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Artwork: Single Sheet Of Paper

Artwork: Single Sheet Of Paper

Favela Painting: Giving Pride to Brazil’s Poor Favela Painting: Giving Pride to Brazil’s Poor “I’ve never been to a museum in my life, and now I’m living in one,” said one of Brazil‘s poorest of her Vila Cruzeiro favela neighborhood. Dutch artists Jeroen Koolhaas and Dre Urhahn perform a vibrant form of charitable art they call “Favela Painting“. A favela is a Brazilian shanty town that houses the city’s poorest citizens, those who cannot find gainful work or a proper home. The team at Favela Painting travel to Brazil’s favelas, live there among the poor and organize teams of local citizens who join them in their art.

Staples Art Un superbe travail de l’artiste français Baptiste Debombourg créant des œuvres d’art très impressionnantes avec l’utilisation de plus de 35 000 agrafes. Des fresques sur mur intitulées Air Force One et Air Force Two. Plus de détails et d’images dans la suite. 95 websites you should totally bookmark today Google is the internet surfer's best friend and worst enemy. If you know what you're after, just type it into the search engine's famous little box and – hey presto – you'll be given a list of related sites in order of relevance. Such is Google's dominance that its name has become a synonym for search. And rightly so. Searching for something implies you know what you're looking for. How do you ask Google for some brilliant sites, sites which will feed your mind, soul or just let you waste time in style? Our experts have put their thinking caps on and come up with a list of their favourite sites. 20 websites that changed the world Best sites for learning Martin Cooper uncovers the best sites for discovering amazing facts and figures When you're after something to feed your mind, body or soul, you'll be sure to find something on the internet that will make you think. eHow If you're ever in doubt about how to do something, visit eHow. Cooking for engineers The CIA World Factbook

Bruno Catalano - In Search of Missing Pieces ‘In Search of Missing Pieces’ is a series of original sculptures by French artist Bruno Catalono. Caught my eye big time! Via My Modern Met cole rise 5 Real Life Soldiers Who Make Rambo Look Like a Pussy We all understand that action movies are cheesy escapism. After all, could one commando really take out a whole compound full of bad guys? Actually, yes. #5. Who Was He? Simo Hayha had a fairly boring life in Finland. Since the majority of fighting took place in the forest, he figured the best way to stop the invasion was to grab his trusty rifle, a couple of cans of food and hide in a tree all day shooting Russians. Can you spot Hayha? Of course when the Russians heard that dozens of their men were going down and that it was all one dude with a rifle, they got fucking scared. They started by sending out a task force to find Hayha and take him out. Then they tried getting together a team of counter-snipers (which are basically snipers that kill snipers) and sent them in to eliminate Hayha. Over the course of 100 days, Hayha killed 542 people with his rifle. Finally on March 6th, 1940, some lucky bastard shot Hayha in the head with an exploding bullet. ...for about a week. #4. Exactly.

Geek Art Loves Josh Rogan | Josh Rogan is a talented American illustrator who worked on our super-heroes in an awesome modernist style. The kind of paintings you’d like to hang on your living room’s wall. A good thing for you they are sold on Etsy ! You can also go on Josh Rogan’s website modhero to have a look at all his awesome art. More pics in the full article. Enjoy ! Josh Rogan est un illustrateur Américain talentueux qui a commencé il y a quelque temps à peindre nos super-héros sur toile, dans un style moderne qui leur va à ravir. About the Author: Geek-Art « Dan Hipp : Artworks Neil Cameron : A to Z of Awesomeness » ANTILIMIT | creative imagery by Eric M Gustafson Serendipity