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Trump 90 Days Ago: “My People Will Have a Full Report on Hacking Within 90 Days!” Exactly 90 days ago — on Friday, January 13 — Donald Trump, then president-elect, issued a series of tweets attacking the claims in former British MI6 officer Christopher Steele’s “dossier” that the Russian government had long been “cultivating, supporting and assisting” Trump.

Trump 90 Days Ago: “My People Will Have a Full Report on Hacking Within 90 Days!”

Trump called the allegations “phony” and “totally made up” and pledged that “My people will have a full report on hacking within 90 days!” No such full report has appeared, nor is there any evidence that an investigation by the Trump administration is currently underway — or was ever initiated. Reached by phone, Senior Assistant White House Press Secretary Michael Short said, “I’m in the parking lot, I don’t have an update” on the promised report.

Asked when he might be able to provide an update, Short repeated, “I’m in the parking lot.” Donald Trump: Syrian refugees potentially headed to U.S. are mostly men. Donald Trump is now against bringing any Syrian refugees to the United States, saying he has concerns about how many able-bodied men seem to be fleeing the war-torn nation.

Donald Trump: Syrian refugees potentially headed to U.S. are mostly men

This Week host George Stephanopoulos asked Trump on Oct. 4, 2015, why he told a New Hampshire crowd he would send refugees back to Syria should he win the presidency. Trump had previously said he would accept some Syrian refugees for humanitarian reasons. "The migration was strange to me because it seems like so many men," Trump answered. "There aren't that many women, there aren't that many children. It looked like mostly men and they looked like strong men. Stephanopoulos told Trump that half the refugees are children, which led the billionaire to shift gears and question why the United States was planning to take in so many refugees. A weak and paranoid president leads rapidly to a weak and paranoid government. In Donald Trump’s Washington, the first casualty is truth.

A weak and paranoid president leads rapidly to a weak and paranoid government

His dishonesty seeps across the city until it poisons what’s left of anyone’s reputation. Congressional leaders, administration officials, ethics lawyers, America’s moral leadership: it has taken less than three months to undermine them all. Take the case of the hapless Andrew Bowen, a grasping Republican foreign policy blowhard who should be entering a bumper job market. Bowen has a couple of thinktank gigs and a column at the august Arab News, where he committed the cardinal sin of praising Hillary Clinton. Ivanka Trump is exception to dad's 'Buy American' rule. In his January inauguration speech, US President Donald Trump made a seemingly straightforward pledge: "We will follow two simple rules: buy American and hire American.

Ivanka Trump is exception to dad's 'Buy American' rule

" His daughter is the exception: even as he spoke, at least eight shipments of Ivanka Trump-branded shoes, bags and clothes -- more than 53.5 tonnes -- were steaming towards American ports from China, according to US Customs bills of lading examined by AFP. Trump uses his presidential pulpit to censure manufacturers -- both domestic and foreign -- for using overseas labour to make goods for American consumers, but the Ivanka-branded orders have kept rolling in. The Many Business Failures of Donald Trump. Trump Transition Watch. After the Election: ‘What a Pathetic Thing Is Decadence’ Today is finally Election Day, mercifully.

After the Election: ‘What a Pathetic Thing Is Decadence’

Our tireless politics team is live-blogging events throughout the day and into the night. Over the past several weeks, scores and scores of your emails have poured in, covering a wide array of campaign topics, so here’s one final roundup of your smart opinions and analyses as the polls open this morning. (They’re already closed in Dixville Notch, New Hampshire, the first vote in the nation, and in that tiny hamlet Clinton beat Trump in a landslide, 4-2—a harbinger, we hope.) Most recently we had a roundup of reader reaction to the Comey aftermath, and a new reader makes an interesting point here: FBI agents ran to the nearest reporter to leak about potentially damaging material about Clinton. Future - How liars create the ‘illusion of truth’ “Repeat a lie often enough and it becomes the truth”, is a law of propaganda often attributed to the Nazi Joseph Goebbels.

Future - How liars create the ‘illusion of truth’

Among psychologists something like this known as the "illusion of truth" effect. Here's how a typical experiment on the effect works: participants rate how true trivia items are, things like "A prune is a dried plum".

Liar, Liar

A neuroscientist explains what may be wrong with Trump supporters’ brains. Audience member Robin Roy (C) reacts as U.S.

