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G Lakshmi Devi - Seruds

G Lakshmi Devi - Seruds
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Donate for DailyWage Workers during COVID-19 India Challenge This Project solves problem of 400 migrant, daily wage earner families and it shows effective impact on their lives. They are getting scared on their lives due to sudden lockdown & Pandemic COVID-19. Solution By knowing critical situation of the daily wage worker families we decided to create hope on their lives. Long-Term Impact We are helping daily wage, migrant, agriculture workers who lost their jobs in this critical crisis Pandemic Covid-19. Resources https:/​/​www.serudsindia.orgSeruds NGO India Quotes On Women Empowerment By Men : Happy Women's Day Let’s cheer it up by wishing, ‘Happy Women’s Day’ It’s so true that women have always been an equal participant in all the fields, say it as science, or theatre or photography or anything. Just name any industry, you’ll find a woman ruling it as equal as men. But sad to accept the harsh reality that women has always been regarded after men (not next to). Thus, women have to fight for it to claim their place in the society which is rightfully theirs. Related Article: Women Empowerment By Skill Development Programs “Achieving gender equality requires the engagement of women and men, girls and boys. “Because you are women, people will force their thinking on you, their boundaries on you. “No nation can rise to the height of glory unless your women are side by side with you” – Mohammad Ali Jinnah “Societies that empower women are less violent in every way” – Steven Pinker “I think the most important thing people can do to save our planet and the human race is to empower women!”

Provide Mid-day Meals for Poor Children in Creches Challenge Kids are facing with malnutrition. Most of their used to spend with their parents in hazardous places during vocation hours. By seeing this critical juncture SERUDS running 3 daycare centers with 90 kids in Malageri, Madigageri, Budhavarapeta slums of Kurnool. Solution By providing pre-primary education, midday meals to these kids the community also encouraging the parents to send their children to the creches regularly. Long-Term Impact The uncaring & malnutrition children of deprived sections will become useful citizens. Resources http:/​/​www.serudsindia.orgSeruds NGO India Fill The Life of Needy People With Colours Of Charity: Eco Friendly Holi In this blog: Learn the best way to celebrate holi, by helping needy people ECO FRIENDLY HOLI Rang barse bheege chunar wali rang barse… This is the song we will hmm, sing and dance for few days as the festivals of colours is here, Holi. We all can see people dipped in colours, breaking eggs on each other, and the redness of the ‘gulal’ (colour powder used to play Holi) will be there on skin for many days. It is great fun in playing Holi with friends and family. Pollution Due to Holi Celebration: During Holi festival Carbon Dioxide, Carbon Monoxide, Particulate matter levels go high which causes poor air quality. Also on this auspicious day participants also burst fireworks which release harmful gases and toxic substances into the air which can be measured by air quality monitoring. (Source) We burn ‘Holika Dahan’ that causes a lot of pollution and the colour used in Holi is also very bad to skin, many faces allergies and skin diseases for months. Water Wastage Due To Holi (Source)

Journey Of Her Life: From Garbage Bin To Joy Home Orphanage | Seruds In this blog: We are sharing a story of a girl whose journey of life started from a garbage bin to our Joy Home Orphanage which will melt your heart. Disclaimer: Names and location are changes considering the sensitivity of the story. We are living in a society where many people think that giving birth to a girl child is a sin. They pray to god to have a male child not knowing the value of having a female child. Such is the story of Priya… It was the year 2010, exactly 8 years from now. The testimonial of Sonu and David was recorded after which they continued their journey, Sonu said to David, “what you did is right, I wish I could have confidence like you” Here at the hospital, the policemen were enquiring about the baby, and soon it was found that there’s no one who can claim the child. At Joy Home Orphanage, we have a place for every child who has no one except God. This was the journey of ‘Priya’, from Garbage bin to Joy Home Orphanage. Want to know about Priya?

Help Migrant and Dailywage Workers during COVID-19 Challenge This disaster frightening everyone's life, but it is very dangerous and difficult for people belongs to vulnerable, mainly older people, senior citizens and underprivileged kids attacking immediately. Dailywage, agriculture workers lost their income due to lockdown. Donate charity it helps to feed the hungry homeless, elders, daily wage workers and to provide groceries kit, medical supplies, sanitizer, masks. Migrant workers are suffering with starvation and there is emergency need to feed them. Solution Due to lock down everywhere critical crisis for the daily wage, agriculture, migrant workers. Long-Term Impact We are helping daily wage, migrant, agriculture workers who lost their jobs in this critical crisis Pandemic Covid-19. Additional Documentation This project has provided additional documentation in a PDF file (projdoc.pdf). Resources https:/​/​www.serudsindia.orgSeruds NGO India

He Never Got School Uniform And Years Later He Bought It For Entire Orphanage - Seruds In this blog: We are sharing a heart-melting story of one of our donor who spoke about his early life and childhood. His story is proof how dedication can change the scenario of life. Disclaimer: It was his request not to reveal his name. Everything started with an anonymous call we received. He continued saying he’ll meet us the next day in the afternoon. We were surprised to hear that but happy as well. Next day we waited for this person and he was half an hour late than the decided time. We were expecting someone in a luxury car (probably a rich person who can afford uniforms to all the children). We both sat in an attic where he confirmed his intention of donating School Uniforms to all the children. We clarified the cost and expenses and he said, “yeah I am aware of it, I just want you to select the uniform colour and the number of uniforms required” He bought the school uniform for entire orphanage as promised and donated to us the very next day. Then the students dispersed.

