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Stromae - Papaoutai. Ma boite à questions Thierry, Simon, Serge, Joël et Pauline vos Référents aux Usages Pédagogiques Numériques (RUPN) ont pour mission de vous soutenir dans l'utilisation de l'outil numérique .

Nous partons d'une question de prof et procédons en 4 étapes : C'est quoi ? A quoi ça sert? Exemple concret de pratique Si vous êtes convaincu, un tuto vidéo ou papier TRES concis Permanence conseil numérique : tous les jeudi à 12h50 en salle 105 avec Thierry et Pauline et le mardi entre midi en 2h sur rendez-vous avec Simon Une question? Ici la carte mentale interactive rassemblant les ressources par thèmes. Strategier igen – nu kör vi på franska. The absolutely true diary of a part time indian.


SV_eTwinningBook. Suffix Word List. Uppstart: greetings from… The Newspaper Clipping Generator - Create your own fun newspaper. The Absolutely True Diary... Christmas. Noteringsunderlag Engelska delprov A åk9. Noteringsunderlag Engelska delprov A Ãk6. Halloween - Kimstudies. ESL Discussions: English Conversation Questions / Debates: Speaking Lesson Activities. Sites de Téléchargement. Skolmaterial. A fun way to learn English. 12 metacognition-modelling strategies for the foreign language classroom. Metacognitive skills are arguably the most important set of skills we need for our journey through life as they orchestrate every cognitive skill involved in problem-solving, decision-making and self-monitoring (both cognitive and socio-affective).

12 metacognition-modelling strategies for the foreign language classroom

We start acquiring them at a very early age at home, in school, in the playground and in any other social context an individual interacts with other human beings. But what are metacognitive skills? What is metacognition? I often refer to metacognition as ‘the voice inside your head’ which helps you solve problems in life by asking you questions like: What is the problem here? The challenge is not only to develop our students’ ability to ask themselves these questions, but also, and more importantly, to enable them to do this at the right time, in the right context and to respond to those questions promptly, confidently and effectively by applying adequate cognitive and social strategies.

How does one become highly ‘metacognizant’? 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Hur använder man digitala strategier? - Google Slides. Publikationer. The Seven Best Short Animated Films for the Language Classroom - Kieran Donaghy. Animated films are ones in which individual drawings, paintings, or illustrations are photographed frame by frame.

The Seven Best Short Animated Films for the Language Classroom - Kieran Donaghy

Traditionally animated films have been associated with children, however, nowadays they are designed to appeal to everyone. With the increased ease of creating animations, there has been a huge rise in the number of animated films being produced, and the vast majority of these are short animations. Many of these short animated films can be exploited in the language classroom as they are short enough to be used in a single session, offer a complete narrative in a short space of time, have a unique capacity of grabbing and holding students’ attention, and deal with contemporary subjects and issues, such as bullying, racism, sexism, homelessness, and human rights, which are relevant to students’ lives. Music Quiz VT 15 year 8. Screen-shot-2014-12-12-at-19-19-47. CommonLit. La planète fête le 31 décembre ! British Council.

Top 30 Funniest French Idioms ranked according to Absurdity. Reading Time: 6 minutes.

Top 30 Funniest French Idioms ranked according to Absurdity

Oh, idioms. They can be such a bummer at times. Just when you think you already got the hang of a foreign language, idioms rear their crazy little heads and go: nah-uh! Not so fast! Imagine overhearing a French conversation that translates into something along the lines of: to arrive like a hair in the soup or to have an ass full of noodles. Idioms can totally put a damper on any language learning, but they’re also fun to learn and can give you a quick peek at the culture and humour behind the language. In this article, you’ll find 30 fun French idioms that range from the quirky to the downright ludicrous, arranged according to level of absurdity. French Online Grammar Quiz.

Nature Is Speaking. Why is English Spelling So Weird? Perks of Being a Wallflower - Literature;. Discussion Questions: 1.

Perks of Being a Wallflower - Literature;

There are many life-lessons in this story. Describe one. Suggested Response: The lessons of the story include: (1) standing on the fringes of life leads nowhere; if you want something, go for it; if you don't you'll never get it; if you try, you will often succeed; (2) acceptance by others and acceptance of others is important to everyone; as the author/director said in the commentary "When we accept each other, we save each other every day"; (3) people accept the love they think they deserve; (4) at the end of the day it's your family and your friends who get you through life. [After one student has described a lesson from the story go to several other students in succession until all ideas have been exhausted. [The following two questions should be asked together] 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

For 18 additional Discussion Questions, see the Supplemental Materials for this Guide. Assignments and Assessments: 1. 3. The-perks-of-being-a-wallflower-study-guide. Visuals for Foreign Language Instruction. France 5 en direct sur francetv pluzz. Oh La La, I Speak French! Just like any other language, the French language has a bunch of idiomatic expressions and sayings.

