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Crochet - Stitches & Techniques

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How To: Crinkle Free Granny Square Borders. Joining Granny Squares. When I join my Granny Squares together I always choose to crochet them rather than stitch them.

Joining Granny Squares

Its just the way that appeals to me, although many of my hooking buddies prefer the stitching method. I guess it's a personal preference. And as many of you have asked me to supply this information, here you have it :: my take on joining the Grannies, in usual Attic24 style with waaaaay too many pictures I suspect. But hey, I want you to get it and not struggle with it, and I think pictures do the job better than words. Ok, firstly put your two squares together, Right Sides together. So your hook goes through the outside loop of the square nearest to you.... ...then through the outside loop of the square farthest away. Start at the right hand corner, you are working right to left. Put hook through OUTSIDE LOOPS of the corner stitches, and hook your yarn through both loops. Crochet Invisible Decrease. Invisible Decrease Link easily to this tutorial in your patterns: If you’ve been making amigurumi, you may be lamenting the gap or bump that forms when you decrease.

Crochet Invisible Decrease

The standard methods of decreasing are to sc2tog, which can leave a bit of a bump and a small gap, or to skip a stitch, which leaves an obvious gap. There has to be a better way… and there is! The invisible decrease really is as good as its name claims – it’s almost impossible to see, even if you know what you’re looking for. The invisible decrease method will probably take a few attempts to master, but, just like the magic ring, it’s one of those techniques that’s so good, you’ll wonder how you ever crocheted without it!

How do I make an Invisible Decrease? Choose your preferred learning method! Invisible Decrease for right-handers Before we begin: Insert the hook into the front loop of the first stitch (2 loops on hook). Insert the hook into the front loop of the next stitch. Swing hook down… How To Add Crochet Trim To Any Fabric Edge. September 9th, 2008 Email 34 users recommend Crochet gives a handmade edge to this simple T-shirt.

How To Add Crochet Trim To Any Fabric Edge

Cal Patch The shirt with the neckband cut off. Photo: Cal Patch. Free Hairpin Lace Instructions & Patterns. Lots of Crochet Stitches by M. J. Joachim. Links To Learn Crochet Stitches Techniques Step By Step With Photos Or Diagrams. Crochet Stitches & Techniques. A Beginner's Guide To Interlock Crochet. If you are ready for a challenging crochet project, then this is it!

A Beginner's Guide To Interlock Crochet

I am a quick learner who loves a challenge! Rarely do I find a project or technique that makes me feel like giving up. Is it really worth it to stick it out and conquer this thing? Well, this technique sent me for a whirl, but I conquered it after spending an entire day trying to figure it out. My goal here is to save you all the beginner's mistakes and teach you everything you'll need to know to complete your first Interlocking Crochet project. What is Interlocking Crochet? Interlocking Crochet is a method of crocheting two layers of filet-style mesh sheets in such a way that the two layers are woven together to create a single, reversible fabric. 5 Things You Need to Know Before You Begin Pick contrasting colors to make the design pop. Each row of the pattern has a Row1A and Row1B. Color A is always crocheted into Color A. Check and match the gauge provided! Special Stitches for this Technique Chain (ch) Crochet Tutorial: Loop Stitch.

I came across this beautiful loopy stitches few months ago, a reader sent me a picture and asked if I know how to crochet it… I didn’t have a clue that time, curiosity leaded me to find out more and spent some moment to practice and master the skill.

Crochet Tutorial: Loop Stitch

Here I am, sharing with you how to crochet it (scroll down for the video demo). I am doing a couple of projects by using this loop stitch, detail to follow soon. It is called loop stitch or fur stitch. So far, I haven’t found any abbreviation for it, so I am going to call it by name… Loop stitch. The loop can vary from long to short, depends on how long you want it to be.

There are 2 ways of crocheting it, 1 strand over or 2 strands over into the stitch. The working is similar to as crochet a SC (single crochet), the only thing that you have to do is to wrap the yarn onto your finger and pull both strands through the stitch….. watch the video demo for better illustration. Additional info you may want to know: 1. Print / Download PDF. Crocodile Crochet Stitch. I came across a lovely pattern on that included using, what they called, the Crocodile Stitch.

Crocodile Crochet Stitch

Firstly, I have no problem paying for a pattern that someone has created and posted on the internet. I have no problem paying for an item that I don't want to make myself, from the internet.