Alternative Controllers

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Hardware. Win a Reactable Live! With the Reactable Challenge. The first time this author saw a Reactable in use, live onstage with Bjork at Radio City Music Hall, his life was changed just a little.

Win a Reactable Live! With the Reactable Challenge

A prize worth winning: The Reactable Live. Now the innovative people behind Reactable have just announced the Reactable Challenge, with a tantalizing grand prize of a Reactable Live! For the winner. The competition coincides with the debut of the Reactable Community. Kapture Pad – Liine. What is Kapture Pad?

Kapture Pad – Liine

Kapture Pad is an app for iPhone/iPad to control Ableton Live. It builds on the success of specialised software originally created for Richie Hawtin's Plastikman Live show. It offers a clean and easy to use iPhone/iPad interface to manage and perform with snapshots. Sound Sparks.

DIY controllers, buttons, pads, etc

Instruments. Eowave Ribbon is not just a ribbon controller!


A MiniSynth Ribbon has a real sound generation section with one oscillator. The sound will be triggered by the position on the 4 octaves ribbon. The ribbon serigraphy offers a chromatic scale of the 4 octaves. Ribbon is also sensitive to the pressure. Pressure will determine the volume. MIDI Solutions Pedal Controller; Continuous MIDI Data Generator. MIDI Solutions Pedal Controller The Pedal Controller accepts an expression pedal (such as the Yamaha FC7 or Roland EV-5 or any potentiometer connected to a 1/4" stereo phone plug) as an input and generates continuous MIDI data based on its position.

MIDI Solutions Pedal Controller; Continuous MIDI Data Generator

The Pedal Controller may be inserted inline at any point in the MIDI data stream, allowing you to send continuous controller information to any device in your MIDI setup. The Pedal Controller's factory default settings are for it to send CC#7 (volume) on MIDI channel 1, so if this is what you need the Pedal Controller to do then no programming is necessary - just insert the Pedal Controller in your setup and it's ready to use.

The Pedal Controller can also be programmed to send other types of MIDI messages, for more info read on... The Pedal Controller can be programmed to send: The Pedal Controller has a MIDI Echo parameter that is selectable on/off. Automatenklavier, by Winfried Ritsch and IEM. Document Actions custom-built electronics + Pd makes a piano speak English automatenklaiver.png.

Automatenklavier, by Winfried Ritsch and IEM

Labs / MIDI Output using an Arduino. Overview This page covers only the details of MIDI communication on the Arduino module.

Labs / MIDI Output using an Arduino

For a more general introduction to MIDI on a microprocessor, see the MIDI notes on Tom's physical computing site. MIDI, the Musical Instrument Digital Interface, is a useful protocol for controlling synthesizers, sequencers, and other musical devices.

Arduino "midisense"

Hye Yeon Nam. 2009 Sep, The Sound of Kiss Picture (Model: Hye Yeon Nam(left), Thomas Lodato/Sarah Puerto(right), Photographer:Heidi Geldhauser) Documentation Floor Plan Abstract In the Tongue Music project, I examine a performance-instrumental that makes use of the human tongue to yield amorous sounds, either by solo using a primary tongue controller or as a duet (The Sound of a Kiss) pairing a tongue controller and a receiver.

Hye Yeon Nam

I describe the design of the system and how the participants use the technology in a creative way to produce music.


WiiToMidi‬‏ GlovePIE ™ - Programmable Input Emulator.