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Fritzing. ARDUINO. MicroView: Chip-sized Arduino with built-in OLED Display! by Geek Ammo. You've never seen an Arduino™ compatible like this. With a built-in OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode Display) you can see what your Arduino is thinking without having to connect it to your computer. No more cryptic "Hello World" LED blink sequences or shoehorning oversized displays onto your tiny Arduino™. Development is much easier when you can see what's going on. In addition to the built-in tutorials, we've also built a cross platform course that runs on iPad, Microsoft Surface and modern Web Browsers on Windows, Mac and Linux. The course takes you step by step through building a 11 different circuits including: Blinking LEDs and creating different colors on an RGB LED.

The interactive course is included within the "Learning Kit" and "Educators Kit" rewards tier. Note: 6-16VDC is the manufacturer's recommendation for a stable 5V 16Mhz operation. We've already started making projects with the MicroView, here are some of our favorites: 64 I/O Arduino Shield by mantas jurkuvenas. Update #2 Thank you everyone for your kindness!

64 I/O Arduino Shield by mantas jurkuvenas

The original goal of £1000 has been reached. You have made it possible and it only took 4 days! I have been working hard on the project and the project is coming closer to the end. I really feel that we can get to the First Stretch Goal of 1500, so I have stared designing in some analog in ports.


Arduino Extras. Medical. Makermodule. Microduino: Arduino in your pocket, small, stackable, smart by Microduino Studio. A small sized board that packs a great punch!

Microduino: Arduino in your pocket, small, stackable, smart by Microduino Studio

The Microduino series is a 100% Arduino compatible open source hardware, compatible with Arduino IDE development environment and existing Arduino sketches. Microduino is small. Its size is about a quarter (25.40mm X 27.94mm / 1.0inch X 1.1inch), much smaller than the original Arduino board. - default. Controlled by Web - Web Relay Control - Ethernet Control.

Fargo: Control Electrical Devices Over the Internet by Linor Technology Inc. Gary S. Nalven. Fargo for Customization As we design and build our own product, we are also able to create a totally custom hardware device.

Fargo: Control Electrical Devices Over the Internet by Linor Technology Inc. Gary S. Nalven

This may be used to solve specific problems or for installation into a product that you manufacture. Utilizing our standard hardware and software building blocks, we can put together a custom design in little time and at low NRE. This also means that your new product carries a tried and true design with little or no start up difficulties. All of our servers are built on the same basic TCP/IP platform providing a more stable and tested product. Contact us at : Simple Use of Fargo R8 with a Lawn Sprinkler in the Front Yard This new video shows how to setup up a simple system using a standard 24vac water valve to control a lawn sprinkler in my front yard.

Stretch Goal: Phone Apps. Quickstack. QuickStack: Let's make it easy! by WestWork Technology Ltd. Still working on the site The QuickStack platform is an open-source hardware solution intended for a wide range of users, from first time users with little or no knowledge of embedded controllers to embedded engineers with years of experience.

QuickStack: Let's make it easy! by WestWork Technology Ltd.

The QuickStack platform can be used for educational purposes or for creating a specific end-user product. QuickStack is a Platform somewhere between Adruino and PC104. It has the hardware quality, stack-ability, and integration of PC104, combined with the ease of use of Arduino. QuickStack is the only platform that integrates hardware and software completely. QuickStack consists of the following boards. UDOO: Android Linux Arduino in a tiny single-board computer. UDOO: Android Linux Arduino in a tiny single-board computer by UDOO. UDOO is a mini PC that could run either Android or Linux, with an Arduino-compatible board embedded.

UDOO: Android Linux Arduino in a tiny single-board computer by UDOO

UDOO is a powerful prototyping board for software development and design, it’s easy to use and with a few steps you can start using it and creating your projects with minimum knowledge. UDOO merges different computing worlds in one; each world has its strengths and weaknesses, and all of them are useful today in education as well as Do-It-Yourself (DIY) and rapid prototyping endeavours.

UDOO is an open hardware, low-cost computer equipped with an ARM i.MX6 Freescale processor for Android and Linux, alongside Arduino DUE’s ARM SAM3X, both CPU integrated on the same board! UDOO’s size is 4.33 inch x 3.35 inch (11 cm x 8.5 cm) and it has low power consumption. BE SHIELD - ARDUINO'S BEST MATCH. Thanks to 4,299 supporters!


