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Sponsor Milk for Elderly Persons in a Old Age Home

Sponsor Milk for Elderly Persons in a Old Age Home

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Donate for DailyWage Workers during COVID-19 India Challenge This Project solves problem of 400 migrant, daily wage earner families and it shows effective impact on their lives. They are getting scared on their lives due to sudden lockdown & Pandemic COVID-19. The workers lost their meager income. Women Empowerment By Skill Development Program: Charity for Woman What is Women Empowerment? How well do you the meaning of women empowerment? read this article before you make a donation for girl education in India. Definition of women empowerment has been talked of the town for any major debate. On one hand people supports it, On the other hand, criticizes it for being Feminist.

Legal Status Of NGO Matters in Charity - Seruds There’s a long list of specified rules under various sections that declares an unregistered or unauthorized social organization as a uniform phrase called ‘NGO: Non-Governmental Organization’. The legal status that an NGO holds matter a lot while making a charity or donations. There are many reasons to support the statement that we will be discussing in this blog. Let’s discuss how legal status of NGO is defined Charity Work By Shah Rukh Khan Will Inspire You To Make A Donation In this Blog: We’ll share the charity work done by Shah Rukh Khan which many people don’t know. We all know Shah Rukh Khan as an actor. He is regarded as World’s biggest movie star (just google if you don’t believe). His movies like Chak De! India, My Name Is Khan, and much more has been everyone’s favourite.

All He Need Is ‘Pair Of Shoes’: Donation For Children - Blog by Seruds In this Blog: A heart-melting story that showcases a homeless boy who gets a new pair of shoes (which always needed). It will surely encourage you to make a donation for children right away. As a child, we always want toys, games, fancy clothes, nonsense stuff and we always got that. Just think about the kids who don’t have parents… even their basic needs and requirements barely matter to anyone. Understanding The Perspective Of Golden Ager: Donation to Old Age Homes In this blog: Let’s understand how the thought process of a golden ager goes. How they look upon the things that happen around them and the necessity of donation to Old Age Homes in countries like India. Ever thought how life is for the old age people? Ever imagined how life will be when you’ll grow old?

Charity Can Bring Positivity In Life - Seruds In this Blog: learn how life can be filled with positive vibes just by making simple charity and donation for various causes. “Life is full of stress and problems in life and this is what keeps us alive”. We strive hard and sometimes even harder for a simple balanced life which involves only happiness (that’s what we want). But still, there’s an equal amount of happiness and sadness in everyone’s life and to be honest, we all are in dire need of positivity in our regular lives. Most of us start our day with a sad feeling of going to work. Yes, not everyone is lucky enough to work what they are passionate about.

He Never Got School Uniform And Years Later He Bought It For Entire Orphanage - Seruds In this blog: We are sharing a heart-melting story of one of our donor who spoke about his early life and childhood. His story is proof how dedication can change the scenario of life. Disclaimer: It was his request not to reveal his name. Details like name and location are changed/ hidden due to case sensitivity.

Fill The Life of Needy People With Colours Of Charity: Eco Friendly Holi In this blog: Learn the best way to celebrate holi, by helping needy people ECO FRIENDLY HOLI Rang barse bheege chunar wali rang barse… This is the song we will hmm, sing and dance for few days as the festivals of colours is here, Holi. We all can see people dipped in colours, breaking eggs on each other, and the redness of the ‘gulal’ (colour powder used to play Holi) will be there on skin for many days. It is great fun in playing Holi with friends and family. But do you know how much pollution Holi celebration causes?

He Left School So That His Brother Can Study in English Medium School: Donation For Education - Seruds In this Blog: we’ll share an incident defining why donation for education is important. In countries like India, where more than 50% of the people are either middle class and lower middle class, educating a child is not a small issue. Where many of the families are undergoing loans, and financial pressure to educate their child. It is said that the lower middle class families with 2 or 3 children can educate only 1. Though the literacy rate has been showing upward trend such disparity in education and social class of the families are never talked about. Now this incident is about a 13 year old boy, who work as a mechanic in repair shop.

Charity Work By Varun Dhawan is Bigger Than His Age: Seruds NGO India In this Blog: We’ll discuss the charity work by Varun Dhawan which will eventually inspire you to make a donation The October movie star is raking high with appreciations for his performance. He is undoubtedly one of the biggest movie stars of coming generations and heartthrob of millions.