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All you need to know about Visual Thinking

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What is Visual Thinking? I recently came across a blog post from the Visual Leap that I wanted to share with everybody. Visual thinking, aka. visual learning, is a proven method of organizing ideas graphically. As we’ve previously mentioned the brain is predisposed to remembering images, so why not take advantage of this? M.A. Thesis Visual tools for the socio–semantic web This thesis contributes to a new discipline of science: web science, as introduced by Tim Berners-Lee and others in 2006. Designers, computer scientists, sociologists, cognitive scientists, psychologists etc. have individual perspectives on the complex and rapidly evolving interplay of technological and social infrastructure and human society. However, a well-defined discipline — unifying the scientific analysis of social and human factors to understand, but also to shape and steer web developments by informed design and engineering —is not established yet. I hope to contribute to an interdisciplinary dialogue between science, engineering and design with this thesis. Master’s Thesis Interface Design Programme University of Applied Sciences Potsdam Moritz Stefaner, June 2007 Supervisors: Prof.

Data Visualization and Infographics - Smashing Magazine Advertisement The main goal of data visualization is its ability to visualize data, communicating information clearly and effectivelty. It doesn’t mean that data visualization needs to look boring to be functional or extremely sophisticated to look beautiful. To convey ideas effectively, both aesthetic form and functionality need to go hand in hand, providing insights into a rather sparse and complex data set by communicating its key-aspects in a more intuitive way.

Strategies for sharing visual information with others David Sibbett, in his excellent new book, Visual Meetings: How Graphics, Sticky Notes & Idea Mapping Can Transform Group Productivity, shares a number of tips and strategies for sharing key charts, maps and diagrams with meeting participants. Doing so helps them to retain the information discussed (a concept called “group memory”) and what they agreed to during the meeting. It also provides a sense of continuity from one meeting to the next. In the book, Sibbett shares a number of ways of sharing these visual outputs with others in print and digitally. While he is talking mainly about hand-drawn charts, diagrams and visual maps, these strategies also apply to mind maps used to capture the ideas and decisions from meetings:

About Visual Thinking >> Home • About Visual Thinking About Visual Thinking Visual thinking, also called visual learning, is a proven method of organizing ideas graphically - with concept maps, mind maps and webs. Scientifically based research demonstrates that visual learning techniques improve memory, organization, critical thinking and planning. Visual thinking is an intuitive and easy-to-learn strategy that works for many academic and professional projects. The more complex the task or idea, the more useful this approach can be. B.Sc. Thesis Projection Techniques for Document Maps This thesis compares different vector space projection techniques for creating two–dimensional maps out of text document collections. I describe the process from raw text information to similarity maps and implemented a working prototype. September 2005 University of Osnabrück Supervisors: Dr.

The top 10 visual thinkers on Twitter Visual thinking is an essential executive skill today. If you want to keep up with the latest thinking on this fascinating topic, why not follow these 10 visual thinking experts on Twitter? Please click on the image above to load a clickable image map, where you can navigate to the Twitter feeds of these experts. Or navigate to them using the links in the descriptions below. Rather than just give you the “tip of the iceberg, I took some time to locate some of their best work, so you can get a better sense of who these people are and what they do – and the rich, vibrant field that is visual thinking!

Free data visualisation tool In decision making, getting and analysing the right data is critical. However, often tables and even basic charts, do not go far to assist us in understanding the patterns and relationships. Excel has come a long way over the years, but still has its limitations when it comes to charting. Visual-spatial learners >> Home • About Visual Learning • Visual-spatial learners Visual-spatial learners Learning styles have been studied extensively for over twenty years. The visual-spatial learner model is based on the newest discoveries in brain research about the different functions of the hemispheres. The left hemisphere is sequential, analytical, and time-oriented. The right hemisphere perceives the whole, synthesizes, and apprehends movement in space.

amMap: Interactive flash maps Features Main features Highly customizable – every aspect of the map can be styled using built-in configuration options or CSS.Create multi-level drill-downs.Create map charts (heatmaps or otherwise known as choropleth maps).Use any images in any format as map markers.Support for real-life latitude and longitude coordinates.Apply built-in or custom textures.Display multi-segment lines and routes.Customize initial and user-controllable zoom options.Control the map via JavaScript API (change data and configuration options, simulate user interactions, attach custom funcitonality to various events, etc.) An Innovative Way to Engage The term graphic recording may mean many different things to many people, but the root of the definition is quite simple. While actively listening to discussion, Graphic Recording synthesizes spoken words into illustrative text and visuals. These hand-drawn visuals are created in real-time, which allows the content to bloom into a storyboard saturated with information. Graphic recording adds another dimension to your discussion by creating a deeper understanding of the content at the same time motivating the entire room with the power of group genius.

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