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Infografía. Estudios visuales. International Journal of Interactive Multimedia. The Work of Edward Tufte and Graphics Press. Topics covered in this one-day course include: How to make effective, credible presentations.

The Work of Edward Tufte and Graphics Press

Fundamental strategies of analytical design. Evaluating evidence used in presentations. en Español. Periodismo iconogrfico - Gonzalo Peltzer. La infografía: técnicas, análisis y usos periodísticos - José Luis Valero Sancho. La infografía periodística - Carlos Abreu Sojo. Infographics & Data Visualizations - Data. Statistical Data. Mapping & Cartography.

Visualizations. Visualisation. All you need to know about Visual Thinking. Visual Thinking. Théorie Design Graphique. The Anatomy Of An Infographic. Information is very powerful but for the most bit it is bland and unimaginative.

The Anatomy Of An Infographic

Infographics channel information in a visually pleasing, instantly understandable manner, making it not only powerful, but extremely beautiful. Once used predominantly to make maps more approachable, scientific charts less daunting and as key learning tools for children, inforgraphics have now permeated all aspects of the modern world. I designed a couple of infographics back in college, the need arising especially around the time Soccer World Cup fever spiked. Graphic facilitation.

DataVisTools. Graphs Infographics. Visualizing Data. Data Visualization, Information Design and Infographics. Infographic of the Day. WWW Visualization & Infographics. Visual Thinking. Network Visualization.

The Infographics Showcase - Data Visualization - Infographic Design. Infografía. Data Visualizations, Challenges, Community. A visual exploration on mapping complex networks. Cool Infographics - Blog. A Dumbass’s Guide to the Super Bowl [infographic] January 31, 2014 by infographicworld Don’t know much about football?

We can help. We may not be able to turn you into a loud-mouthed pundit, but here are the basic elements you need to know to watch Sunday’s Super Bowl for something other than the commercials. Biggest Thinkers of 2013 [infographic] Search results for infographics. Atlas do habitual. If you had a visualization of every place you've been for 200 days, what could you do with it?

Atlas do habitual

What could it tell you about yourself and how could others use the data? Technology allows us to see information in a way we never could before. Scale of Universe - Interactive Scale of the Universe Tool. Infografias. The Rational Person's Guide to the Mayan Apocalypse by Jaquelynne Avery on Prezi. 12 Great Visualizations That Made History. Most visualizations end up as passing follies that are significant in the short-term, but in the long-run they fade to the background with the rest of the noise.

12 Great Visualizations That Made History

Occasionally, though, some visualizations end up in a perfect position to play a significant role in culture and history. Here are a few that have been fortunate enough to become significant. 1. One of the earliest known visualizations is a map. The famous Lascaux caves in France contain paintings on their walls that date from the paleolithic period. The 22 Best Infographics We Found In 2011. 2011 was a huge year for infographic design. Large companies embraced data renderings as a business strategy like never before, whether it was to promote their brand (GE) or bolster their bottom line (the New York Times). Nowhere was that more evident than at Facebook. Timeline, the site’s most ambitious redesign to date, brought the central tenet of data viz--organizing unwieldy bits and bobs into a compelling, visual narrative--to millions of people around the world.

20 Great Visualizations of 2011. As the popularity of visualizations grows, so does their range and quality.

20 Great Visualizations of 2011

Here’s a list of 20 of the best Static Visualizations, Interactive Visualizations, and Information Videos from 2011. (Note: while they are numbered for your convenience, the entries are not ranked.) Static Visualizations. 20 Examples Of Infographs That You Don’t See Every Day. I think we all know what an infograph is, and nowadays they are increasingly popular.

20 Examples Of Infographs That You Don’t See Every Day

The bad thing is that almost all of them are becoming boring and very similar. In this article I have collected 20 infographs that are very unique design and also interesting subjects. Twitter Dots: Mapping all Tweets for a specific Keyword Twitter Dots translates individual tweets as simple dots on a geographical world map. It is as simple as that. 25+ Creative Infographics That will make you Look Twice. Infographics, provide a great way to visualize a topic that would be hard to understand when reading. Infographics are present to us in media sources like magazines, television, books, posters, signs, and anything else that has complex information. Let’s be honest, we tend to get bored with reading too much text and it’s rather difficult to understand descriptive information especially if they signify numbers or statistics. To make things easier, we use graphs, illustrations and flowcharts to make them visually appealing yet, at the same time, easy to understand.

