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New York downtown eggs. Classic braise of flageolets, celery and wine. Salmon with tahini sauce. Shellfish Mixed Grill Recipe. Chilli crab and prawn tarts Recipe. Penne with chopped puttanesca sauce. Pork and sage meatballs. Celeriac, apple and walnut salad with prosciutto. This salad is an easy and delicious way to get pack in lots of fresh ingredients and vitamins.

Celeriac, apple and walnut salad with prosciutto

The prosciutto adds a touch of indulgence at lunch time. It’s apple season, so pick your favourite variety to go in this salad. If you prefer, leave the skins on for a bit of colour. 30 minutes. Serves 6. Celeriac 1 small or 1/2 large lemon 1, halved eating apples 2celery 2 sticksmayonnaise 6 tbspDijon mustard 1 tbspwalnuts 50g, toasted and roughly choppedprosciutto 12 slicescurly parsley finely chopped to make 1 tbspsourdough toast 6 slices Peel the celeriac (you may need to halve or quarter it first) then slice thinly and cut the slices into fine sticks. Mix the mayonnaise with the mustard and juice from the remaining lemon half and put it in a large bowl. PER SERVING 344 kcals, protein 14.4g, carbs 21.9g, fat 21.5g, sat fat 3.6g, fibre 5.2g, salt 2.3g. Smoked haddock & chorizo salad. Chorizo & broad bean risotto. Sausage & Parmesan cobbler.

Cheddar, potato and leek pie. Head to your local greengrocer to get your hands on some homegrown ingredients for this leek pie.

Cheddar, potato and leek pie

The individual pot servings and patterned croissant dough make your Meat-free Monday that bit more interesting. Croissant dough makes a great alternative to pastry as a pie topping. Just unroll and cut into strips or pieces. 40 minutes serves 4 easy. Chicken with creamy pesto and broad beans Recipe. Beans and greens stew. HOT AND SOUR SOUP. Mexican roast chicken & tomato soup.

Tomato soup. Sausage, courgette and tomato spaghetti Recipe. Toad in the hole Recipe. Aubergine and chilli pide. Treat yourself to a night in front of the TV with this aubergine and chilli pide.

Aubergine and chilli pide

Don’t be put off by the exotic name, pide is just a flatbread (think Turkish pizza!). The chilli and spices add heat, flavour and a dash of colour. For a meaty version of this pide, why not add fried minced lamb alongside the aubergine before popping into the oven? Easy as pizza, just that bit more exotic for a Friday night treat! Roasted pepper and meatball pasta bake Recipe. Red Thai fishcakes Recipe.

Goat's cheese and red pepper tart Recipe. Chicken & bacon cacciatore. Tuna & sweetcorn slice. Creamy ham and spinach puff tart Recipe. Rigatoni with sausage and fennel ragù Recipe. Spiced grilled lamb skewers. Mushroom, potato and chorizo fry-up Recipe. Smoked mackerel & harissa potato salad. Salmon and herb twice-baked soufflés Recipe. Venison and chestnut stew Recipe. Melty cheese fondue pot. Crab cakes with sweet chilli & ginger dipping sauce. Mini fish pies Recipe. Rosemary and honey roast chicken with garlic mash Recipe.

Bowl o' red Texan chilli - Lulu's notes. Cumberland sausage hot dogs with beery onions Recipe. Sweet sesame chilli chicken. Spicy naan pizzas Recipe. Conut rice and Thai chicken skewers Recipe. Jerk chicken. Spiced aubergine pilaf with poached eggs. Brunch in 30: Brunch burritos - Lulu's notes. Cauliflower biryani with herb yoghurt. Veg is the star of the show in this Cauliflower biryani with herb yoghurt - vibrant spices and the cooling yoghurt combine to make a hearty dinner for two in under an hour. 45minutes Serves 2 EASY butter 25gonions 1, halved and thinly sliced ground coriander 1 tspground cumin 1 tspturmeric 1 tspcauliflower 1 small head, broken into floretsbasmati rice 75gvegetable stock 150mlcoriander a small bunch, choppednatural yoghurt 150ml pot flaked almonds 1 tbsp, toasted (optional) Heat the butter in a shallow pan with a lid.

