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Chic des Plantes ! Infusions et bouillons de haute qualité 100% bio. How to Make Nukadoko (Fermented Rice Bran Bed) for Pickling. I’ve always been fascinated by fermentation in its many forms, from the souring of cabbage in sauerkraut to the souring of grains in a whole-grain feed made for chickens. The sourness happens through the proliferation of Lactobacilli in your food, and simply by letting this good bacteria accumulate over a few days or a few weeks, you (and your gut) will get all the benefits of these natural (and delicious) probiotics.

Long a fan of Japanese rice bran pickles, or nukazuke, I’ve wanted to make my own at home but knew that the art of fermenting food in nukadoko (a fermented bed of rice bran) required a long-term commitment in the kitchen. While making homemade nukazuke is fast and easy compared to, say, sauerkraut, inoculating the nukadoko does take more than a few steps the first week, and then an everyday routine to keep your bed flourishing with beneficial bacteria. Yes, every day. By hand.

Pain & Levain

The best ever chicken liver pate. I love to serve chicken liver pate with a crispy melba toast and a dollop of something sweet.

The best ever chicken liver pate

Its silken smooth so it needs the crunch. The Marmalade offers a bitter-sweet flavour which is rather delicious and quite Christmassy too. If you want to be really wild, stir a splash of whiskey into the marmalade to give it that boozy edge. MIELS HONLY. Le chinotto de Lurisia par 4. No Bake Lattice Slice - Create Bake Make. Chicken wonton soup – smitten kitchen. I don’t know why it took me so long to make this as it combines the only two things I ever want when I’m sick: chicken noodle and wonton soup.

chicken wonton soup – smitten kitchen

The thing is, when you’re sick, you absolutely do not want to cook anything. (Also sometimes when we’re well, to be completely honest. Shh, don’t tell anyone.) And so for a couple nights, we picked up a decent chicken noodle soup in the neighborhood, but when we tired of that, ordered wonton soup instead. Sichuanese Wontons in Chilli Oil Sauce (_Hong You Chao Shou_) recipe.

Of all Chinese dumplings, wontons are the simplest to make, if you buy ready-made wrappers.

Sichuanese Wontons in Chilli Oil Sauce (_Hong You Chao Shou_) recipe

They cook in minutes and have a delightfully slippery mouthfeel. In Sichuan, the source of this recipe, they are known as "folded arms" (chao shou). Some say this is because the raw dumplings look like the folded arms of a person sitting back in relaxation; others that it's because of the way they are wrapped, with one corner crossed over the other and the two pinched together. The basic wontons can be served in a host of different ways and this Chengdu version is one of my favorites, with its sumptuous, heart-warming sauce. Salmon poke that is sushi in a bowl. Poke – pronounced “poh-kay”, is one of the hottest dishes to eat in the world right now and I’m seeing it all over the Internet.

Salmon poke that is sushi in a bowl

Sited as a top food trend for 2016 by Food 52 poke is something I have wanted to make for a while. Here in South Africa it’s pretty unknown and I’ve only seen it on one restaurant menu, so it will probably start catching on next year or in 2018. This is also my dream food because it combines so many things I love, raw and cooked elements, fresh flavours and crunchy texture. You can really go mad with seemingly endless variations of this dish that originates in Hawaii, and adapt it directly to your own taste preference. For my first rendition of the dish – and I say first because I’m planning on doing many more, I wanted it to taste like a bowl of my favourite sushi. Pumpkin rolls with rosemary and sea salt. Its October and the food internet is awash with pumpkin recipes again, and Pinterest turns orange as people scramble to post as many squash recipes as they can ahead of Halloween.

Pumpkin rolls with rosemary and sea salt

Of course they are also in full season in the Northern Hemisphere for Autumn. Pumpkin is around here too even though we are heading towards summer, so when I saw these delicious looking rolls I knew I needed to make a pumpkin version. Preparare le pasta ripiene. Butternut squash and caramelized onion galette – smitten kitchen. I love fall.

butternut squash and caramelized onion galette – smitten kitchen

I mean, I know how decidedly unoriginal that is to say, but I can’t help it. I just want to inhale it, take a picture of every flame-thrown tree, mull over all of its cider and crunch through all of its dried leaves. Salted chocolate chunk cookies – smitten kitchen. CROUSTIMOELLEUX pour 8 personnes - Recettes Elle à Table. Cake à la feta et aux herbes fraîches Recette. Je viens d’une famille de juillettistes farouches, et le 14 juillet nous étions donc chaque année en Haute-Savoie, à croiser les doigts pour que les orages d’été ne compromettent pas la fête.

