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Week of 2-8 January 2021 | Semaine du 2-8 janvier 2021

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This collection includes recent organizational agility content and related domains found during the last week. Click on the image below the title to access the document.

Cette collection inclut du contenu récent en agilité organisationnelle et de sujets connexes répertorié au cours de la dernière semaine. Cliquez sur l'image sous le titre pour accéder au document. COVID-19 and the great reset: Briefing note #37, January 6, 2021. COVID-19: Briefing note #48, March 31, 2021 Special Report.

COVID-19 and the great reset: Briefing note #37, January 6, 2021

Summary of 12th Global Peter Drucker Forum 2020. MIT Sloan Management Review. Topics Frontiers An MIT SMR initiative exploring how technology is reshaping the practice of management.

MIT Sloan Management Review

See All Articles in This Section Already a member? 9 Tech Trends for 2021: What Leaders Should Think and Do About Them. Cross-Team Meetings Don’t Have to Be a Waste of Time. Working across silos is fraught with challenges, especially when it comes to meetings.

Cross-Team Meetings Don’t Have to Be a Waste of Time

Turf wars, internal politics, and lack of focus all interfere with a productive conversation, leading to wasted time and frustration. Fortunately, there are ways... There is a frustrating familiarity about meetings with other departments, with an outcome you can predict even before the conversation begins: Heads will nod, there will be vague statements or a call for more data, and then unfailingly, you’ll repeat the same conversation repeated next time. Eyes roll, progress stalls, yet no one calls out this waste of words and time. In my work with executive teams, I’ve found that one of the biggest challenges my clients face is the struggle to work across silos, for many reasons. Meetings are a manifestation of this insecurity. Fortunately, there is a quick, simple way to extract more juice from each meeting — to solve problems faster, reduce repetition, and be more productive.

Create context. One start-up’s successful organizational approach to speed and flexibility. Agile is a powerful approach to creating value at speed but can be misunderstood and misapplied.

One start-up’s successful organizational approach to speed and flexibility

Start-ups, which need to be able to respond and pivot quickly and continuously, need agile methodologies to be part of their business DNA. Anuj Srivastava, cofounder and CEO of Livspace, an interior design and renovation platform in Asia, discussed the game-changing advantages of embedding agile into his company’s culture with McKinsey’s Tomas Laboutka. Key insight #1: The true power of agile is the way it enables companies to respond quickly and effectively to any situation. Tomas Laboutka: From its beginnings as a tech-centric way of working, agile quickly became the model for product development at most start-ups before establishing itself as a general way of coordinating business-related tasks.

Adaptability in the Workplace. Obsessions de 15 leaders pour 2021. «Ne jamais revenir comme avant».

Obsessions de 15 leaders pour 2021

Un bon moyen de lancer l’année, non? C’est l’engagement que 15 leaders d’entreprises québécoises ont pris dans le cadre d’un groupe de réflexion initié par Nathalie Larue en avril dernier. Nous avons cru bon de vous raconter comment nous en sommes arrivés là. Vous partager comment nous avons évolué au cours de la si particulière année 2020, pour finalement aboutir à 15 «obsessions» qui ont pour objectif de s’assurer qu’on tire des leçons de l’expérience vécue en pandémie. L’histoire débute en mars lorsque Caroline décida spontanément d’inviter des leaders qu’elle connaissait, «tout simplement pour se faire du bien!» Puis, en avril, Nathalie prit le relais, en quelque sorte, pour utiliser cette «pause forcée» comme une opportunité d’évoluer en tant que leader. En cours de route, le partage des ressentis dans ces moments particuliers de nos vies de leaders est plus intime. Derisking digital and analytics transformations. A bank was in the midst of a digital transformation, and the early stages were going well.

Derisking digital and analytics transformations

It had successfully transformed its development teams into agile squads, and leaders were thrilled with the resulting speed and productivity gains. But within weeks, leadership discovered that the software developers had been taking a process shortcut that left customer usernames and passwords vulnerable to being hacked. The transformation team fixed the issue, but then the bank experienced another kind of hack, which compromised the security of customer data. Create the Future + the Innovation Handbook: Tactics for Disruptive Thinking (March 2020) by Jeremy Gutsche and Malcolm Gladwell. Leading Exponential Change: Go beyond Agile and Scrum to run even better business transformations (2018) by Erich R. Bühler. Focused, Fast and Flexible: Creating Agility Advantage in a VUCA World (2015) by Tom O'Shea and Nick Horney.

How to Design a Strategy Execution Plan. (Part 2 of our series on organizational strategy, “How to Design a Strategy Execution Plan” is also available as a webinar with expanded content.

How to Design a Strategy Execution Plan

Part 1 of this series, “Overcome Strategy Failure: Three Principles to Bring Your Strategy to Life” explains why 80% of launched strategies fail and presents three powerful principles to help you successfully implement your strategy.) Making change happen is a monumental task. How do you move people from passively hearing a change initiative to actually accepting and living it? We create what we call an activation plan. Components of an Activation Plan An activation plan combines the change you want to see with what we know about how people adapt to change, giving you a roadmap of activities to get people onboard.

We're Going Agile. Next month marks the 20th anniversary of the Agile Manifesto.

We're Going Agile

Twenty years ago, 17 software engineers went skiing in Utah. After bonding over their shared frustrations on the state of software development, they drafted the Manifesto for Agile Software Development.