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Untitled. IN 1987, WHILE he was mayor of Burlington, Vermont, Bernie Sanders released an album of folk songs and poems titled “We Shall Overcome”.


The record included anthems evocative of a deep Americana such as “This Land Is Your Land”, but also Civil Rights ballads like “Oh Freedom”. The album became popular among Mr Sanders’s supporters during the 2016 primary Democratic presidential primary, embodying his long-standing devotion to progressive ideas about race and civil rights, along with his vintage lefty beliefs about the state’s responsibility to provide equality. Untitled. By Brian Schaffner and Jon Green At one point last year, Elizabeth Warren looked poised to become a frontrunner for the Democratic nomination.


She was second in the national polling during much of the fall and was even leading polls in key states like Iowa and New Hampshire. But, by December, she had faded in the polls. She didn’t finish higher than third in any state through Super Tuesday, including her home state of Massachusetts. Today, she is dropping out of the race. Why didn’t she catch on? Primaries are idiosyncratic contests, where candidates with broadly similar policy platforms compete for voters with broadly similar policy preferences. One such factor -- again, among many -- appears to be sexism. Untitled. Many individuals, but most especially those on the liberal side of the aisle, Setzler writes, will admit their hostility toward women leaders only when they do not realize that they are doing so or when their concerns can be communicated in a way that does not run counter to social norms.


The traditional approach, which asks “respondents whether men, women, or both equally make better political leaders” fails to capture this latent sexism, in Setzler’s view. Instead, Setzler tested asking a similar question carefully in “a face-saving frame that reminds respondents that relatively few women hold high-level elected office.” Bernie as Democratic Socialist. 4 Reasons Bernie Sanders Could Fight On. Bernie Sanders' American Dream is in Denmark. Bill Boyarsky: Why ‘Berniecare’ Has Legs - Columns - Bill Boyarsky. Sen.

Bill Boyarsky: Why ‘Berniecare’ Has Legs - Columns - Bill Boyarsky

Bernie Sanders in 2010, waving after speaking to a rally in front of the Vermont Statehouse, where supporters of single-payer health care had gathered to say that Obamacare didn’t go far enough. (Alden Pellett / AP) Hillary Clinton wants incremental improvement in Obamacare to fix its imperfect and increasingly costly collaboration between the federal government and insurance companies. Bernie Sanders wants Medicare for all—Berniecare—with Americans given full medical benefits financed by a moderate tax increase for most people and heavier taxes for the rich. Bernie Gets It Done: Sanders' Record of Pushing Through Major Reforms Will Surprise You. The "Bernie Bros" Narrative: A Cheap Campaign Tactic Masquerading as Journalism and Social Activism.

Greenwald writes: "The concoction of the 'Bernie Bro' narrative by pro-Clinton journalists has been a potent political tactic - and a journalistic disgrace.

The "Bernie Bros" Narrative: A Cheap Campaign Tactic Masquerading as Journalism and Social Activism

" My Endorsement of Bernie Sanders. Moore writes: "Do you ever wonder why the pundits, the political class, are always so sure that Americans 'just aren't ready' for something - and then they're always just so wrong?

My Endorsement of Bernie Sanders

They say these things because they want to protect the status quo. They don't want the boat rocked. " By Michael Moore, Michael Moore's Web Site 01 February 16 y Dear Friends, Bernie Sanders Confronts Alan Greenspan. Bernie Sanders: To Rein In Wall Street, Fix the Fed. WALL STREET is still out of control.

Bernie Sanders: To Rein In Wall Street, Fix the Fed

Seven years ago, the and the Treasury Department bailed out the largest financial institutions in this country because they were considered too big to fail. But almost every one is bigger today than it was before the bailout. If any were to fail again, taxpayers could be on the hook for another bailout, perhaps a larger one this time. To rein in Wall Street, we should begin by reforming the Federal Reserve, which oversees financial institutions and which uses monetary policy to maintain price stability and full employment. Unfortunately, an institution that was created to serve all Americans has been hijacked by the very bankers it regulates. Photo The recent decision by the Fed to raise interest rates is the latest example of the rigged economic system.

What went wrong at the Fed? Bernie Sanders Wants to Turn Post Offices Into Banks. Bernie Sanders on guns: Vermont independent voted against gun control, for PLCAA. Photo by Andrew Burton/Getty Images When Vermont Sen.

Bernie Sanders on guns: Vermont independent voted against gun control, for PLCAA.

Bernie Sanders jumped into the 2016 presidential race, he was widely hailed as a far-left socialist who would appeal to the liberal wing of the Democratic Party. A liberal challenge to Hillary Clinton, said Politico. The Senate Votes That Divided Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. Hillary Rodham Clinton is a liberal Democrat on domestic matters, and Bernie Sanders is a socialist.

The Senate Votes That Divided Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders

They voted the same way 93 percent of the time in the two years they shared in the Senate. In fact, from January 2007 to January 2009, Mrs. Clinton, representing New York, voted with Mr. Sanders about as often as she did with the like-minded Democrats Ron Wyden of Oregon and Barbara Mikulski of Maryland. In many of the cases in which she differed with Mr. The 31 times that Mrs. Photo Foreign Policy and Defense The two disagreed most often on military and foreign policy issues, including approval of the civilian nuclear deal between the United States and India in 2008 — Mrs. Continue reading the main story Date: Feb. 8, 2007 Issue: George W. Sanders: Supported confirmation Clinton: Opposed confirmation Date: March 15, 2007 Issue: Congress should not cut military funding if it would undermine troop safety or mission Sanders: No restrictions on cutting military funding Date: May 16, 2007 Immigration.

Bernard “Bernie” Sanders, U.S. Senator for Vermont. Thank you for giving GovTrack a try.

Bernard “Bernie” Sanders, U.S. Senator for Vermont

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