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(120) Satoru Sugihara. SMU+Bryn Mawr Spring 2012. Learning Processing 2nd Edition. The Tweet button is a small button displayed on your website to help viewers easily share your content on Twitter.

Learning Processing 2nd Edition

A Tweet button consists of two parts: a link to the Tweet composer on and Twitter for Websites JavaScript to enhance the link with the easily recognizable Tweet button. The website provides a simple, form-based approach to generate HTML markup for a Tweet button you may copy-and-paste into your website template. Shiffman/LearningProcessing: A repo for examples from the book Learning Processing. Toxiclibs. Flocking \ Examples. Learning Processing 2nd Edition. Flocking \ Examples. Generative Design. Persönlich haftende Gesellschafterin Schmidt-Friderichs GmbH, Mainz Vertretungsberechtigter Geschäftsführer Karin und Bertram Schmidt-Friderichs Registergericht Amtsgericht HRA 35 80 Registernummer HRB 67 15 Verkehrsnummer 43 990 Umsatzsteuer-Identifikationsnummer (gem. 27 Umsatzsteuergesetz) DE 197734146 Inhaltlich Verantwortlicher (gem. 10 Absatz 3 MDStV) Karin und Bertram Schmidt-Friderichs (Anschrift wie unten) Konzeption und Gestaltung Gold & Wirtschaftswunder, Benedikt Groß Web Development Niels Poldervaart Anschrift Verlag Hermann Schmidt GmbH & Co.

Generative Design

Learning Processing 2nd Edition. Shiffman/Processing-Eclipse-Example: A simple example of a Processing sketch running as an Eclipse project. 3D Printing from Processing. OBJExport library for Processing. OBJExport latest v0.2.4 04/21/2013 DescriptionThis is a library to export meshes from Processing as OBJ or X3D files.

OBJExport library for Processing

It can export color meshes with triangle and quad shaped faces as an OBJ or X3D with a PNG texture map. It can also export meshes with faces with an arbitrary number of sides (without color support). The OBJExport library is used the same way the PDF library is used. OBJExport works with beginRecord(), beginRaw(), and createGraphics(). OBJExport library for Processing. 3D Printing from Processing. Pdf \ Libraries \ Processing 1.0. PDF Export This library makes it possible to write PDF files directly from Processing.

Pdf \ Libraries \ Processing 1.0

These vector graphics files can be scaled to any size and output at very high resolutions. There is also a contributed library for exporting images to SVG format; check the libraries section of the website for more information. The PDF library can flatten 3D data into a 2D vector file, but to export 3D data, use the DXF library. This library is frequently used with the core Processing function size(), with a combination of beginRecord() and endRecord(), or with beginRaw() and endRaw().

A series of examples demonstrating some basic uses of the library appear below: Toxiclibs.js - Open-Source Library for Computational Design. There are several areas where toxiclibs.js stands apart to remain more idiomatic and helpful in the javascript environment.

Toxiclibs.js - Open-Source Library for Computational Design

For a complete description of the conveniences added to toxiclibs.js, read the sugar file in the repository. Some examples of these differences are: Yconst/ReactP5: A multi-threaded extensible Reaction-Diffusion library for Processing / Java. Quarks Place. This library is useful for any one wishing to do some 3D graphics/games programming in P3D or OPENGL modes.

Quarks Place

It not only provides a number of 3D shapes but enables simple creation of a 3D terrain and user controllable camera that can traverse over the terrain. Movement on the terrain can be clamped to prevent moving off the edges or wrapped so that as you move off the terrain your position is wrapped to the other side. The terrain class has a method to create a height map based on perlin noise that is seamless, this gives the impression of travelling over an infinite world. Extruding Shapes Along a Curve in Processing. This tutorial explores how to extrude 2D forms into 3D along a curve.

Extruding Shapes Along a Curve in Processing

This is useful when creating tubes, hairs and like structures. Since there are many great resources available for prerequisite discussions of vectors and curves, we’ll review core concepts but assume some prior acquaintance. Bézier Curves in Two Dimensions A Bézier curve consists of two anchor points and a number of control points. Toxiclibs. Andresobregonlopez. School for Poetic Computation. Learning Processing 2nd Edition. Learning Processing 2nd Edition. The Coding Train. A Modern Prometheus – Processing Foundation.

This experience kindled the ambition to start Processing.

A Modern Prometheus – Processing Foundation

We started by extending DBN to include color and other features, but soon realized that these limitations were the essence of that platform and it shouldn’t be expanded. We wanted to make a system that was as easy to use as Design By Numbers, but with a bridge to making more ambitious work. We wanted to allow people to work in color, at large sizes, to create 3D graphics, and more. Simple Processing sketches are almost as simple as DBN sketches, but Processing scales up — it has a “low floor” and a “high ceiling.” The ceiling is more similar to the C++ programs we used to write with ACU partly because the rest of the Java programming language and its libraries were available. Language, Environment, Community We created Processing as three parts: language, environment, community.

Quarks Place. This library provides a rich collection of 2D GUI controls for your sketch.

Quarks Place

It also supports multiple windows and a simple but customizable event handling system. G4P now uses double buffering for all visible controls and although it reduces the workload on the processor it requires more memory. When creating a control it is now necessary to specify a rectangular area of the display for the control, and the control must fit inside this area. Andresobregonlopez. Objects. Computing Kaizen Studio Toys. Studio Toys Computing Kaizen Columbia University GSAPP Advanced Studio VI Interested in Processing and architecture?

Computing Kaizen Studio Toys

Join the Proxy mailing list to get infrequent announcements. Warning: include(.. /email.php) [function.include]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/content/75/9930075/html/kaizen/index.php on line 60 Warning: include() [function.include]: Failed opening '.. The "Computing Kaizen" studio explored evolutionary architectural structures and their potential to anticipate change and internalize complex relationships.

De-stressed BodiesProject by Biayna Bogosian "The project is a study of degradation of uniform networks overtime.The study focuses on the pinned down edges which take on the role of the most resistance, the torn edges and the in-between connecting members that oscillate between the reconfiguration of the forces within the whole network system. " Processing. Shiffman. Shiffman. Tutorials. Objects. Lesson: Object-Oriented Programming Concepts (The Java™ Tutorials > Learning the Java Language) If you've never used an object-oriented programming language before, you'll need to learn a few basic concepts before you can begin writing any code. This lesson will introduce you to objects, classes, inheritance, interfaces, and packages. Each discussion focuses on how these concepts relate to the real world, while simultaneously providing an introduction to the syntax of the Java programming language.

What Is an Object? An object is a software bundle of related state and behavior. Software objects are often used to model the real-world objects that you find in everyday life. LogicalOperators \ Examples.

TheNatureOfCode FORM+CODE In Design, Art, and Architecture by Casey Reas, Chandler McWilliams, and LUST.