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MIMEA 2.0. 10 Apps To Boost Your Instagram Photos (iPhone and Android!) The last couple of weeks have been huge for Instagram.

10 Apps To Boost Your Instagram Photos (iPhone and Android!)

First, they launched their app for Android phones (yay!) And next, they sold their 18-month-old company to that other social media giant, Facebook (for a cool $1 billion). With Instagram’s Android downloads already topping 5 million, it’s clear the photo-sharing app is hot (and not going anywhere, anytime soon)! As I’m sure you’ve noticed from our many posts, the IFB office is one of Instagram’s biggest fans, and we’re so happy we can finally share all that enthusiasm with Android smart phone users. Being the tech-savvy, bordering-on-obsessive users that we are, sometimes the app’s filters aren’t quite enough for us. Below, we present 10 extra camera and photography apps that are sure to make your Instagram photos even better. Create a Grid of Photos: Effects: Online Deutsch lernen. I Breaking news, US, World, Science, Discovery, Mystery, Prophetic.

Creationists Buy Robot To Study Tech Impact On Humanity A group of evangelical Christians has bought a Nao robot to explore the impact of humanoid robotics and artificial intelligence on humanity . I Breaking news, US, World, Science, Discovery, Mystery, Prophetic

In 1925, creationists at the Scopes Trial in Tennessee argued against the theory of evolution and in favour of biblical truth. Now, 90 years later, a group of similarly fundamentalist Christians from nearby North Carolina has spent $16,000 (£9,500) on a humanoid Nao robot to explore what is arguably the next stage of evolution on Earth, the coming of the robots. The Nao is an autonomous programmable humanoid robot developed by Aldebaran Robotics based in Paris, France, and more than 200 of them are already in use at universities and colleges around the world.

Stem Cell Researchers Just Figured Out How To Create New Embryos A team of researchers from the University of Virginia just made scientific history: They figured out how to turn stem cells into full blown fish embryos. Gardner's Multiple Intelligences. Howard Gardner of Harvard has identified seven distinct intelligences.

Gardner's Multiple Intelligences

This theory has emerged from recent cognitive research and "documents the extent to which students possess different kinds of minds and therefore learn, remember, perform, and understand in different ways," according to Gardner (1991). According to this theory, "we are all able to know the world through language, logical-mathematical analysis, spatial representation, musical thinking, the use of the body to solve problems or to make things, an understanding of other individuals, and an understanding of ourselves.

Learn Chinese - Clear and Easy Mandarin Lessons. Top 6 Sites that Inspire and Educate. If you’re a professional who likes to be intellectually stimulated and you enjoy keeping up with the latest news and breaking trends, the internet provides you with an endless choice of carefully curated sites to visit.

Top 6 Sites that Inspire and Educate

Today, we bring you six of them that we believe are leaps and bounds above the rest. Cool Websites, Software and Internet Tips. Critical Thinking: A Path to College and Career. Math problems + puzzle for kids. Differentiation Daily. Privnote - Send notes that will self-destruct after being read. Super Study Strategies for the Foreign Language Student. Flashcards: The world's largest online library of printable flash cards. - Upgrade your KWL Chart to th 21st Century.

0 Comments July 22, 2011 By: Silvia Tolisano Jul 22 Written by: 7/22/2011 12:39 AM ShareThis One of the take aways from the Curriculum Mapping Institute this past week was that it brought an upgrade to THE trusted KWL (Know, What to Know and Learned) Chart to the forefront.

- Upgrade your KWL Chart to th 21st Century

Learn with Flashcards. Group 1 Don’t settle for just any verb, learn one of the top 100 German verbs!

learn with Flashcards

Learn for free with audio flash cards and the dangerously addictive Lingo Dingo! Which verb will help you save the world? OTHER. Great Site: Grimm Grammar. Prepositions/Cases. Best online dictionary. Use Computers to Teach Math. German Practice. Access German. German Game Lessons. German Quizzes. German PODcast. Cool German.

Pictures and Sound. Mint - Personal Finance, Budgeting, Money Management, Financial Management, Money Manager, Budget Planner, Free Budget Software, Online Banking. Wikisource - the free library. ERIC – World’s largest digital library of education literature. Learn how Everything Works!".

Wonder How To » How To Videos & How-To Articles. Videojug - Get Good At Life. The world’s best how to videos plus free expert advice and tutorials. TED: Ideas worth spreading. Lackadaisy Expressions. Boy, I didn't know what I was getting myself into when I started this.

Lackadaisy Expressions

I've had requests for some sort of expressions tutorial dating back a while now, so I figured, "Sure! I can explain expression drawing...and it'll be way better than all those tutorials out there that are nothing but charts of generic expressions. Yeah! Just give me a day or two to whip something up... " Um. Welcome to Open Library. Project Gutenberg. Free-eBooks. eBrary. - Ad-free eBooks for your iPad, smartphone, or eBook reader. WorldCat : About-Your-Human-Design. Bill Gates personality analysis. Index of free personality tests and intelligence tests.

Easy German. Teachers TV. Picture Dictionary. German Videos. Videos and exercises. Watch. Human-design.jpg 1 275 × 1 139 pixels. Bodygraph-with-hexagrams.jpg 1 712 × 1 696 pixels. Rabody1.gif 1 072 × 1 062 pixels. Genetic Matrix - Incarnation Crosses. Human Design – Incarnation Crosses All of us were born or “incarnated” with an incarnation cross theme for our lives.

Genetic Matrix - Incarnation Crosses

This theme represents where your life direction or life purpose lies IF you follow your strategy and inner inner authority correctly. There are 768 basic Incarnation cross variations in Human Design.448 are Right Angle crosses – Personal Destiny.256 are Left Angle Crosses – Transpersonal Destiny.64 are Juxtaposition crosses – Fixed Fate.The 768 basic Incarnation Crosses have been given 112 thematic names.It is this thematic name that appears on your Human Design chart. Human Design – Genetic Matrix. Richard Rudd's The Issue of the Manifesting Generator. The Issue of the Manifesting Generator Richard Rudd The Issue of the Manifesting Generator - Am I the fifth Type?

Richard Rudd's The Issue of the Manifesting Generator

The more time that passes with Human Design in my life, the more I am sure of the greatest secret it brings to me - That secret is the secret of the Aura. If you know how to be yourself, your aura begins to hum. MapMaker Page Maps. "Flowing Water" 30mins by a Stream! Natural Sounds. 3 Hours Logs Burning in Fireplace! Visuwords™ online graphical dictionary and thesaurus. Lexipedia - Where words have meaning.

Discover over 70,000+ databases and specially search engines. IncyWincy: The Invisible Web Search Engine. DeepPeep: discover the hidden web. MapMaker Page Maps.