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Coffee Table

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10 Simple Steps To Picking Your Ideal Coffee Table. A living room without a coffee table is a lot like a supermodel without lipstick, undone. Just as lipstick is one detail that can complete a look, so too can the perfect coffee table. Coffee tables serve several purposes; from completing a look, to storage and display they are much needed in a space. The question is which style will work for your room. Should you go with a wood one with chunky legs, metallic with a glass top; should it be round, square or rectangular? Fascinating Design Combining Gothic Inspiration and Modern Techniques. Created by Japanese designer Nobu Miake of Design Soil, the Cathedral Side Table stands for the idea of recognizing the value of modern design in the well-known Gothic lines.

Made from molded plywood elements that were joined together by two types of metal fittings, the side table design impresses through the inspiring interconnection of the beech wood and the supporting glass and metal parts. The side table’s strength lies in the correlation between its elements: “Although the parts themselves have only limited strength, once they are assembled into a complete structure, all the force applying onto the structure will be redirected towards the center, and hence gives it stability and strength.” Inspired by Gothic architecture, the low Cathedral Side table brings a bit of history into a contemporary home, giving you the opportunity to express your love for old, impressive architecture and modern design lines.

Can you imagine yourself enjoying it in your home? Tribute to Dematerialization: Legnoquadro Table by Hangar Design Group. We received an original table project designed by Hangar Design Group for company Horm, entitled “Legnoquadro “. Here is the press release we were sent: “The clean forms and basic features of wood converge were taken advantage of to create an item that merges aesthetics and functionality. The initial idea centered on a furnishing accessory that would fit into various domestic environments, charging them with personality. Legnoquadro is a piece of furniture created through the philosophy of dematerialization, the thought of deconstruction that, by subtracting the material essence, becomes the true protagonist of the project. An ultra light, excavated core, a rhythmic cube built with same-sized, square-based pieces that differ in height. The geometrical composure of the top is made of various wood types in contrasting shades.

Practical Reclaimed Wood Mixtape Coffee Table. Gone are the days when mixtapes made our hearts skip a beat – especially if the person you love spent their time choosing the best songs for you.

Practical Reclaimed Wood Mixtape Coffee Table

Now, helping us remember simpler times, designer Jeff Skierka came up with this interesting Mixtape Table – a coffee table made out of reclaimed maple, walnut and lucite ( transparent thermoplastic acrylic resin). Protected by a plexiglass tabletop and supported by three simple transparent stands, the Mixtape Coffee Table is the result of the designer’s “obsession” – it has been on his mind for 5 years. Versatile TOAD Side Table Exploring New Forms of Stability by Philipp Beisheim. We received photos and information about a creative furniture project entitled TOAD side table, developed by Philipp Beisheim, an artist currently living in Germany. The designer told us that his aim is not to try to solve problems, it is much more about creating new situations, that simplifies a discussion by bringing in a new context. During the design process a number of difficulties will come along, and the challenge is to solve these in a well-considered and creative way.

An object needs to be designed to mean something to those who use it, so that the owner or user can develop a special bond with it over the years, placed into a contemporary context. The Outcome is frequently experimental in its use of materials and often inspired by pure need and relies more on invention and reduction than on the refinement of previous styles. TOAD side table is an exploration in creating new forms by adding stability to an object. Case Coffee Table. Coffee Table with Storage. Balance Coffee Table. "Media" Sliding Table by Sergey Saava. We’re supposed to embrace the one remote that rules all but even I have 4 separate ones sitting on my coffee table now. Tho I always know to keep them all in one place, some people are scatter cats. The Media Table by Sergey Saava is an ordinary media center with a sliding box to keep all your remotes in check.

I especially like the double pane design element within the main box. Snazzy. Designer: Sergey Saava. Daydream Table. Up Top Or Bottom?

Daydream Table

The Daydream table looks like an ordinary shabby chic coffee table but it hides multiple trap doors for included vases that can go on top or down below – depending on your needs. Nothing I dislike more than being lazy on a Sunday afternoon on my couch with a bunch of vases blocking my view. Instead of angrily pushing them all to the floor, now they’re neatly tucked away. Out of sight, out of mind.

Designer: Yu Zhao. "Stink Tree" Think Stink!

"Stink Tree"

Where there once was a tree, there is now a coffee table.. take that nature! Paying homage to or simply mocking nature’s grandeur, the “Stink Tree” coffee table by Dylan Gold is a beautifully crafted furnishing inspired by the silhouette of the Tree-of-heaven, also known as ailanthus, Chinese sumac, stinking shumac or simply, the “Stink Tree.” Made of solid mdf layers coated in automotive laquer and clear coat, this walnut veneer coated sample is just that. If you want your very own unique Stink Tree, the laminates and extruded graphic are all customizable. End Table MODERNREVISION. Time Table Mixer Would that this table were a time table!


Oh, but it is. Partially recycled and partially newly made, this table is but a time table, taken here and there from points in design, oh the frankensteining is immense! Ants - Table. fANTastic Table In case my title wasn’t obvious enough, this is the Ant Table by Oliver Nikolic – a modern take on a coffee table that emphasizes simplicity and functionality by using simple materials; wood and glass.

Ants - Table

Two tabletops at different levels are connected with gently curved legs. Look closely and you may see how it got its name. It’s an ideal compliment to any contemporary living space and every aspect of the design expresses a simplicity that gives it a timless qualitty. Long Legs spidertable. The Longest Legged Spidertable This right here is the daddy of the spider tables.

Long Legs spidertable

Actually the “Daddy Long Legs” table, designed and made by Elvis Tomljenovic and Samir Secerkadic. Driftwood coffee table. Driftwood Table!

Driftwood coffee table

Driftwood Table! For years now, people who buy hand-made goods have been pumped up about weathered wood. Barnwood! Slide-puzzle Play-table. Play!

Slide-puzzle Play-table

– Coffee Table by BCXSY Studio PLAY! Consists of a collection of products that was conceived out of a desire to bring a sense of nostalgia and playfulness into the grown-up environment. Recognizable childhood motifs and patterns are reborn and remolded into new designs for furniture, lighting, and home ware. The PLAY! Designer: BCXSY. Louis XXI Coffee Table.

Louis XXI Table Makes A Social Statement The Louis XXI coffee table follows the classic design lines prevalent during the time of Louis XVI but injects a bit of social rhetoric by inset, criss crossing grooves.

Louis XXI Coffee Table

Tee Teable. Tea Time!

Tee Teable

Set The Table A tea table designed for a new age of lose leaf tea drinkers to sit, sip, store, and share. The Teable has a compartment covered with a serving tray. You can store your favorite tea trappings and accessories underneath. Teable was inspired by Japanese tea ceremonies, focusing on how tea is plated, made, and served. Designer: Molly Krantz. Writable – Table With Writing Surface.