A neuroscientist explains what may be wrong with Trump supporters’ brains

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump greets her at a campaign rally in Lowell, Massachusetts January 4, 2016. (BRIAN SNYDER / Reuters) There’s no doubt that Donald Trump has said many things that would have been political suicide for any other Republican candidate. And almost every time he made one of these shocking statements, political analysts on both the left and the right predicted that he’d lose supporters because of it. But as we have clearly seen over the past year, they were dead wrong every time. The only thing that might be more perplexing than the psychology of Donald Trump is the psychology of his supporters. Witnesses back up sexual assault claim against Donald Trump. Donald Trump: The Dress Rehearsal for Fascism.

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump speaks at an event hosted by the Republican Hindu Coalition in Edison, N.J., on Saturday.

Donald Trump: The Dress Rehearsal for Fascism

(Julio Cortez / AP) Americans are not offered major-party candidates who have opposing political ideologies or ideas. We are presented only with manufactured political personalities. We vote for the candidate who makes us “feel” good about him or her. Campaigns are entertainment and commercial vehicles to raise billions in advertising revenue for corporations.

Our system of inverted totalitarianism has within it the seeds of an overt or classical fascism.

Spawn of ethically lacking family

Immigrants Don’t Steal Jobs or Wages. Billionaires Do. - Immigrants Don’t Steal Jobs or Wages. [...]

Immigrants Don’t Steal Jobs or Wages. Billionaires Do. -

This post originally appeared at the Campaign for America’s Future blog. With the advent of Donald Trump, what was once covert in the Republican message has become overt. Rosie vs Trump. Trump's campaign paid his businesses $8.2 million. Donald Trump’s presidential campaign has paid his family's businesses more than $8.2 million, according to a POLITICO analysis of campaign finance filings, which reveals an integrated business and political operation without precedent in national politics.

Trump's campaign paid his businesses $8.2 million

The GOP presidential nominee’s campaign has paid his various businesses for services including rent for his campaign offices ($1.3 million), food and facilities for events and meetings ($544,000) and payroll for Trump corporate staffers ($333,000) who helped with everything from his traveling security to his wife’s convention speech. Story Continued Below In all, the Trump campaign’s payments to Trump-owned businesses account for about 7 percent of its $119 million spending total, the analysis found. That’s an unprecedented amount of self-dealing in federal politics. Trump, on the other hand, appears to have structured his businesses in a way that lets the campaign use them without legal restriction. In Donald Trump's America, Milk Doesn't Need Expiration Dates.

In a fact sheet released by his campaign Thursday, Republican nominee Donald Trump announced his latest, scariest policy proposal should he be elected president: calling for an elimination of “specific regulations,” including what he referred to as “the FDA Food Police.” Outlining the newest version of his tax plan at the Economic Club of New York on Thursday, Trump’s campaign released the accompanying fact sheet that called for, among other things, getting rid of environmental and food safety regulations, for a savings of almost $1 trillion. The campaign specifically called out regulations on “food production hygiene, food packaging, [and] food temperatures.” Is it just me, or are other people having flashbacks to Soylent Green?

The axiom that all regulations are always bad all the time is a favorite line of some conservative pundits, but doesn’t enjoy the same popularity with economists. Trump floats rolling back food safety regulations. Donald Trump Donald TrumpGetting the next president off to a running start Obama 'pretty confident about where I was born' Both Clinton and Trump are getting it wrong on child care MORE floated rolling back food safety regulations if he wins the White House in November.

In a fact sheet posted online Thursday, the campaign highlighted a number of "specific regulations to be eliminated" under the GOP nominee's economic plan, including what they called the "FDA Food Police. " “The FDA Food Police, which dictate how the federal government expects farmers to produce fruits and vegetables and even dictates the nutritional content of dog food,” it read.

“The rules govern the soil farmers use, farm and food production hygiene, food packaging, food temperatures and even what animals may roam which fields and when,” the statement continued. "It also greatly increased inspections of food 'facilities,' and levies new taxes to pay for this inspection overkill. " How the Trump Organization's Foreign Business Ties Could Upend U.S. National Security. If Donald Trump is elected president, will he and his family permanently sever all connections to the Trump Organization, a sprawling business empire that has spread a secretive financial web across the world?

Or will Trump instead choose to be the most conflicted president in American history, one whose business interests will constantly jeopardize the security of the United States? Throughout this campaign, the Trump Organization, which pumps potentially hundreds of millions of dollars into the Trump family’s bank accounts each year, has been largely ignored. As a private enterprise, its businesses, partners and investors are hidden from public view, even though they are the very people who could be enriched by—or will further enrich—Trump and his family if he wins the presidency. Donald Trump waves during a campaign event in Albany, New York, April 11, 2016. The Mythical Connection Between Immigrants and Crime.