Cauliflower biryani with herb yoghurt

Cook the onion in the butter until completely softened. Stir in the spices and cook for 2 minutes. Stir in the rice then add the stock. Need more vegetarian inspiration? These low fat Japanese vegetable pancakes are ready in just 25 minutes! Or try something more hearty with a quick courgette lasagne – a few tricks mean it is ready in half an hour. Thai green chicken soup. Dinner tonight: Smoky chipotle meatballs - Lulu's notes. Miso mustard pork chops with sesame green beans. Sesame-crusted pork chops with Vietnamese noodle salad - Lulu's notes. Pork chops are a staple family dinner ingredient, but the Vietnamese flavours keep them interesting – with dinner still ready in 20 minutes!

Sesame-crusted pork chops with Vietnamese noodle salad - Lulu's notes

Choose nice, thick pork chops so they don’t dry out as they cook. It’s fine to leave them a little pink in the middle. Chicken soup with orecchiette, pancetta and peas. Stir-fry green curry beef with asparagus & sugar snaps. Chinese-style lemon marmalade chicken. BBQ tandoori-style chicken. All-day breakfast muffins Recipe. Prawn and dill pilaf – dinner in 30 minutes. Midweek dinners don’t have to be boring - this simple, lightly spiced pilaf is ready in just 30 minutes. 30 minutes Serves 2 EASY butter 30g onion 1, halved and slicedgarlic 1 clove, slicedbasmati rice 125gsaffron a pinchcloves 2cinnamon 1 stickchicken stock 200mlcooked peeled king prawns 150gdill 1/2 bunch, chopped Melt the butter in a shallow pan with a lid.

Prawn and dill pilaf – dinner in 30 minutes

Cook the onion until really soft and golden. Add the garlic. Bring to a simmer, put on the lid and cook on a very gentle heat for 15 minutes, until all the stock has been absorbed and the rice is tender (add a splash of water if you need to). Add the prawns, season, then cook for a couple of minutes to heat the prawns. PER SERVING 429 kcals, protein 23.0g, carbs 56.1g, fat 14.1g, sat fat 8.0g, fibre 2.0g, salt 2.38g Mastered this? Chicken & quinoa salad with beetroot yogurt. Roasted asparagus with scrambled egg and Parma ham Recipe. Fish finger wraps with pea purée. Quick lamb tagine Recipe. Vegetarian favourite: Sweetcorn fritters with tomatoes and halloumi.

These sweetcorn fritters with tomatoes and halloumi are a great versatile dish – they suit brunch, lunch or dinner and use a lot of store cupboard ingredients.

Vegetarian favourite: Sweetcorn fritters with tomatoes and halloumi

Vegetarian dinners are a healthy choice midweek and this could soon become a staple choice: the fritters themselves only take minutes to make. 45 minutes Serves 4 EASY tomatoes 6, halvedolive oil rocket 50g halloumi 1 block, sliced Corn fritters: plain flour 75gbaking powder 1 tspegg 1, beatenwhole milk 150mlsweetcorn 1 tin, approx 300g, drainedspring onions 4, chopped Heat the oven to 180c/fan160c/gas4. While the tomatoes are cooking, put the flour and baking powder in a bowl. To serve, stack up fritters with tomatoes, halloumi and rocket in between each layer.PER SERVING 427 kcals, protein 20.2g, carbs 38.2g, fat 22.6g, sat fat 10.9g, fibre 3.1g, salt 3.05g More sweetcorn recipes you might like: Venison sausages with piquant beans.

Roast beef po’ boy. Po’ boy sandwiches are a New Orleans specialty.

