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Works of João Dias. Photoshop Car Rendering Tutorial Step 07. Interview: Richard Duff from GM. We have had the wonderful opportunity to interview Richard Duff of General Motors.

Interview: Richard Duff from GM

Richard has most recently worked on the 2010 Buick LaCrosse and the 2010 Buick Invicta. He is doing some amazing work and is definitely helping the Buick brand to produce some heat! Look for these nice looking cars on the road soon! 1. How long have you been a car designer and what is your schooling background? My real schooling began from a very young age, growing up around my parent’s business, making cool parts for the Classic Ford Bronco. The Invicta Concept was really a chance for the design team to show the public the direction we wanted to head with Buick in the future. The biggest element of the design that I fought for from day one was the “sweepspear”, that character line that runs along the shoulder and bounces over the rear wheel. 4. That really varies depending on what stage a project is in.

I would say to be patient and persistent. 2011 Audi E-tron Spyder Hybrid Concept sketch. Speedpainting_01. The techniques of Mikael Lugnegård. Car Design Online. This illustration of Ford's Mustang GT Coupe concept has most likely been developed from a sketch and then reworked in a programme such as Adobe Photoshop.

Car Design Online

The image is particularly powerful because of its crisp lines and blurred movement effect. Creating this effect is arduous with traditional airbrush techniques but is far more straight-forward in Photoshop. First of all, an image is scanned in and cleaned up, removing unwanted elements and adjusting the brightness and contrast. To create the airbrushed effects, a path is drawn around an area - accurately demarcating the section to be airbrushed. Then, the path is made into a selection marquee, a new layer is created and the desired brush tool can be used within the specific area.

Click here for an example of Photoshop in action on a rough thumbnail sketch. Lugneg?rd Design. Mikael Lugnegard Traditional Sketch rendering. Website design and creation by Allan Macdonald.

Mikael Lugnegard Traditional Sketch rendering

All rights reserved. Contact: Michael Lugnegard - Interview What is your passion? What motivates you? Under which circumstance do you develop the most and perform the best? Mats Sjogren, Fun Bee Drawing In this tutorial Mats Sjögren guides us through a technique he uses to produce fun concept sketches and ideas. Other Articles you may enjoy Mikael Lugnegard, Pencil Sketching Video Tutorial To celebrate the creation of his new web site Mikael has put together a new video tutorial. Mark Randall, Marker Rendering In this tutorial, Mark will show us a sketch rendering using traditional markers and pastels. …or if you don’t know when to stop you can do something like this.

Now it's time to bring the sketch into Photoshop ( I use CS 2). One thing that is really difficult to do good is wheels. I continue to work the sketch with more reflections until I fell OK with it. How about door panel/car body reflections? Tutorials - Quick Sketch Technique. Stage 6 Now that you can begin to add colour to the design, the process is very similar to a side view sketch.

Tutorials - Quick Sketch Technique

You can see that I have used a dark grey marker, in a similar manner as the side views, to colour all of the windows. The reason for using such a dark colour on these elements, and a light colour on the bodywork, is that it makes the sketch easier to read. At a glance you can get a feel for the shape and graphic of the vehicle, because of the strong contrast. Moog. Hand Drawing and Sketching Tutorials.