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Urban Planning

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Bert Hofman sur Twitter : "#Beijing #urban expansion 2000-2010. Mitchell Sipus sur Twitter : "good #design is not necessarily good #urbanplanning, and the inverse is equally true - as evidenced by this shirt. Backcasting Urban Planning and Design for Autonomous Cars and Social Robotics. Advancements in technology do not necessarily lead to improvements in society.

Backcasting Urban Planning and Design for Autonomous Cars and Social Robotics

Social policies created in response to technology might generate social safeguards but do not always promote social benefits. While we can witness technological developments with delight, we must take a moment to ask ourselves, what kind of future are we creating? Just last week the US Secretary of Transportation described an infrastructure deficit, not only in terms of existing infrastructure, but also as a lack of planning for future needs. Around the same time the Consumer Electronics Show displayed an array of emerging automotive technologies. Companies ranging from Ford to Mercedes revealed concept cars for autonomous vehicles to roll out in the next few years. It is clear the urban landscape will need to be reconfigured and there are some ideas to determine what this means.

The 14 Best Articles of 2014. At ArchDaily, we take great pride in bringing our readers the best selection of architectural projects and news stories around, but another big part of our editorial mission also involves giving architects access to the knowledge that will help them improve the lives of future urban dwellers.

The 14 Best Articles of 2014

As the year draws to a close, each of the editors at ArchDaily has personally selected their favorite articles from the past year which complement this editorial mission. These articles may not be the ones that garnered the most attention or views, but we think they are vital nonetheless. Introducing “Potty-Girl,” The Architect of the Future? By Vanessa Quirk The last article former-Managing Editor Vanessa Quirk wrote for ArchDaily, “Introducing ‘Potty-Girl,’ The Architect of the Future?”

(Re)Made in China: The Soviet-Era Planning Projects Shaping China’s Cities by Jacob Dreyer. Choosing Graduate Schools for a Masters in Urban Planning (City, Town, Regional etc) About once a week I receive an email from an urban planning student interested in working in international development, or post-conflict reconstruction, or sometimes even just traditional town planning.

Choosing Graduate Schools for a Masters in Urban Planning (City, Town, Regional etc)

They all ask me the same question, "where to attend graduate school? " I try to be helpful, but my best answer is somewhat longwinded and disappointing. I have two major thoughts on the matter. First, it just depends on what you specifically hope to accomplish in your life many years after graduate school. Second, I doubt where you go to school really matters that much. When I attended graduate school, it was not a deep decision process, but a rather a sudden thing. Why Inflation in Mogadishu is Not a Problem: #mogadishu, #somalia, #urbanplanning #cities. Over the last 24 hours, the interwebs have been buzzing over an Al Jezeera Report about the disproportionate rise in property values in Mogadishu.

Why Inflation in Mogadishu is Not a Problem: #mogadishu, #somalia, #urbanplanning #cities

Suddenly, after months of positive gains in Somalia, there is panic that those who have suffered so long at the expense of war and poverty will again be abused, but now by the forces of capitalism. Returnees and speculators are blamed for rapid inflation, making housing and property costs far from accessible for displaced and impoverished populations. This is a valid concern given that free markets typically facilitate the accumulation of capital faster than the distribution.

But this criticism is wrong. Inflation is not a problem in Mogadishu. Certainly many are returning to invest and property prices are rapidly changing. While Somalia does have some natural resources, its greatest asset is its location between the Middle East, South Asia, and all of Africa. Why Inflation in Mogadishu is Not a Problem: #mogadishu, #somalia, #urbanplanning #cities. An Optimistic Future for Urban Planning in Mogadishu. Tomorrow I head back to Kabul.

An Optimistic Future for Urban Planning in Mogadishu

This morning I had the opportunity to discuss with the Mayor, the Deputy Mayor, and other upper administration how to streamline existing operations and opportunities for new projects. As the Urban Planner for the Benadiir Administration, Mohamed Ahmed has already accomplished a great deal in the short time he has been here. Consequently, I made a point that my urban planning solutions all accentuate his own work, but also introduce new assets and opportunties.

I've already started some of these projects, but I look forward to returning to Mogadishu in about 6 weeks to continue focusing the ground implementation. Post Conflict Urban Planning and Reconstruction in Mogadishu Somalia. Today was a massively busy day for meetings.

Post Conflict Urban Planning and Reconstruction in Mogadishu Somalia

I had a meeting with the Mayor and Govener of the Benadiir Administration, Mohamuud Ahmed Noor. We discussed his primary vision for the city and regional development, his trials and efforts in the past and the obstacles he faces today. Around this time I also met some traditional leaders and members of the Benadiir council working on a variety of USAID projects. Urban Planning Solutions for Cities in Conflict: En Route to Mogadishu. I will step off the plane in Mogadishu in one week.

Urban Planning Solutions for Cities in Conflict: En Route to Mogadishu

Under most circumstances that would be a strange experience, but coming from Kabul it is all the more unusual. I hope to make the most of my layover in Dubai to freely wander around the streets, enjoy the feeling of entering a restaurant without being checked for weapons, or having to analyze surrounding buildings for sight lines and escape routes every time I sit in traffic. Kabul isn't all that dangerous, but one has to be constantly vigilant of their surroundings and Mogadishu isn't really all that different. EngagingCities. Mobilemediatoolkit. All Our Ideas - A Suggestion Box for the Digital Age. International Making Cities Livable.