Roast beef po’ boy

They come stuffed to the brim with all kinds of fillings; shrimp, oyster, crawfish and in this case, slow-cooked beef in gravy. There is no polite way of eating these, so make sure there are plenty of napkins on hand. 3 hours 40 minutes + resting Serves 8 Easy beef topside 1kg piece garlic 4 cloves, cut into sliverscayenne pepper 1 tspoil beef stock 500ml carrot 1, quarteredcelery 1 stick, quarteredonion 1, quarteredblack peppercorns 6bay leaves 2cornflour 1 tbsp. Salami and meatball lasagne Recipe. Creamy rich lasagne Recipe. Haddock & leek au gratin with sweetcorn mash. Roasted ratatouille & goat’s cheese tart. Green chicken biryani Recipe. Merguez beanpot. Spicy sausage ravioli and wilted leaves with fennel and chilli-infused butter Recipe. Spicy prawn soup. Crab, mango, basil and coriander noodles Recipe. Chipotle black bean chilli with guacamole Recipe. Sautéed chicken with white wine, shallots and tarragon Recipe. Chicken tikka. You can colour your chicken as red as you like, or leave out colouring for a natural look.

Chicken tikka

Skewer these thighs with the bone in for a better shape, plus having the bone in means you can eat them with your fingers if you like. 1 hour + marinating Serves 4 EASY garlic 2 cloves, crushed ginger 40g, peeled and grated coriander a small bunch, finely choppedGreek yoghurt 100mlwhole chicken thighs 8 (leave the bone in and pull the skin off) lemons 2, 1 juiced, 1 cut into wedges Tandoori spice blend: black peppercorns 1 tspcumin seeds 1/2 tsp, toastedcoriander seeds 1 tsp, toastedcinnamon stick 5cm piece cayenne pepper 1 tsppowdered beetroot or other red colouring Start by grinding all the tandoori spices together. Skewer the thighs onto long metal skewers, pushing a skewer through each side of each under the bone and putting 3 thighs on each set of skewers.

Haddock & leek au gratin with sweetcorn mash. Lamb-stuffed aubergines. These lamb-stuffed aubergines take the flavours of a traditional Greek moussaka – aubergines, minced lamb, cinnamon and cumin – without the layering process.

Lamb-stuffed aubergines

Borlotti and runner beans with sage, tomato and garlic Recipe. Thai yellow fish curry Recipe. Tomato and courgette gratin with sourdough crumbs Recipe. Ajo blanco with red grapes Recipe. Spicy sausage ravioli and wilted leaves with fennel and chilli-infused butter Recipe. Pan-fried chicken with Tuscan beans Recipe. Smoky puréed butter beans on toast with cured ham Recipe. All-in-one fish supper. Tomato, merguez sausage and cannellini summer stew Recipe. Ricotta gnocchi with cherry tomatoes and sage Recipe. Parmesan roast chicken thighs with lentils Recipe. Roast bloody mary tomato soup Recipe. Sausage & veg one-pot. Simple crab cakes with fennel remoulade. Fennel has a lovely aniseed flavour that is a great match for fish and seafood. Remoulade is a classic French sauce made with a piquantly flavoured mayo. It’s often used to dress celeriac but this is a seasonal variation. 50 minutes EASY Serves 4 cooked white crabmeat 400gmayonnaise 3 tbspspring onion 2, finely chopped flat-leaf parsley chopped to make 3 tbspeggs 2, beatenfresh breadcrumbs butter.

Prawn jalfrezi. Meat-free Monday: Baked spinach and ricotta pancakes. Using pancakes in this dish makes a change from pasta and clever shortcuts mean this is ready in an under an hour. 45 minutes Serves 4 EASY onion 1 large, halved and slicedbuttergarlic 1 clove, crushedspinach 1 bag, about 250g, washedricotta 1 x 250g tublemon 1, zestedparmesan 50g, gratedready-made pancakes 8 (look for ones without added sugar)tomato pasta sauce 350g jar, good quality Heat the oven to 200c/fan180c/gas6. Giant couscous with courgette, fig and goat's cheese Recipe. Tuna, broccoli, tomatoes and chickpeas Recipe. Green soup with chorizo almond crumble Recipe. Chilli con carne with avocado and chilli salsa Recipe.