So here is a creative showcase of well designed infographics for your inspiration. 35 Great Social Media Infographics. 35 Great Social Media Infographics [Note: I recently updated this compilation to include some more recent visualizations... you can see it here.]

35 Great Social Media Infographics

Here’s a collection of terrific social media infographics that might come in handy. As you probably know, infographics are visual representations of information, data, or knowledge. 40 Useful and Creative Infographics. Information graphics (or infographics) are graphical depictions of data and information.

40 Useful and Creative Infographics

By presenting information in a compact and creative approach, infographics are able to quickly convey knowledge and engage its viewers. In this collection, you’ll find forty beautiful and educational infographics, displaying the uncommon spectacle of "art meets science". 1. 60 Most Amazing Infographics [Hand-Picked] One Year of Infographics.

20 Great Infographics of 2012. 2012 has certainly been an eventful year, with everything from elections, to olympics, to scientific breakthroughs, to major weather events.

20 Great Infographics of 2012

To help review some of the things that happened, here are 20 of the best static infographics from the year. 1. There were several space related events this year. NASA’s Curiosity rover landed on mars, and successfully began collecting data. As this graphic by billowyclouds shows, the scariest part was a terrifying 7 minute landing. 20 Great Motion Graphics of 2012. 10 significant visualisation developments: July to December 2012. To mark the milestone of each mid-year and end of year I try to take a reflective glance over the previous 6 months period in the data visualisation field and compile some of the most significant developments. These are the main projects, events, new sites, trends, personalities and general observations that have struck me as being important to help further the development of this field.

Earlier this year I published this collection for the first 6 months of 2012 and now I’d like to mark the end of 2012 with my latest perspective. I look forward to hearing from you with suggestions for the developments you believe have been most significant. And so, as ever, in no particular order… Data Visualisation. The art of data visualization. Infographs. Browsing the web of data. Infographics. Mind Maps/Thinking Maps/Graphic Organizers. DATA visualisation. Data-visualisation.

Visualising Data. Cibercultura. Cibercultura. Crisis Communications. Virtual Communities, Social Media & Virtual Worlds. Tecnologia. Alternative Media. Aproximaciones al periodismo digital - Antonio García Jiménez. Journalism. News, Politics, Future. Free Ebooks. Web2.0. Tech. Internet, Computers, Mobiles & Engineering. Web 2.0 Apps (+Cloud)

Internet, Online & Web. Firefox. Google. The end of Google Reader. Google+ Google Cloud. Google... Hack/ How To Become A Hacker. Copyright © 2001 Eric S. Raymond As editor of the Jargon File and author of a few other well-known documents of similar nature, I often get email requests from enthusiastic network newbies asking (in effect) "how can I learn to be a wizardly hacker?

". Back in 1996 I noticed that there didn't seem to be any other FAQs or web documents that addressed this vital question, so I started this one. A lot of hackers now consider it definitive, and I suppose that means it is. Still, I don't claim to be the exclusive authority on this topic; if you don't like what you read here, write your own. Hacking.

CyberCulture. Think Global. Cyberculture. Science. Scienze sociali. Mind. Personality types. Psychology & neuroscience. Neuroscience. Cinema.

Street Art. ART Audio Visual. Street art. 30 examples of the art of mapping personal habits. The exercise of mapping our habits and lifestyle and transforming all that data in infographics was taken to another level when Nicholas Felton launched his first annual report, back in 2005. Since then, we’ve noticed a rising number of personal graphics being created, mostly by students doing school assignments. We are not talking about Infographic Resumes – another rising trend among the personal use of infographics – , but projects that tell the story, for instances, of a person’s eating and drinking habits, a list of references or the story of a trip around the world.

Like the infographic resumes, you’ll see a wide range of works in this selection. Many have a clear aesthetics focus, others are clearly experimental, and some are really impressive! Tattoo.