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The Photography of Trey Ratcliff. Winners of the 2014 iPhone Photography Awards. 27 Amazing Travel Photos That Will Infect You With The Travel Bug. I’m a travel photo junkie.

27 Amazing Travel Photos That Will Infect You With The Travel Bug

I can spend hours browsing photography sites and social media sites looking for the travel photo that will inspire me next. These 22 Far Away Perspectives Of Famous Places Will Change The Way You See Them Forever. Many of us only know the world’s most famous landmarks through images that show them in all their beautiful, historical glory.

These 22 Far Away Perspectives Of Famous Places Will Change The Way You See Them Forever

The world has changed since these structures were built, so the surrounding landscapes might not be what you’d expect. Restored Historic Black and White Photos in Color. Photo a day challenge lists: see them all here. TES teaching resources Art - Photography. Rating:5 average ratingLast Updated:26 November, 2013Section:Resources Secondary Art - Photography Photography is a strong and visually engaging topic for pupils of art which can form the basis for excellent class projects, investigations and individual portfolios.

TES teaching resources Art - Photography

This month we’re giving a special focus to TES Resources contributor Chris Monaghan who has shared some excellent photography resources for dealing with light, exposure, how cameras work, various types of images and how to produce them. Special thanks to Chris for sharing his material! PhotoVoice : photography charity. 7 Travel Photography Tips. I love having travel photography from places I’ve been.

7 Travel Photography Tips

I can’t think of a better souvenir from an exotic location than a great photo to hang on my wall. Getting to a cool spot is only half the battle. 25 Incredible Photos From History. November 7, 2012 | 8 Comments » | Topics: History, Photography Last four couples standing in a Chicago dance marathon. ca. 1930.

25 Incredible Photos From History

Three Princeton students pose after the Freshman, Sophomore snowball fight. 1893. Princeton, NJ. "Get the hell ot of my race and give me those numbers. " After realizing a woman was running Boston marathon organizer Jock Semple went after Kathrine Switzer. The only known photograph of an African American Union soldier with his family. c1863-65. Follow Me... The series of instagram pictures named “Follow Me” become really popular online over night.

Follow Me...

The romantic gallery shows adventure, excitement, romance and exotic views on some of the world most beautiful destinations. The beautiful mysterious girl posing on every photo with her hand holding behind with probably her boyfriend making magnificent and beautiful sceneries. Some of the places you may recognize if you look at something other than girl are Moscow, Venice, Paris Disneyland, Berlin, Austria, Italy, London Olympic games, China, Hong Kong, museums, galleries and many more interesting places… Top 10 Digital Photography Tips.

Compose in Thirds To use the rule of thirds, imagine four lines, two lying horizontally across the image and two vertical creating nine even squares.

Top 10 Digital Photography Tips

Some images will look best with the focal point in the center square, but placing the subject off center will often create a more aesthetically composed photograph. When a photograph is composed using the rule of thirds the eyes will wander the frame. A picture composed by the rule of thirds is more interesting and pleasing to the eye. Avoid Camera Shake. Photographer's Girlfriend Leads Him Around the World.

My Modern Metropolis Photographer's Girlfriend Leads Him Around the World Photographer Murad Osmann creatively documents his travels around the world with his girlfriend leading the way in his ongoing series known as Follow Me To.

Photographer's Girlfriend Leads Him Around the World

Chronicling his adventures on Instagram, the Russian photographer composes each shot in a similar fashion. 32 Stunning Photos from 2013 Sony World Photography Awards. Top Ten Films 1930-2011. 2015 1.

Top Ten Films 1930-2011

Rare and very interesting photos. Interesting and very rare photographs, you may never see.

Rare and very interesting photos

The first McDonald’s. Che Guevara and Fidel Castro. Capital of Brazil, on the beginning. Novartis "Reflections" Campaign on Photography Served. 20 Captivating Photos Shot At Exactly The Right. There are some things in life that make me feel dated (notice I didn’t use the word “old” LOL). For example, sending a fax, writing in cursive (with a pen) and talking on any phone with a cord (and twirling it around my fingers) are all things that kids born in 2011 might never have the opportunity to experience.

I remember back in the days when people would say, “I wish I had my camera with me today, I could have taken some great pictures.” Now that practically everyone has a smartphone, we all have our cameras with us everywhere we go. That is evident in these photographs taken at exactly the right moment. The photography we see these days is phenomenal. Photography School. Adorama Photography TV presents the Canon EOS-6D. Rich is back from Vegas and eager to share his experience with this great new Digital SLR from Canon. Join Rich as he takes you through a more in-depth review of all the functions of this reliable and cost efficient camera. The Canon EOS-6D falls between the Canon EOS-5D Mark III and the Canon EOS-7D in price and features.

This is perfect for the photographer who likes a high quality, easy-to-use camera that has high ISO performance, fast auto-focus and great image quality. 25 Cool Ideas To Display Family Photos On Your Walls. 11 Pencil Vs. Camera Images. 986 653Share10.7K Born in Abidjan, Ivory Coast and now living in Belgium, Ben Heine is an amazing artist who overlaps hand-drawn works of art with photos to create stunning images. 25 Epic Photographs of Breathtaking Landscapes. Our Earth is a beautiful place. Unfortunately most of us do not have the resources to personally visit all places on our planet and see what beauty they have to offer. That is where pictures come into play. Check out the following breathtaking pictures of beautiful landscapes from around the world.

Click on photos to see higher resolution version. 17 Amazing Photographic Blog Posts. Most popular photography on StumbleUpon! 2011 is over, In this article, I am showcasing the most beautiful photographs that were stumbled on StumbleUpon. 50 Images from National Geographic`s 2010 Photo Contest.

99 Excellent Examples of Forced Perspective Photography. Portraits made using people as pixels. Photographer Martin Schoeller. Pictures of Moments Speak More than Thousand Words...... Picture can speak thousands of words. Early 1900s in Colour - All around the world.

BACK TO THE FUTURE 2 (2011) : Irina Werning - Photographer. 70 Photos That Will Take Your Breath Away. Beautiful Animal Photography examples. 25 Mind-Blowing Aerial Photographs Around the World. Best Street Art of 2011. December 27, 2011 | 72 Comments » | Topics: Art, Pics Hot Stories From Around The Web. 36 Jaw-Dropping Nature Photos. Rune Guneriussen.

Egypt - A photographic journey. Jamie Beck e Kevin Burg - Cinemagraphs - fotografie in movimento. Magical worlds of Manuel Sanchez.