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A Quick-Guide To Teaching Empathy In The Classroom. A Quick-Guide To Teaching Empathy In The Classroom by Lauren Ayer, M.Ed.

A Quick-Guide To Teaching Empathy In The Classroom

Bullying. 10 Simple Rules for Learning - A.J. JULIANI. 1.

10 Simple Rules for Learning - A.J. JULIANI

Learning starts with attention. It’s almost impossible to learn if you aren’t paying attention. And whatever you are giving attention has the ability to turn into learning.

Arts in Education

La Bioguia - Journal. Exploiting Infographics. This ebook was designed with English language teachers in mind but should have some value for any teacher who is interested in developing their students’ digital literacy and critical thinking skills.

Exploiting Infographics

The book contains a wide range of suggested activities for both the creation and exploitation of infographics in the classroom. It also helps teachers with tips and advice on how to plan and create infographics and suggestions for which tools to use to produce different types of infographic. Exploiting Infographics follows on from 10 Lessons in Digital Literacy, which is a collection of lesson plans based around infographics, and looks in more depth at the genre and how infographics can be used as both sources of information and as creative learning tasks for students.

The tasks that accompany the infographics are intended to encourage students to think more critically about the information they are exposed to and to question the sources of information they find whilst browsing the internet. Läkare: Skärmberoendet är som ett elektroniskt kokain för barnen. Vad rör sig i den här flickans huvud?

Läkare: Skärmberoendet är som ett elektroniskt kokain för barnen

Läkare varnar för att barn kan bli beroende av digitala skärmar. (Foto: Pixabay) De finns överallt och alla har dem. Digitala skärmar tar en allt större plats i våra liv. Många väljer hellre sin telefon eller surfplatta än att gå ut och interagera i det verkliga livet. Nicholas Kardaras är en amerikansk läkare som driver en rehabiliteringsklinik i USA. Petra Krantz Lindgren: Så får ditt barn en sund självkänsla I det svenska skolväsendet används surfplattor och datorer redan från förskoleåldern.

Han tar upp ett exempel med en 6-årig pojke som fick en iPad för att spela utvecklande och lärorika program. Elektroniskt kokain Vi vet nu att surfplattor, smarta telefoner och spelkonsoler är en sorts digital drog. Den beroendeframkallande effekten är anledningen till att läkaren och chefen för neurovetenskap vid UCLA, Peter Whybrow, kallar skärmar för ”elektroniskt kokain” och kinesiska forskare kallar dem ”digitalt heroin”. Tillsammans men ändå ensam.

London Play - Clip from "Where to Invade Next" Digital Curation: Putting the Pieces Together. Through digital curation we collect, manage and collate the best, most relevant content, on a specific topic or theme, for ourselves and share with others.

Digital Curation: Putting the Pieces Together

Using tools like, Pinterest, Diigo and Livebinders educators collect the best resources to put them into context with organisation, annotation and presentation. This post is a summary of the ideas. tips and resources shared during my presentation for the 2013 Reform Symposium e-Conference on digital curation. Digital curation in education It’s no longer just about creating content. We are living in an era of content abundance. It’s now about finding and putting content into a context, in a meaningful and organised way, around specific topics. Types of tools needed There are two types of tools needed for curation (watch Harold Rheingold’s interview with Robin Good on Curation): CurationTools. Content curation in education. I believe it would be a total waste of time to begin this post with my own definition of content curation.

Content curation in education

Since there are so many definitions that could explain this phenomenon, I decided to pick my favorite from the list of content curation definitions maintained by Robin Good (in my opinion – a guru of content curation). So, content curator “isn’t just someone who can find great “stuff” ,though it is an important skill in process of content curation. A curator is someone who creates a specific experience by using the found objects and contextualizes those objects within a limited space. A curator not only collects and interprets, but houses that work to create unique experiences.” If I interpret this definition within education context, an educator should provide a unique learning experience by curating existing learning materials or resources. Seek – Sense – Share curation model Focus on sense making Invest time to help your student and promote students’ curation About Tadej Stanic.

Teaching and Learning. 27 Strategies to Motivate Students in Class. Papers, Projects, and Presentations. Overview Papers, projects, and presentations are excellent opportunities for students to demonstrate their learning and investment in a course.

Papers, Projects, and Presentations

Students typically welcome such assignments when they come with clear guidelines as well as room for some flexibility in topics and creativity in content. Guidelines Creating Interesting and Effective Assignments Because papers, projects, and presentations allow students to spend a significant amount of time preparing the end product, these kinds of assignments can focus on the highest-level goals for the course. When you choose a topic or format for this kind of assignment, make sure that it challenges students to meet these kinds of high-level goals. Several approaches can make a basic assignment more interesting. Have students target their paper, project, or presentation for a specific audience, other than the instructor.

The Hume Center for Writing and Speaking also has a variety of resources for help in assigning oral or written projects.