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Robert Downey Jr Charity: Here’s How Much the Iron Man Star Donates. In this blog: Let’s learn the immense charity work by Robert Downey Jr.

Robert Downey Jr Charity: Here’s How Much the Iron Man Star Donates

His contribution towards society for various social causes is impeccable. “And I am… Iron Man…..” Gosh we know it’s not just a line, it’s an emotion. Many of us just identify him with the name Tony Stark. Since he finally ended his journey with MCU, here’s a small tribute to Robert Downey Jr. Related Link: Hollywood Celebrities with most charitable work (top 5) If you follow RDJ and his updates on social media, there will be plenty of his posts pounding the generous side of him.

(Get ready to become his fan in case you aren’t already) Robert Downey Jr did a huge charitable campaign for Aaron. “For every 10 $ being donated to Julia’s House (Charitable Org), there’s a chance to watch the very first premiere of the movie with me” – Robert Downey Jr Well, we are not bragging about it but Robert Downey Jr managed to raise a donation of millions. Must View Link: RDJ Fan??

RDJ, We Love you 3000. Charity VS Philanthropy - Meaning, Differences & Explanation. Charity vs Philanthropy, What’s the difference between these two words which are quite often used as synonyms.

Charity VS Philanthropy - Meaning, Differences & Explanation

The differences and the explanation of Charity and Philanthropy are what we’ll learn in this blog. Eyes up on our most popular blog: Cristiano Ronaldo’s Inspiring Charity work We mention a lot of people are philanthropists (mostly celebrities) and we think “oh these people do a lot of charity”, but hang on as we take you on a merry-go-round whilst explaining the difference between the concept of Charity and Philanthropy. Charity Vs Philanthropy: Meaning The concept of charity means the help done to the needy by providing means of necessities either money or food or any other required thing. Charity Work By Mukesh Ambani Larger Than Your Imagination. In this Blog: Let’s learn the charity work by Mukesh Ambani which is quite larger than the majority of people’s lifetime earning.

Charity Work By Mukesh Ambani Larger Than Your Imagination

His list of social work is as big as his business empire. It’s true that Asia’s richest man is always in the news say it his new business venture or a lavish eco- friendly wedding of his son, Mukesh Ambani is always in news but not much for his immense charity work. Most Viewed Article: Celebrities donated Crores for Kerala Relief Floods No, we are not talking about the free internet given by JIO, owned by Mukesh Ambani. Meet V Sumath, Her Story Will Leave You With Teary Eyes.

Children’s mind is utmost sensitive.

Meet V Sumath, Her Story Will Leave You With Teary Eyes

It is said that if a child is facing situations like constant brawls and fights around, their mind gets the same damage as collateral damage is faced in a war. Such a story of our little angel, V Sumathi. The story of her life doesn’t reveal places and names. Also, sensitive content requires user discretion. V Sumathi joined our Joy Home Orphanage in the year 2014.

Stats About Literacy in India: National Education Day 2018. In this Blog: On the occasion of National Education Day, let’s dive our heads into the stats about literacy in India.

Stats About Literacy in India: National Education Day 2018

Let’s understand with a literacy rate so high almost 75%, why many kids still dream of going to school. National Education Day 2018 is just a day ahead and we wanted to share something nice with our readers. We earlier thought of showing the progress of education, which we indeed observed in the past few years. But, why to share something that we all can see? Why not something that our eyes usually misses.

Often we fail to see those children who stand somewhere nearby taking a sheer glance at those kids in uniform. Want To Know the Truth behind Salman Khan Charity Work? Read This. Guess you have already heard about “Charity Work by Salman Khan’ or his organization ‘Being Human’.

Want To Know the Truth behind Salman Khan Charity Work? Read This

But how much he has donated so far?? Let’s learn in this blog, the list of charity work and contributions done by Bollywood megastar Salman Khan. Salman Khan Charity’s work is always talk of the town. The Race 3 star has always indulged himself in the betterment of society. From meeting Cancer patients to sponsoring the education of thousands of children, Salman Khan does it all. How Charity Can Help Your Business? In this blog: We’ll share a few genuine benefits of Charity for business/company.

How Charity Can Help Your Business?

All the points are purely opinion by Seruds NGO and do not give any official announcement related to any business or govt. For all businesses out there, here is an article right for you that says in detail about How Charity can help your business. The points are almost socialistic and make a clear statement of the benefits drawn by business by helping others or making charity. So without stretching anymore, let’s dive into the topic.

Seruds India is Officially One Among Best NGO in Telangana and AP. When you are dedicated for a certain cause, it shapes your world and there’s too.

Seruds India is Officially One Among Best NGO in Telangana and AP

Life is what we make it and we are proud to announce that Seruds NGO with the help of all our donors, sponsors and volunteers, has served for thousands of kids, elderly people, educated many girls, provided skills to unemployed. Delhi Telugu Academy and Ravada Foundation recently announced the awards for best NGO in Telugu cities and Seruds is one among them. Seruds NGO took to Social Media to officially announce it: Seruds NGO is hereby declared as one among best NGOs in Telugu states.Proud to announce another Milestone.The felicitation ceremony is scheduled on 22nd of September 2018, 1 pm at Ravindra Bharathi#Seruds #BestNGOaward #CharitableOrganisation #Mallikarjuna.— SERUDS NGO INDIA (@seruds) September 18, 2018. M. Anjanamma - Seruds. P. G. Sreevani - Seruds. Mahalakshmi M - Seruds. K. Mounika - Seruds.

M. Vishalakshi - Seruds. N. Deva Kumari - Seruds. V. Kaveri - Seruds. Mother works as a daily wage agriculture labour in Cement Nagar, Nandyal Mandal, Kurnool District.

V. Kaveri - Seruds

Her father works as a lorry cleaner, truck driver, migrant labour. Whatever he earns he did not spend for the family, but he takes Alcohol with that money. Whenever he did not get work he won’t get money to drink so he will demand his wife for money, but hardly he is providing normal food to the family. So she fails to give always angrily he used to beat her severely and began to sell whatever house hold things available in that vessels, clothes etc. Meanwhile, he habituated to bad habits and always drinks cheap liquor. Impact As a 12 years old girl able to understand what was happening in the home, Father addicted to Alcohol, Mother is unable to get sufficient amount for the family needs due to ill-health constantly, but she is helpless condition but when her mother suggested joining in home, he agreed happily.

M. Madhavi - Seruds. M. Anjanamma - Seruds. P. G. Sreevani - Seruds. Mahalakshmi M - Seruds. Mahalakshmi M - Seruds. K. Mounika - Seruds. M. Vishalakshi - Seruds. N. Deva Kumari - Seruds. V. Kaveri - Seruds. M. Madhavi - Seruds. M. Kusuma - Seruds. Testimonials of NGO in India. Education & Employment are the two main aspects usually for anyone.

Testimonials of NGO in India

But gaining knowledge and taking a bold decision to setup an Non Governmental Organization (NGO) with limited resources, and with a genuine purpose of improving the living standards of the less privileged children by giving them shelter, food, healthy conditions, education. Supporting destitute elderly women by giving them food every day & instilling a hope in them that they too are wanted, struggling women with lot of responsibilities have a avenue to work and earn with dignity through tailoring centres and teaching at creche centres.

These are only few of the activities that Mr.Mallikarjuna is carrying out for the last so many years with immense hard work, dedication, perseverance and with a vision to support and uplift the economically & socially deprived people. M Revathi - Seruds. M. Greshwari - Seruds. Charity For Genuine Needy People at Old Age Homes in Andhra Pradesh. Story: Padmavathaamma has 1 son and 1 daughter. Her son got married and works as a construction worker. He wastes the money by consuming liquor daily. Her husband used to work as a college watchman. He too consumes liquor and wastes money.

Her daughter got married. Lakshmi Devi K - Seruds. K. Sukanya - Seruds. Sponsor Poor Elders with Monthly Grocery Donations for Charity. These People Are Richest By Heart - See Viral Pics Of Helping People.

Some people are so rich by there heart despite being so financially broken that can teach the biggest lessons of humanity for everyone. There are many pics/videos that go viral on the internet when people praise them. People always look up for such impressive work by people, a few months ago a pic of policeman feeding old woman went viral, a few weeks ago Spiderman of Paris was ruling all over the internet. If you follow Pinterest, you might already see a clear selection of such pics in the topic. Here we have some collection of pics and speculated theory about how generous one can be. Ganesh Chaturthi Celebrations Can Be Done this Way, God will be even Happier. Everywhere Ganesh Chaturthi Celebrations happens with utmost serenity and devotion we spent thousands of rupees in preparing big banners flexis.

We spend lots of rupees making Ganesh Idol. We spend the limitless amount in the auction of Ganesh laddu. Disclaimer: We are not against any religion, caste, belief or any race. This article is as per NGO perspective, viewers discretion is recommended. Award for Excellence in Social Service Goes to Seruds NGO - Seruds. What’s this: Happy and honored to announce that the Award for excellence in Social Work proudly goes to the president of Seruds NGO. In the picture, we can see Seruds President Mallikarjuna Gorla receiving an award from chief guests. There’s a saying that good deeds never remains unappreciated. So it’s an awe-inspiring moment when we see it happening. Let’s go back in time for a while and see how things were started. It was the around 15 years ago when Seruds NGO got it’s Legal Status under section under A.P. International Literacy Day 2018: Global Literacy Stats & How to Improve it. International Literacy Day 2018 has been observed on the 8th of September every year.

Ever since we have been seeing various movements and struggles of people all over the globe… striving hard for education.Even in India, govt’s initiatives like ‘Right to Education’ have brought. Some relief to standards of Literate people because we all know that education can lead the world in a better direction. In this Blog: Let’s discuss the stats of literacy at a global level with reference to 2016 stats by Unicef. Some stats can bring you a joy of relief but some can leave you devastated. On occasion of International Literacy Day 2018, let’s take a look on Global Literacy Stats. Celebrities Who Made Biggest Donations to Kerala Relief Fund. In this Blog: Let’s discuss a list of celebrities who made the biggest donations to Kerala Relief Fund. Kerala Flood Victims Still Not in Relief, Need More Funds at Relief Camps. Kerala flood victims are on high priority of govt, and also people across the globe is making enormous donations for the relief camps set near the safe house.

But are those donations and charities are enough to take care of Kerala Flood Victims? Or even enough to meet the necessity or needs? There has been a lot of interactions on Social Media suggesting that Kerala flood victims are gaining enough man and material relief but that’s not true. Charity Work by Sachin Tendulkar is Worth Reading. In this Blog: Let’s discuss Charity Work by Sachin Tendulkar that made him even more inspiring person. From education to Village adoption, Sachin has done a lot of charity work. Sachin Tendulkar is not only admired for his outstanding performance on the field but also admired for his values as a human being. he contributed a lot back to the society. 8 Year Old Became 3 Year Old Sister’s Mother: Heart-breaking Story. A. Rangamma - Seruds. S Chittamma - Seruds. Provide Mid-day Meals for Poor Children in Creches. Challenge Kids are facing with malnutrition. Most of their used to spend with their parents in hazardous places during vocation hours.

Nagamma - Seruds. Mulanti Roshamma - Seruds. Sponsor Breakfast for Underprivileged Children. Maadarapu Chennamma - Seruds. Maddela Chennamma - Seruds. Provide Groceries for Poor Elderly Person. G Venkatalakshmamma - Seruds. G Nagamma - Seruds. Sponsor Milk for Elderly Persons in a Old Age Home. G Girijamma - Seruds. G Eswaramma - Seruds. Donate for DailyWage Workers during COVID-19 India.

Challenge This Project solves problem of 400 migrant, daily wage earner families and it shows effective impact on their lives. They are getting scared on their lives due to sudden lockdown & Pandemic COVID-19. G Lakshmi Devi - Seruds. B Nagamma - Seruds. Sponsor Hot Meals for Destitute Elders. Bangi Chinnamma - Seruds. G Ayyamma - Seruds. Empower 40 Orphans with Computer Skills Training. Thimmamma - Seruds. S Balachandramma - Seruds. Help Migrant and Dailywage Workers during COVID-19. Challenge This disaster frightening everyone's life, but it is very dangerous and difficult for people belongs to vulnerable, mainly older people, senior citizens and underprivileged kids attacking immediately.

Dailywage, agriculture workers lost their income due to lockdown. Donate charity it helps to feed the hungry homeless, elders, daily wage workers and to provide groceries kit, medical supplies, sanitizer, masks. Migrant workers are suffering with starvation and there is emergency need to feed them. Solution Due to lock down everywhere critical crisis for the daily wage, agriculture, migrant workers.

Padmamma - Seruds. Help Women by Providing Tailoring Training. K Suseelamma - Seruds. C Devamma - Seruds. Donate Nutrition to Poor Patients in Govt Hospital. Challenge. E Jayamma - Seruds. Donate to Old Age Person & Support Needy Senior With Food & Medicine. Donate to Oldage Home of 20 oldage people in India. Empower 40 Orphans with Computer Skills Training. Thimmamma - Seruds. S Balachandramma - Seruds. Help Migrant and Dailywage Workers during COVID-19. M Jayamma - Seruds.

Padmamma - Seruds. Help Women by Providing Tailoring Training. K Suseelamma - Seruds. Believe us, Akon Lighting Africa is Helping 600 Million People. In this Blog: Let’s discuss How Akon is working for the betterment of Africa with his organization, ‘Akon Lighting Africa’ “I wanna make up right now na na… I wanna make up right now na na… Wish we never broke up right now na na We need to link up right now na na…” When we hear about Akon, the famous POP singer, these 4 lines come in our head first.

His songs are always in the playlist of music lovers. It was about bringing electricity to the rural sides of Africa where people still had only one light ‘Sunlight’. Akon established ‘Akon Lighting Africa’ with Samba Bathily. Akon felt his concern about lightning Africa because it observes sunlight 320 days of the year and it indicated enough resources to produce solar energy and also can export it. Pour Happiness into the Hearts of Needy with your Donations: World Laughter Day. First Sunday of May is observed as World Laughter Day (which is 6th this year). World Immunization Week: Donate for Children’s Health. “Don’t Sharp Pencil Much, We can’t Afford Another”: Donate Education Material - Seruds. Charity Work By Varun Dhawan is Bigger Than His Age: Seruds NGO India.

He Left School So That His Brother Can Study in English Medium School: Donation For Education - Seruds. Here’s How Simple Act of Kindness Can Change Lives. Full Story Behind the Viral Pic of Cop Feeding Old Woman - Seruds. Empower 40 Orphans with Computer Skills Training. Thimmamma - Seruds. S Balachandramma - Seruds. Help Migrant and Dailywage Workers during COVID-19. M Jayamma - Seruds. Padmamma - Seruds. Help Women by Providing Tailoring Training. K Suseelamma - Seruds. K. Sukanya - Seruds. S. Lalitha - Seruds. E. Lingeswari - Seruds.