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[WIP][MOD][MOB] Builders 0.4 (Beta 1.1_02) - Minecraft Forums. [size=150]Version 0.6_x may have a game freezing problem that crashes minecraft (though, be aware that the game also will freeze if you don't place the included Builders folder in the correct location).

[WIP][MOD][MOB] Builders 0.4 (Beta 1.1_02) - Minecraft Forums

If you would like to help me find and remove this problem sooner, if your game freezes follow the instructions in this [url= and post your detailed crash reports. [/size] [size=150]NOTE: Before posting a question in this thread, make sure to review the text files included with the mod, and also be sure to check this post's FAQ and Tips and Tricks section to see if your question has already been answered. [/size] Introduction ---------- This mod adds 10 new human builder mobs to minecraft. This mod can be summed up as follows: -The builder mobs added by this mod will spawn above ground and build structures without any interaction from you, the player.

The .txt files included with this mod and the rest of this post explain these points in more detail. [MOD] Battle Towers BetaV1 - New Rarity Patch available. - Minecraft Forums. The Original Tower-Based Dungeon Adventure Mod!

[MOD] Battle Towers BetaV1 - New Rarity Patch available. - Minecraft Forums

Battle Towers V3 for BETA 1.1_02 by KodaichiZero Battle towers are back and better than ever! This time, golems can be spawned from a regular mob spawner, no block ID is used anymore (this means it is compatible with everything!) And Golems DON'T DESPAWN ANYMORE!!! [MOD] Humans+ v0.9aa (BETA 1.1_02) [Collab you say?] - Minecraft Forums. How about that then, There you were thinking to yourself that you are the only Human in your World..

[MOD] Humans+ v0.9aa (BETA 1.1_02) [Collab you say?] - Minecraft Forums

Well it turns out you were wrong! Humans+ adds a plethora of new Humans to your world, As well as an “alignment” concept of good and evil. This Alpha release is focused on Quests, quests are assigned randomly to a Human NPC of the correct type, quests can be written in a .txt and added to the game without restarting. To start a quest, right click the NPC, then follow the instructions on screen. You can toggle the Quest HUD with 'H' by default.

Humans+ adds a plethora Human mobs to the game, each with their own unique characteristics, textures and weapons, quest sets and traits. Humans+ was created over two years ago by a very new modder Mr_okushama, but has since then been loved by the community and has been branded as one of the top 10 minecraft mods, as well as reaching 2 million downloads, It has also undergone a complete rewrite in the recent weeks. [MOD COMPILATION] Minecraft Community Pack v1.31 [BETA v1.1] - Minecraft Forums. This pack is no more.

[MOD COMPILATION] Minecraft Community Pack v1.31 [BETA v1.1] - Minecraft Forums

Due to a change in tone concerning the modding community, all mod-packs, collaborations and compilations are henceforth banned. All progress towards improving Minecraft beyond a smorgasbord of .zip files, drag-and-drop and painful incompatibilities/black screens is now considered inappropriate, and so my pet project, the Minecraft Community Pack, is no longer workable. It was a fun ride, but it looks like my attribution was not considered sufficient. Nevertheless, I thank each and every reasonable and sane voice, including every modder who felt honoured to see their work shared and credited, and every person who defended me and persuaded me to continue. Thanks again, and good day. This was a compilation of mods for Minecraft which took just about 1 minute to install, thanks to TFCs Mod Manager. FULL - The full pack, 3.1 The mods in more detail and for more information/credit: DrZhark's Mo' Creatures 2.62 - viewtopic.php?

Staple structures every survival map should have - Minecraft Forums. Recently, I've been thinking about what features should be in the perfect infdev base.

Staple structures every survival map should have - Minecraft Forums

Obviously things like a Storehouse and a Workshop are a necessity for any base, but what about a more complex stronghold? Simple Structures House A simple structure just intended to supply a safe place to spend the night, away from the mobs outside. Workshop A workshop is where at least one permanent crafting table and furnace should be stationed (more if a certain aesthetic effect is desired). All tools will be crafted here, and all ores will be smelted here, so it should located somewhere that is easy to access in your settlement.

Storehouse A storehouse is a small amount of useful items will be stored in case of emergency. Warehouse This is where mass storage takes place. Pantry Usually you'll have a few chests full of pork and bread after you've gotten yourself established, and it's nice to keep it all in one place. Beacons Helpful to save yourself from getting lost. Complex Structures Hiding Your Base.