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Análise: Como um tuíte virou uma guerra com milhares de mortos na Ucrânia - BBC Brasil. Age distribution of Facebook Twitter Instagram. Social networks continue to be popular with teenagers, but their largest group is actually a bit older.

Age distribution of Facebook Twitter Instagram

At some of the biggest social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, and Pinterest, the largest share of the user base comes from internet users in their late 20s and early 30s, according to a new report from BI Intelligence. This changes when you look at relatively newer social networks, however. Social networks like Instagram, Tumblr, and YouTube attract a younger demographic, with the largest user base coming from internet users aged 16 to 24.

Tumblr, in particular, is incredibly popular among teens and early 20-somethings, with almost 50% of its user base between the ages of 16 and 24. Interestingly enough, both Tumblr and Instagram also have the lowest share of older users, with less than 5% of their user base coming from internet users aged 55 to 64. Mídia Dados Brasil 2013. O Estado da Internet 2013 - Galileu. O 2013 brasileiro, no futuro, poderá ser resumido às impressionantes cenas das pessoas invadindo as ruas das principais cidades do país naquele já histórico junho.

O Estado da Internet 2013 - Galileu

Muito foi teorizado sobre aquele momento, mas há uma leitura que entende os protestos como um período crucial para a cultura digital brasileira. Pois 2013 foi o ano em que a cultura da internet brasileira deixou os monitores e foi para as ruas. Foi o que percebemos ao apurar a votação dos 25 nomes mais influentes da internet brasileira em 2013. GALILEU reuniu jornalistas que cobrem tecnologia e autoridades em diferentes nichos online (conheça o júri ao final da matéria) para escolher nomes que fizeram a diferença através da rede neste ano. O resultado trouxe nomes que estariam entre os 25 mais influentes em 1999, 2004 ou 2010.

O principal fato de 2013 no Brasil começou há oito anos, quando o Movimento Passe Livre articulou seus primeiros protestos contra o preço das tarifas de ônibus em Florianópolis e Salvador. An Instagram short film. Piktochart: Infographic and Presentation Tool for Non-Designers. O Trend Briefing da de outubro de 2013 "PAINEL DE TENDÊNCIAS DE CONSUMO" mostra como entender e aplicar QUALQUER tendência de consumo, agora. As tendências de consumo são, em sua essência, uma parte fundamental da descoberta de oportunidades de inovação. Advertising Week 2013 / Home. Gif Me More Power. Create. 46 Things We've Learned From Facebook Studies. Home - 4A's Strategy Festival & Jay Chiat Awards. RIO. 70% dos anúncios premiados foram reprovados pelos consumidores. The Account Planning Group.

Obra completa de Paulo Freire grátis para download. Obra de Paulo Freire está disponível na internet.

Obra completa de Paulo Freire grátis para download

(Foto: Reprodução) The Next Big Wave: How Millennials Influence the Workplace. On the first of every month, join me as I put Partners 1st with perspectives, advice and insights into how today’s technology trends are changing the way we live, collaborate and do business.

The Next Big Wave: How Millennials Influence the Workplace

Over 76 million of our children are now in the next cubicle, at the office water cooler and on our web conference calls. They’ve got us surrounded. And that’s really great for business. As a leader at PGi, I’m always excited to see what the next big thing is that will take our business to the next level. We’ve had innovations in conference bridge technology, global VoIP infrastructure and now meetings-as-a-service with integrated voice-and-video group web conferencing online. The Millennials—or Gen Y—started trickling into the workforce about 10 years ago, including my own kids. Thinking Strategically Doesn't Have to Take Time. There are great businesses out there, with passionate business owners, working really hard to make things work but have no business plan or clear strategy in place.

Thinking Strategically Doesn't Have to Take Time

Passion is an important ingredient as it creates customer centric businesses that make money by meeting customers wants and need. This is the talisman of many successful brands. However, like all good things, too much can leave you feeling gorged. In the case of business this is reflective of time poor, exhausted and over relied upon leaders. For many, it starts with the fear of turning business opportunities down in the early stages of growth. The Myths and Misconceptions of Strategic Planning A common belief is that planning is an inefficient use to time and resources. To stop this cycle, the perception of time needs to be challenged as does the belief that a strategic plan is a document to file away.

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