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Senator Bernie Sanders in the news

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This will explore the difference between the "Good" press pieces about Bernie Sanders and the ones that cast him in an unfavorable light.

The Long Victory of Bernie Sanders. Hillary Clinton and Sen.

The Long Victory of Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders (I-Vermont) during a campaign event at Portsmouth High School in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, July 12, 2016. (Photo: Doug Mills / The New York Times) "I have come here to make it as clear as possible as to why I am endorsing Hillary Clinton," said Bernie Sanders on Tuesday, "and why she must become our next president. " With that, it was over. While Sanders has not officially suspended his campaign, the deal has gone down. It is, at first glance, a preposterous thing in modern American politics that Bernie Sanders did so well. The television behind me is bellowing about Donald Trump and Mike Pence and Newt Gingrich and Hillary Clinton. For more original Truthout election coverage, check out our election section, "Beyond the Sound Bites: Election 2016. " And then there was Bernie with a bird on his podium and a message redolent of Occupy.

This was his message. That gives me hope. But it happened. But Bernie happened, is happening, is. Bernie Sanders Is Staying In The Race And Will Not Concede. The press did Bernie right in: If Sanders supporters are sore, they have a right to be. Earlier this week, even before Hillary Clinton’s primary victory in California assured her the Democratic presidential nomination, the Associated Press had already declared her the presumptive nominee.

The press did Bernie right in: If Sanders supporters are sore, they have a right to be

Bernie Sanders and his supporters were sore, and they had a right to be. Although the AP defended its decision, saying that Clinton’s crossing the delegate threshold was news and they had an obligation to report it when they did (the day before the clinching primaries) the timing and the circumstances were suspicious. It appears that AP had been hounding superdelegates to reveal their preferences, and blasting that headline just before those primaries threatened either to depress Sanders’ vote or Hillary’s or both because the contest was now for all intents and purposes over.

Bernie Sanders Wins West Virginia, Prolonging Race With Hillary Clinton. Video Senator of Vermont captured the West Virginia primary on Tuesday, forcing to continue a costly and distracting two-front battle: to lock down the Democratic nomination and to take on Donald J.

Bernie Sanders Wins West Virginia, Prolonging Race With Hillary Clinton

Trump in the general election. Mrs. Clinton has a nearly insurmountable lead in delegates, which Mr. Sanders’s victory, one week after he won Indiana, did little to narrow. This week, after long resisting Mr. In Oregon, which votes next week, Mr. “If you look over the last month or six weeks, at every national poll, Bernie Sanders defeats Donald Trump by big numbers,” he said. Independents may feel the Bern, but they can’t vote in New York’s closed primary. NEW YORK — As one of the largest rallies of his presidential campaign drew to a close, Sen.

Independents may feel the Bern, but they can’t vote in New York’s closed primary

Bernie Sanders (Vt.) offered his voters some unusual and unwanted advice. They might lose. “This is a tough race for us,” Sanders told thousands of supporters in Manhattan last week. “We have a system here in New York where independents can’t get involved in the Democratic primary, where young people who have not previously registered and want to register just can’t do it.” Boos echoed through Washington Square Park, where plenty of voters had learned this the hard way. The challenge of competing in a closed primary such as New York’s, where polls show Sanders trailing front-runner Hillary Clinton by double digits, could serve as a final blow to his campaign. Beyond the trove of delegates at stake Tuesday in New York, the issue has sparked an existential question about what the primary should be — a lowercase-d­ ­democratic festival for all voters, or a chance for loyal activists to pick a nominee. Sanders, Clinton trade barbs over who's qualified to be president.

Is the media biased against Bernie Sanders? Is the media biased against Bernie Sanders?

Is the media biased against Bernie Sanders?

His supporters certainly think so. Hundreds of them recently picketed CNN, and I'm regularly deluged by emails from Bernie backers who feel the press — including Vox — is biased against their candidate. I think there are ways in which the media tilts against Sanders, and that some of the reasons for that bias exist primarily as subtext, rather than text, which makes coverage of the candidate confusing for anyone reading it.

That said, there are also important ways in which the media tilts toward Sanders and against Hillary Clinton. The past few days offered good examples of all these dynamics. Hillary Clinton "not even sure" Bernie Sanders is a Democrat. Shortly after Bernie Sanders handily beat Hillary Clinton in Wisconsin's Democratic primary Tuesday night, Clinton is out with questions about whether her rival, an independent senator from Vermont, was truly committed to the party.

Hillary Clinton "not even sure" Bernie Sanders is a Democrat

When asked Wednesday if Clinton believed her rival was a Democrat, the former secretary of state said: "I think that he himself doesn't consider himself to be a Democrat. " "But it's up to the Democratic primary voters to make that assessment," Clinton told MSNBC. "I've been in the trenches for a long time and I believe in electing Democrats up and down the ticket.

I want to see the United States Senate move back into Democratic hands. " She also hit Sanders on his recent meeting with the New York Daily News editorial board, which Clinton criticized as evidence of her rival's lack of practical strategy to deliver on his campaign promises. Bernie Sanders lands big win in Wisconsin. Bernie Sanders fans can cheer: He secured a big win in Wisconsin, with Fox News and NBC News calling victory for him on Tuesday night.

Bernie Sanders lands big win in Wisconsin

Sanders was favored in the state, and polls had consistently given him a lead of between two to eight points. Wisconsin is heavily white, has a strong network of youth voters, and is historically receptive to progressive politicians — all of which make it favorable territory for Sanders. But even though the campaign secured a victory, it's doubtful Wisconsin will significantly diminish Hillary Clinton's commanding lead in the Democratic race. That's because Sanders doesn't need to win states: he desperately needs to win the delegates that determine the Democratic nomination.

Because of the proportional delegate system, Sanders may not actually secure that many more delegates than Clinton after tonight. Sanders’s Message Stands to Resonate Long After Election. