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Believe us, Akon Lighting Africa is Helping 600 Million People

Believe us, Akon Lighting Africa is Helping 600 Million People
In this Blog: Let’s discuss How Akon is working for the betterment of Africa with his organization, ‘Akon Lighting Africa’ “I wanna make up right now na na… I wanna make up right now na na… Wish we never broke up right now na na We need to link up right now na na…” When we hear about Akon, the famous POP singer, these 4 lines come in our head first. His songs are always in the playlist of music lovers. It was about bringing electricity to the rural sides of Africa where people still had only one light ‘Sunlight’. Akon established ‘Akon Lighting Africa’ with Samba Bathily. Akon felt his concern about lightning Africa because it observes sunlight 320 days of the year and it indicated enough resources to produce solar energy and also can export it. As of now, the stats say that 80 million people now have electricity because of Akon’s Donations. Akon Lighting Africa is the fastest growing solar-powered electricity provider in the world. Akon is truly a man with Golden Heart.

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How Far Can You Go To Help People? Spiderman of Paris Went 4 Floors Mamoudou Gassama, Spiderman of Paris (given name) was recently applauded globally for his daring act of Climbing 4 floors building for saving a kid. Twitter went GAGA over his act and gave him a name ‘le Spiderman’ (Spiderman of Paris). A Malian Migrant who became an overnight sensation for his heroic gesture of saving a toddler who was hanging from the balcony, four floors high. It all started when Mamoudou observed crowd in chaos and a kid hanged up from the 4th floor. Pour Happiness into the Hearts of Needy with your Donations: World Laughter Day First Sunday of May is observed as World Laughter Day (which is 6th this year). World Laughter Day is created by Indian based Dr. Madan Kataria, who is also a founder of Laughter Club in India and also a guru of ‘Laughter Yoga’. He is known for his unique Yoga technique that includes ‘Laughing at it’.

World’s Biggest Charity - 6 Year Old Donated his Piggy Bank World’s biggest charity is expected to have a huge amount, wealth, and assets involved right? Not really, sometimes, little gestures by any person can be an inspiring story enough to share and motivate. We encountered one such incident recently that melted our heart, we observed the world’s biggest charity. Disclaimer: In order to maintain confidentiality, the details such as the name of the boy.

How You Celebrated Mother’s Day? - Seruds With Mother’s Day just bygone, you may be feeling happy the way you expressed your love for your mother. Whilst, some of us clicked selfie and published on social media and some carry a perspective of ‘every day should be a mother’s day. Whilst some people celebrate, some regard it as one of the regular days. The Power Of You: You Can Change Lives - Seruds The ‘Power of you’ is a narrative blog written for self-realization. We always talk about the change we can make but lesser that we know about our power that can change the scenario of everything around. Is that me? Will I change the life of others? World Immunization Week: Donate for Children’s Health World Immunization Week is observed in the last week of April. It is an awareness campaign at a global level. Immunization is the medical process by which a person’s immune is resistant to the infectious disease, typically by the administration of a vaccine. It helps us from 25 diseases. As per WHO, World Immunization Week (campaign) protects approximately 2- 3 million deaths every year, which is remarkable but there are still 22 million infants who didn’t get even basic Vaccines in countries like India and Bangladesh. India being one of the most developing countries are still yet to grow.

Charity Work By Cristiano Ronaldo Will Make You His Fan Charity work by Cristiano Ronaldo is more impactful than his strike. Not only the most loved football player has a golden boot, but even his heart also has the Midas touch of gold. In this Blog: Let’s learn about the Christiano Ronaldo’s Charity Deeds which will make you his fan for sure. Let’s Ensure That No Child Goes to Bed Without Food- Donate Food for Children In this blog: Let’s discuss the value of food and why it is important to donate food for children. Admit it, you’re blessed. If you are able to go through this article that means you have an Internet connection and probably all the basic necessities. Sometimes, it’s hard to think of the privilege we carry with the life. These days we are flooded with social media apps and all other things.

What Does Charity Begins at Home Means? We always hear the phrase ‘Charity Begins at Home’ and we take it as a regular proverb or quote. But if we dig a deeper meaning of it, it’s amusing and breath-taking. So, hold on till the end of the blog to understand what does charity begins at home actually means. Before that, we have a riddle, “I am an animal but not alive, I give my everything, almost broke myself to give you hope & happiness, I am always your backup, What am I?” “Don’t Sharp Pencil Much, We can’t Afford Another”: Donate Education Material - Seruds “Education is the key to eradicate poverty” Which is indeed true. There has been substantial decrease of poverty over past few years in India, and there are claims that if little more improvement is made by literacy rate in India, poverty can be resolved. But there are many rural and slum areas, where poverty is destroying education.