10 Ways Manipulators Use Emotional Intelligence for Evil (and How to Fight Back) Emotional intelligence is nothing new. Sure, the term was coined in the 1960's, and popularized by psychologists in recent decades. But the concept of emotional intelligence--which I define as a person's ability to recognize and understand emotions and use that information to guide decision making--has been around as long as we have. Donald Trump Is Going To Be Elected. Donald Trump is going to be elected president. The American people voted for him a long time ago. They voted for him when The History Channel went from showing documentaries about the Second World War to “Pawn Stars” and “Swamp People.” They voted for him when The Discovery Channel went from showing “Lost Treasures of the Yangtze Valley” to “Naked and Afraid.”

The George W. Bush White House ‘Lost’ 22 Million Emails. Trump Campaign CEO Stephen K. Bannon Was Charged With Domestic Violence In 1996. How many Trump products were made overseas? Here’s the complete list. Monica Lewinsky and the Trope of the Jewish Temptress in the Trump Age. Why Won't Donald Trump Release His Tax Returns? The Making of Donald Trump, As Told by a Journalistic Nemesis - Why We Ask to See Candidates’ Tax Returns. Donald Trump says he would like to 'hit' DNC speakers who disparaged him. Humans of New York's Open Letter to Donald Trump Is Going Viral.

Trump used white extremism to gain support

An Illustrated History of Donald Trump’s Hair. Warning! Don’t Read Before Lunch! Photos. Donald Trump is unfit to be president. Here are 141 reasons why. To view the interactive version of this list, visit this page on another platform, like your phone's mobile browser or your computer's browser. 1. Proposed to create a database system to track Muslims in the U.S. 2. Scots Shower Trump With Glorious Scottish Insults After His Brexit Tweet. State Dept. Concludes Past Secretaries Of State "Definitively" Handled Classified Information On Private Email. ABC News detailed a final State Department investigation which concluded that past secretaries of state, including Colin Powell and Condoleezza Rice's immediate staff, "handled classified material on unclassified email systems.

" The findings come as the FBI investigates a private email server used by Hillary Clinton during her time as secretary of state. For months, conservative media figures have attacked Clinton, baselessly accusing her of wrongdoing for receiving State Department emails on her private email account while secretary of state. Garrison Keillor: The punk who would be president. It is the most famous ducktail in America today, the hairdo of wayward youth of a bygone era, and it's astonishing to imagine it under the spotlight in Cleveland, being cheered by Republican dignitaries. The class hood, the bully and braggart, the guy revving his pink Chevy to make the pipes rumble, presiding over the student council. This is the C-minus guy who sat behind you in history and poked you with his pencil and smirked when you asked him to stop.

The Tyranny of Trump. How Donald Trump Bankrupted His Atlantic City Casinos, but Still Earned Millions. California drought: How Trumps blustering caricatured a genuine crisis. Donald Trump Wants To Make U.S. Energy Great Again. BREAKING: Proof Donald Trump Screwed The US Government Out Of $20 Million In Taxes (IMAGES) Donald Trump on His Tax Rate: 'It's None of Your Business' - First Draft. Political News, Now. The Republican Horse Race Is Over, and Journalism Lost. A Trump Sampler: His Changing Views.

Donald Trump's file. Trump and Abortion. Mr. Trump’s Dangerous Babble on Foreign Policy. This Bald Eagle Is NOT A Trump Fan... Trump’s Terror Dependency. The rise of American authoritarianism. The G.O.P. Created Donald Trump. The Republicans' Big Health Care 'Idea' Is Complete Nonsense. Donald Trump 2016: The One Weird Trait That Predicts Whether You’re a Trump Supporter. In response to a recent request for @realDonaldTrump as Baron Harkonnen. Please to enjoy, @siobhanmattison ! Here are 76 of Donald Trump’s many campaign promises. Karl Rove Calls Donald Trump A Complete Idiot. Trump supporters get violent with silent protesters. Trump Supporters Appear To Be Misinformed, Not Uninformed.

Donald Trump boasts exactly the experience we should steer well clear of. George Takei: Of Course Trump Is Wrong — Problem Is, He's Dangerous. Top U.S. Psychiatrists Confirm Trump’s Narcissistic Personality Disorder, ‘Textbook Case’ «