BE SHIELD is the result of one of the most successful Indiegogo projects, and this short campaign is a follow up dedicated to those who missed the opportunity of contributing to the project: If you are not one of our former supporters, please spend a few minutes to review the original projects: And you can also know more about us by reading the information from the previous campaign of the other partner of this project, the famous Alberto PighiXXX: Get what you have missed Many of the supporters of the BE MAKER campaign sent me messages in the past weeks, asking how they could buy more BE SHIELDS. The BE SHIELD has been improved, tested and is now ready for mass production. Please note that no other production runs for the BE SHIELD are planned. SODAQ: a lego-like, plug-in, rapid prototyping board by SODAQ. SODAQ brings you colder beer...

SODAQ: a lego-like, plug-in, rapid prototyping board by SODAQ

Here's a little fridge/freezer stick-on we made with the SODAQ. You can get it too - we'll even put it together and pre-programme it if you don't want the fun of doing it yourself. There's a new reward where we do the work for you. And we're doing the same with the weather station SODAQ that's monitoring weather for whale sharks in the Indian Ocean. We've added a reward to put that all together for you, including everything you need, all the programming, ready to upload live to an FTP server of your choice, or to SMS you. Prototyping should be rapid. SODAQ is a multi-feature microprocessor board that lets you connect sensors and devices to the internet, quickly and with no fuss. SODAQ, Solar Powerd Arduino Compatible Board. Printoo: Paper-Thin, Flexible Arduino™-Compatible modules! by Ynvisible. The Flexibility To Bring 3D Printed Objects to Life : Printoo is the first development board that is flexible and light enough to bring any of your 3D printed objects to life - no matter what shape it is!

Printoo: Paper-Thin, Flexible Arduino™-Compatible modules! by Ynvisible

Add internet and Bluetooth connectivity, input, output, motorization, light and motion sensing, and power... Even SOLAR, to almost any configuration or weird shape you print! Powerful cores, modular components, free code, free apps: Plug the modules together, tinker with the Arduino™ sketches we are making available, and use the apps to connect and control Printoo - bringing your ideas to life!

The Internet of Printoo: We built the apps you need to connect Printoo to the Internet. EasyPlug: The Sensor Shield for Arduinos by inXus interactive. $20,000 Stretch Goal: On-board sensor tester If we hit this goal, we will include on-board LEDs that can be controlled from your Arduino board using your PWM/IO pins.

EasyPlug: The Sensor Shield for Arduinos by inXus interactive

This will let you quickly see how each sensor responds (ie. more you press a pressure sensor the brighter the light). Think of it as an incredibly easy way to get started with programming your Arduino and/or testing your sensors. The EasyPlug shield provides an incredibly simple, clean, and quick way to connect sensors to your Arduino board. AttoDuino - Turbocharged, Wireless, Arduino Compatible by AttoDuino. We love Arduino.

AttoDuino - Turbocharged, Wireless, Arduino Compatible by AttoDuino

But we wanted more power. So, we created the AttoDuino. Digispark Pro - tiny, Arduino ready, mobile & usb dev board! by Erik Kettenburg. Serial over USB debugging, USB programmable, 14 i/o, SPI, I2C, UART, USB Device Emulation, Mobile Development Ready, Optional BT, BLE, Mesh, and Wi-Fi. The super small, dirt cheap, always open source, Arduino compatible, USB (and Mobile and Wireless!) Code generator for custom Android/Arduino menus to switch Arduino outputs on and off. Andriod/Arduino for Beginners. Absolutely No Programming Required. Introduction This is the first of two instructables that make up a complete customizable Home Automation for Beginners example. See DIY Home Automation for Beginners for the second part. It is aimed at the absolute beginner. If you can handle a sharp knife without cutting your fingers off you can make and customize this home automation controller.

The first instructable shows you how to use the free pfodDesigner available on GooglePlay to design Android menus to switch Ardunio outputs on and off from your Android mobile, without you having to write any program code at all. The example project shown here is suitable for complete beginners.