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Shane Asselstine sur Twitter : "Met up with @trishcloud at the Mobile Games Playground! Talking #minecraft and #minecraftedu with others! Toddlers, Tykes and Technology. Trishcloud : Hey lookey! Got a pic with ... Trishcloud : Hey everyone here's more info ... Escape To Morrow: Minecraft as a Game Design Engine for Students.

Minecraft ScriptCraft

TheLearningZoneAug. Minecraft isn’t just a game. In the 1950s, Disney hit on the idea of connecting classic folk-tales to their animation technologies, and from that creating their own books, magazine and toys.

Minecraft isn’t just a game

Minecraft, also started by one man with an plan — has enabled a very similar process except as a company, Mojang don’t chase down every licensing and copyright claim imaginable. It’s another reason parents can’t compare Minecraft to other sandbox games — they are not all about the value-add sell, but of course do licence certain aspects. It must be a total nightmare to manage, but cudos to them for at least attempting it. Online there are some amazing toys, gadgets and artwork that have emerged because of Minecraft. Mojang don’t appear to mind people adding their own creativity to their game such as this. Now you don’t have to PLAY video games in your classroom to be able to see how this is brilliantly executed story.

This is simply ONE part of FIVE posted onto the website 9Minecraft. Minecraft Tutorial - Transmission 1. What Does The Minecraft Video Game Tell Us About Society? Perhaps you've seen kids - or some adults - busily playing away on their computers or Xbox, moving through a virtual world of blocks, digging and building.

What Does The Minecraft Video Game Tell Us About Society?

Maybe you've wondered: What exactly is that game? Minecraft is an open world or "sandbox" game. It starts with your player spawning into a generated world, typically near water. You might be near trees and rocks and soil, and from there you can explore this world. In Minecraft, there are no points, there is no set mission or quest; the only adversary you face: creatures that generate when the sun goes down, but disappear in the morning. "I think one of the most genius elements of the games design is that the game plunks you down in a landscape initially and it really doesn't tell you what to do," says Sean Duncan, research scientist at the Center for Research on Learning and Technology at Indiana University. How To Create Minecraft Mini Games - Minecraft Guides. There are various mini games you can play in minecraft, some are easy to create while others require quite some effort.

How To Create Minecraft Mini Games - Minecraft Guides

We’ve written a lot of guides on many different mini games, some of which have several different versions explained in them. We’ve also build several maps and other game arenas for most bigger mini games, which you can download as a world save and as a schematic. You can click on each mini game title below to take you to their individual guides with more detailed information. Archery Competition Compete with your friends or with the whole server and find out who’s a true Robin Hood and bow master of your server. Arena Battles Destroy your enemies or fight of waves of mobs, either on your own or as a group. Minecraft - Working computer with a WORKING SCREEN #1. Get to Know Minecraft.

Minecraft Physics. Here is a great video showing some physics in the game Minecraft.

Minecraft Physics

Similar to Angry Birds, this is a great world to explore physics. Why? Mostly because you can set up your own experiments. That is exactly what is done in this video. Essentially they do the following: Build a canon to launch blocks.Measure the horizontal distance the block travels when shot at an angle.Find the time of flight for the block.Make a block tower at the midway point to find out how high the block goes.Use this to estimate the vertical acceleration. Ok, since I don’t have Minecraft (and I am afraid to play it), let me instead do a quick double check of the calculations in the video. Vertical Acceleration To start, I will just go with the statement that each block is 1 meter long.

In this case, the starting y-position is 43 meters and it ends at 0 meters. This is slightly different than the value from the video. Minecraft’s Notch is the new Rodin. Minecraft again today.

Minecraft’s Notch is the new Rodin.

Trishcloud. 8 ways Minecraft works on your brain. Recently I’ve spent some time reading parenting websites about Minecraft.

8 ways Minecraft works on your brain

What is said is often repetitive, aggregated and lacks much substance. If you are a parent, or Minecraft player, then I hope this post will provide you with some further ideas about how the game works on our minds. The thing which most articles omit is understanding of why imagination is a primary trigger for learning. Wherever we are, in school or at home, the immediate environment can either support or stifle children’s imaginative abilities. For example, copying notes from a wipeboard is submissive. Minecraft puts players to work by providing the imagination with images and metaphors that give it direction. The methods commonly applied in classroom towards what teachers call ‘learning out comes’ today routinely omit the word imagination from tasks and exercises.

Lighthouse Lesson Plan

MinecraftEDU: Minecraft for the Classroom. It's been almost a year since I first wrote about the work of Joel Levin (aka "The Minecraft Teacher") bringing the 3D world-building game Minecraft into his second-grade classroom.

MinecraftEDU: Minecraft for the Classroom

Much has changed since then -- the full release of the PC version of the game, for starters. Mojang co-founder "Notch" stepping down as the lead developer of Minecraft (that is sort of "inside baseball" information, I suppose). And Levin himself co-founding a startup -- TeacherGaming -- the only company sanctioned by Mojang as an official reseller of the game. Levin's still teaching too, but he's also hard at work helping other educators implement Minecraft in their own classes. Currently, that takes the form of MinecraftEDU, TeacherGaming's first endeavor. MinecraftEDU provides one such "mod" that's been designed for classroom use.

The mod comes with a lot of other options too, allowing you to maintain the open-endedness of the original Minecraft or alter it substantially. Ideas for Using Minecraft in the Classroom. As is the nature of sandbox games, players can roam free, choosing objectives as they go.

Ideas for Using Minecraft in the Classroom

Because Minecraft has such open possibilities and potential, the teacher can choose how he or she wants to use it. Just as the student has the ability to be creative, the teacher has the same.