Organized by historical era and country of origin, each section of this dynamic compendium introduces the culture and aesthetics of the period, discusses how individual styles developed, and offers insights into the artistry of key typographers and foundries. 300 full-color illustrations.

40 Outstanding Typographic Poster Designs. For typography lovers, posters can be an excellent source of inspiration.

40 Outstanding Typographic Poster Designs

Skilled designers can do amazing things with typography and text effects, and in this post we’ll feature 30+ outstanding poster designs. You’ll see posters in a veriety of different styles. Some combine lighting effects with typography, others use 3D text effects, texture, illustration and other design elements. If you see something you like, click on the poster and you’ll be led to the source (such as Flickr, deviantArt, Behance, etc.) where you can find more work from the designer. Helvetica Story Poster ↓ Come As You Are ↓ IPS Skylines ↓ Colorful ↓ Go!

Let’s Get Lost Tonight ↓ World Thinking Day ↓ 50 Free Professional Fonts For Logo and Graphic Design. 40 Elegant Logo Fonts for Web Designers and Logo Artists. It’s hard to design an impressive logo with graphic.

40 Elegant Logo Fonts for Web Designers and Logo Artists

We can’t mix different styles together as our logo needs to stay consistent. Whether you’re working on a clean design or something a little more decorative, one of these fonts will surely do the trick. To make your life easier I put together a collection of 40 logo fonts which are just perfect. I have tried out a couple of these in my logo projects. Other Useful Links: 1. Aubrey 2. Cicle 3. London Between 4. Street Corner 5. Bienetresocial 6. Covington 7. Gentium 8. Bitstream Vera Serif. Graphic Design & Typography.