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DIY :: Origami Christmas Tree
Regular followers will know of my obsession with all things paper, and with projects which take very little time or specialist skill. As Christmas draws ever closer, I’ve been experimenting with different types of festive stars and bring you some simple projects to try today. My usual reassuring criteria apply; these had to be things I could a) get right the first time – or very occasionally the second; b) could do in front of the TV, merlot in hand, and c) look far more elegant and skilled than the actual labour would suggest. I hope you’ll agree! Below you’ll find my instructions on how to make each of these stars; the classic 5-point Amish barn stars, 6-point folding stars and concertina or snowflake stars, which look beautiful hung in windows. Starstruck at Christmas « Kate's Creative Space Starstruck at Christmas « Kate's Creative Space
Little giftbags and advent-calendar Hi, and welcome to my "home for Christmas, day 2!!! :) :)I'm really in a bit of a hurry today. I'm off to Moss to have a class.So I'll show you two fast and easy little projects.I really LOVE this little folded "french fry bag" Perfect for a sweet little gift. I've filled mine with some chocolate hearts. Here are easy step-by step pictures, how to fold this bag: Start with a square piece of double sided patterned paper. Little giftbags and advent-calendar

Paper Flowers – Anyone Can Do That | FindInspirations.com

Paper Flowers – Anyone Can Do That | FindInspirations.com Japanese Kusudama, this tutorial is featured on Craftuts Anyone can do that, I assure you. The proof: I can, just take a quick look at my result below. And, believe me, I am neither meticulous nor particularly patient. You could even say I’m the opposite.
Skull-A-Day 4.0 - Tutorial - #27: Skullflake (Snowflake Skull) I love making snowflakes every Winter to decorate the windows. This year I decide for Skull-A-Day that I would make a skullflake (snowflake with a skull design incorporated). Here is the tutorial on how I made mine. Paper - I used standard white computer paper, but you can use something fancier like origami paper, which would add color and additional patterns to the snowflake. Skull-A-Day 4.0 - Tutorial - #27: Skullflake (Snowflake Skull)
Comment fabriquer un sachet à graines ? Comment fabriquer un sachet à graines ? Je vous propose aujourd'hui différentes méthodes pour fabriquer vous-même vos sachets en papier pour conserver vos graines. L'année dernière, je vous avais proposé un article intitulé Comment faire soi-même ses graines. Je vous propose aujourd'hui 2 vidéos vous montrant différents pliages pour confectionner vos sachets et mettre vos graines à l'intérieur. Lorsque je conserve des graines pour moi, j'utilise en général d'anciens pots de compléments alimentaires, mais lorsque je veux donner, offrir ou échanger des graines, j'utilise de beaux petits sachets que je confectionne moi-même. Voici la méthode que j'utilise : Voici une autre méthode, proposée par Terre Vivante, pour faire des sachets plus grands :
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Indoor Boomerang
This instructable, inspired by the proliferation of micro-sized paper airplanes, contains instructions for building a miniature sailplane out of paper and a staple. It has a fuselage measuring 40 millimeters, a wingspan of 60 millimeters, and a height of 7 millimeters. Despite its small size, it has surprisingly good aerodynamics, which is due to the fact that it shares similar dimensions and attributes with full-size sailplanes. This includes: - High aspect-ratio (long and thin) wings for increased lift with less induced drag - Slender and streamlined fuselage for less drag - T-tail empennage/stabilizers for effective pitch and yaw stability - Dihedral for roll stability Mini Staple Sailplane Mini Staple Sailplane
Structural Packaging Structural Packaging With the rising number of entrepreneurs among the creative community handling their own production, the value in high-quality DIY tips becomes increasingly essential. Whether you're a Danish jewelry designer peddling pieces on Etsy, an artisan handcrafting leather belts in the Pacific Northwest or an urban partnership making ties from remnant fabrics found in New York's garment district, the finishing touches—like original packaging—are not to be overlooked. Enter Paul Jackson's comprehensive new book "Structural Packaging: Design Your Own Boxes and 3-D Forms." Packed with step-by-step instructions, the informational guide will teach any novice the fundamentals of bespoke package design or paper sculptures. Jackson encourages reading the book in sequential order for maximum results, beginning with how to design the perfect net—the shape made when a box is unfolded flat, and the foundation for constructing any enclosed, self-locking polyhedron.
Kaleidocycles What is a Kaleidocycle?There is an infinite number of kaleidocycles. The tetrahedra becomes a pyramid then. On this page I introduce and describe special kaleidocycles. Kaleidocycles
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Paperbot - Paper Robot to Print Out and Make Look out puny human! The paper robots are on the march. Download and make this paper robot and help destroy the world! Paperbot - Paper Robot to Print Out and Make
Paper dinosaur. Paper dinosaur. This is the pattern I made for a paper dinosaur. For other models and paper art, see Waljoris on Flickr, Picasaweb, and others. A template has the advantage that the sculpture can be repeated. The line art can be copied, enlarged or reduced on scale. Inventing and assembling such a cut-out kit is also as a form of puzzling or even recreational mathematics.
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