Oh La La, I Speak French!

Those are often the trickiest to know and memorize. The good news is that they often contain fun and flowery images that sometimes help to remember them. “Oh la la, I Speak French!” Has put together a little selection for you. Periodic Table of Storytelling. The Key Differences Between Summative And Formative Assessments.

It’s not a stretch to say that assessment is a hot button issue in education; however, you’d be hard pressed to find an educator who doesn’t see the value in measuring student progress.

The Key Differences Between Summative And Formative Assessments

Assessments themselves have been vilified, when, in fact, it’s why assessments are given and how the data is used that is really the issue. The Glossary of Education Reform gives this great overview of what high-stakes testing is and how it impacts students, teachers, and schools. Basically, high-stakes testing has consequences for the test-takers and givers—sometimes in the form of a high school diploma, grade advancement, and even teachers’ salaries.

Anglophenia. IKT i skolan. Songs, nursery ryhmes and tongue twisters. Reading ESL. English exercises - grammar exercises - learn English online. ESL English Listening & Adult Literacy - News - Audiobooks - Songs - Radio Dramas. The Tunnel Under The World by Frederik Pohl Guy Burckhardt wakes up screaming, but can't remember the nightmare that caused his fright.

ESL English Listening & Adult Literacy - News - Audiobooks - Songs - Radio Dramas

Slowly over the next couple of days he comes to realize he's been reliving the same day over and over. And things only get stranger and more frightening from there. One of the true classics of science fiction. This famous Pohl story explores cybernetic robots and implanted personalities. A scathing satire on our advertising-dominated consumer culture, a frightening piece of urban paranoia, and an exploration of the nature of reality. Part One (19 to 23 min.) d041_languages_5-a-day_graphic_a5.pdf. Verbes avec ou sans préposition. - learn French,grammar,verb,francais,french. ESL Discussions: English Conversation Questions / Debates: Speaking Lesson Activities. Adverbs. Past Simple Vs Past Continuous Games. Learn Languages for Free with Music Videos, Lyrics and Karaoke! English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Dutch.

Kamratrespons, text. Läsa,skriva. The First Thanksgiving Student Activities for Grades PreK-12. Making quizzes and worksheets. India. Writing - Grammar. Jeux de 7 familles grammaire + conjugaison.

A+ Papers. 22 Appar för att öva engelska! Jag får ofta frågan om appar för att öva engelska.

22 Appar för att öva engelska!

Det har varit ganska magert utbud på dessa men nu när jag grävde lite mer har det faktiskt kommit flera bra appar att testa. Här kommer 22 appar i olika svårighetsgrader. Ett flertal av apparna är gratis, och det kan räcka långt. Kunskapskrav years 7-9. Tips i Facebook-djungeln. Linking Words — A complete List of English Connecting Words. Linking & Connecting Words It is essential to understand how Linking Words, as a part of speech, can be used to combine ideas in writing - and thus ensure that ideas within sentences and paragraphs are elegantly connected - for the benefit of the reader.

Linking Words — A complete List of English Connecting Words

This will help to improve your writing (e.g. essay, comment, summary (scientific) review, (research) paper, letter, abstract, report, thesis, etc.). It is also fundamental to be aware of the sometimes subtle meaning of these "small" words within the English language. "Linking Words" is used as a term to denote a class of English words which are employed to link or connect parts of speech or even whole sentences. They are also called connecting words. Dev voc. The Secret Door - Step Through To The UnknownPrimary_Ed: 10 Questions to get kids thinking ... 7 Great Grammar Sites for Teachers and Students. June , 2014 Today I am sharing with you a list of some useful websites you can use with your students to help them better improve their grammar knowledge and polish their writing skill.

From grammar lessons and teaching materials to free downloadable worksheets and presentations, this collection of websites will provide you with the content you need for teaching grammar. 1- Grammar Bytes Grammar Bytes is a great website that is packed full of teaching materials teachers can use to teach grammar.Grammar Bytes provides a glossary of common terms, fun interactive activities and exercises for students to test their grammar knowledge,instructional presentations and tons of tips on teaching grammar. Questionstodiscussbeforereading. HOLESSTUDYQUESTIONS. BBC - Homepage. Exercises. English exercises - grammar exercises - learn English online. Franska hemsidan - det mesta om Frankrike.

A great site. Helenasfranska. Skönlitteratur.