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Dresden Plate Tutorial - Beginner Block Quilting Series. How to make a microwave heating bag (rice bag) to ease your aching muscles. By Kris Driessen This is the season to make reusable microwave heating bags, also called rice bags or heat packs.

How to make a microwave heating bag (rice bag) to ease your aching muscles.

These bags are terrific for: Hand warmers for anyone who wears gloves in the cold (hunters, skiiers, you as you get into your car in the morning) Neck wraps to ease sore muscles caused by hunching over the sewing machine Easing the pain of fibromyalgia and arthritis Helping breastfeeding moms lower their milk and comfort sore breasts Cold feet in bed Keeping food warm on the table or while being transported. Just put the dish on top of the heating bag. These bags can also be frozen, and used as a ice pack for cold therapy. So, how do you make them? Start with a 9 x 22 piece of scrap fabric. Fill with 3 ½ to 4 cups (about 2 pounds) of Extra Clean Feed Corn. To both sterilize the corn and help it to dry out, place the newly made bag on a paper towel in your microwave and heat it for 2 – 3 minutes. Now the fun begins! Are you giving your bag as a gift? Denim Chenille Quilt. Denim Chenille Quilt This very, very, very easy quilt has no quilting, no batting, no binding… and you can recycle old clothes to make it, so it's inexpensive, as well.

Denim Chenille Quilt

It makes a great take-along quilt - a throw, picnic rug, car quilt - because it's so sturdy and washable. Mine is 55" X 66", but you can make yours larger or smaller as you like. It goes together quickly, and it looks equally good with bandanna reds as with pink pastels! Sewing machine in good working order, with denim needles Sewing Thread - gray or to blend with the cotton fabric Rotary cutting equipment ----a 45 mm or larger rotary cutter, a mat 18" x 24" or larger, a 24" long ruler. Sturdy scissors (to cut through several layers of fabric) DENIM: If you are buying denim, purchase 4 yards of 44" wide or 3 yards of 58" wide. COTTON CALICO: The fabric used on the back of this quilt should be all cotton, and it should also be prewashed and pre-shrunk. Rotary Cutting Instructions Do you have all the supplies?

And then. Atkinson Designs: “Tag Along Tote” Project: Tag Along Tote designed by Terry Atkinson, featuring “Urban Couture” fabrics by Basic Grey.

Atkinson Designs: “Tag Along Tote”

Click here for bag pattern. Click here for fabric collection. Finished Size: 7” x 8” x 2” Skill Level: Confident Beginner Techniques: Free Motion Quilting Binding Basic Bag Construction Useful Supplies: Machinger’s Quilter’s Gloves (click here) Fusible Fleece (click here & here) Aurifil 28 weight thread for machine quilting, top-stitching, and bag construction. Project Description: The pattern states: “For a fast fashion statement, make this tote in your favorite colors. I’ve made a lot of bags lately, and some pattern designers clearly stand apart from the crowd.

I love the way this little bag comes together. Also, the fabric requirements are simple. Disclaimer: This blog is meant to illustrate the ease of bag construction, and demonstrate some useful tips. Let’s get started… Quilting fabric “sandwiches” for a bag is a good opportunity to practice free motion quilting. Denim Chenille Quilt.