Cake à la feta et aux herbes fraîches Recette

Ce sont des souvenirs d’enfance joyeux, les années se mêlant pour former une seule soirée : descente aux flambeaux au crépuscule, feu d’artifice, étoiles dans les yeux, et douceur particulière de se sentir portée, endormie, de la voiture jusque dans son lit à une heure tardive de la nuit. Super Bol - Saumon rôti & Kale. Un peu gay dans les coings...: Pastrami maison fumé à froid. Convertir une recette de pain à la levure pour utiliser son levain. Donuts. Crumpets au levain naturel Recette. The fabulous tale of a maple syrup tart. “ Oysters, sea urchin, herring, Banka trout, haddock, eel and scallops are at the heart of this cuisine, which tends to put the freshness of the ingredients forward without smoothing over their natural imperfections”.

The fabulous tale of a maple syrup tart

We wrote the latter a couple of months ago about the opening of Bertrand Grebaut’s “seafood restaurant” Clamato. This time, we want to tell you about another signature item at Clamato: the maple syrup tart. No one can resist this plump and comforting treat, imagined and created by Erica…Clamato’s executive chef from Quebec. “Today, when I go to grab a coffee at a local coffee shop, people recognize me as the maple syrup tart girl”, she tells us, with a hint of shyness coupled with mischief. For Erica, this tart is above all a family affair, and a testimony to spring.

It all started one night at Septime during the staff family meal. But not just any tart. La kitchenette de Miss Tâm. Last-Minute Holiday Gift: Homemade Orange-Spiced Wine: Remodelista. Older Last-Minute Holiday Gift: Homemade Orange-Spiced Wine by Margot Guralnick Issue 51 · Winter's Tale · December 24, 2014 Newer Issue 51 · Winter's Tale · December 24, 2014 I live in a hidden bucolic corner of Riverdale, in the Bronx, and it's a tradition in my neighborhood to leave little surprises on each other's doorsteps during the holidays.

Last-Minute Holiday Gift: Homemade Orange-Spiced Wine: Remodelista

Photography by Margot Guralnick for Remodelista. Above: Navel oranges ready for this season's batch. Above: The recipe came from Gourmet magazine—it appeared in a 2012 special-edition collection of Gourmet Holiday Recipes that I helped compile. Above: Remove the peel in a single spiral, one per bottle (don't worry; if it breaks, it works equally well and looks just as good). Above: In addition to white wine—Pinot Grigio and Sauvignon Blanc are good choices—the secret ingredients are Grand Marnier, Pernod, and sugar.

To my surprise, several recipients have asked if I make the wine from scratch—and I'm happy to be known as the neighborhood vintner. Recette de blettes, anchois marinés et mozzarella d'Edouard Giribone. Old-Fashioned Pecan Pie Recipe. Photo by William Abranowicz yield Makes 8 servings active time 35 min total time 5 hr (includes making pastry and cooling pie) It's impossible to go wrong with pecan pie.

Old-Fashioned Pecan Pie Recipe

Especially one that is really loaded with nuts, has a little verve from orange zest, and isn't overly sweet—exactly like the one here. Preparation Preheat oven to 350°F with a baking sheet on middle rack. Roll out dough on a lightly floured surface with a lightly floured rolling pin into a 12-inch round and fit into a 9-inch pie plate. Cheddar Buttermilk Waffle BLTs. I still have daydreams of my Dance Like Nobody’s Watching jaunt in the laundromat.

I haven’t done it yet mostly because I’m scared and also… I’m not Beyonce. The daydreams are still there. They’ve transferred from my Venice Beach laundromat to the streets of the French Quarter. Tempura crevettes.