World Sleep Day: Someone Is Starving To Death During Your Sound Sleep It was World Sleep Day yesterday and we have seen people going gaga over the hashtag #WorldSleepDay. The twitter was poured with people cracking jokes, having fun, sharing crazily amazing pics and gifs. Few of the tweets are mentioned below: It was fun reading all the tag related tweets but there’s something that struck our mind, wherever we go to sleep happily, there are plenty of people, thousands of children starving to death. As per BBC news, Every 6 seconds a child starve to death. If we do the math, roughly lakhs of people die of hunger and we keep counting the number of hours we gonna sleep. Related Article: Feed Hungry People Not The Dustbins. On this World Sleep Day, let’s just think and understand our responsibilities towards society. Let’s just forget the fact that we are rich or middle class. They can be saved. All this is possible just a click away. Click to make a donation.

Donate Nutrition to Poor Patients in Govt Hospital Challenge The contemptible poor patients with different diseases come to the Government General Hospital, Kurnool to undergo for the better treatment by the Medical Experts from the faraway places in Andhra Pradesh & Telangana states. The patients suffer a lot with the diseases and not even have enough amounts to buy the medicines. Due to lack of nutritious food they are getting ill-health. Solution This project solves the problem of poor patients, who come from faraway places of different Districts, State suffering with different diseases Tuberculosis, Malaria, Pregnancy issues, HIV infected, leprosy, Dengue, Typhoid, etc. Long-Term Impact With this project 9000 poor pitiful patients/ year health standards will be improved. Additional Documentation This project has provided additional documentation in a XLSX file (projdoc.xlsx). Resources http:/​/​

Charity Can Bring Positivity In Life - Seruds In this Blog: learn how life can be filled with positive vibes just by making simple charity and donation for various causes. “Life is full of stress and problems in life and this is what keeps us alive”. We strive hard and sometimes even harder for a simple balanced life which involves only happiness (that’s what we want). But still, there’s an equal amount of happiness and sadness in everyone’s life and to be honest, we all are in dire need of positivity in our regular lives. Most of us start our day with a sad feeling of going to work. The day continues with a hectic day where we pray to God to help us survive the day and in the evening when we go back to home, there are a lot of problems at home already present to welcome us. We tackle them somehow and go to bed and just before falling asleep we say to ourselves, “Why god is very harsh to give such a hectic and dull life which has nothing but survival”. We don’t really have any positive thought in us that can help to have a happy life.

Celebrate International Day of Happiness by Making Charity & Donations Hello, readers, it was International Day of Happiness yesterday. We all know that it was started by United Nations special advisor, Jayme Illien (actually we didn’t know, we read Wikipedia, LOL). The occasion is noticed on 20th March of every year. There are a lot of people who celebrate it with parties and enjoyment. It’s really happy to see people having fun, enjoying. It’s amazing to see everyone smiling. But we have a question, what is happiness? People define happiness in their own way. We strive day and night for searching happiness in materialistic things and according to a recent study, the pursuit of relentless happiness will eventually make you unhappy. So, let’s try and find the Happiness right where you are. Yes, the happiness is not purchased its earned and the best way is by helping others by making charity and bringing a smile on others. “Happiness is being the reason of someone’s smile“- Mallikarjuna Gorla, Director of Seruds India Start your Charity now.

8 Year Old Became 3 Year Old Sister’s Mother: Heart-breaking Story In this Blog: We’ll discuss a heart-breaking story about an 8-year-old boy. Situations forced him to become a mother of her 3-year-old. We came across one incident and nothing could stop us from sharing with Y’all. Disclaimer: Names, places etc. are supposed to be kept hidden. Images and names (wherever used) are entirely imaginative. Ever thought about how you’ll live your life without parents? But there are thousands of homeless children who lead their life on the footpaths. Trending: World’s Biggest Charity – 6 Year Old Donated His Piggy Bank Some children are way too matured even before their age that they manage to fight odds with their tiny toddler’s hands. So, here’s one such incident, a heart-breaking story that made us weep like a kid. On our way from some meeting, we stood down near a tea stall to board another bus. He came to the tea stall asking for milk. He didn’t have enough money but the tea stall owner was humble & gave him the milk the boy asked for. “Don’t you go to school?”

Understanding The Perspective Of Golden Ager: Donation to Old Age Homes In this blog: Let’s understand how the thought process of a golden ager goes. How they look upon the things that happen around them and the necessity of donation to Old Age Homes in countries like India. Ever thought how life is for the old age people? Imagine a life where you are no longer the authority in command (at home). This may be hypothetical at times but this is the perspective of old age people towards life. They think that they are being ignored, they are capable of nothing and hence they start getting irritated on simple things or they just keep quiet with all these imagination in mind that puzzles everyone around them. Even at home, we have our parents, Grandparents (well you are really lucky if you have) who acts completely unusual sometimes and we are like “why these people get irritated so early” and we sometimes shout back on them. But many times we fail to understand that the world has changed for them. Now we have Paytm, which makes the cashless transaction easy.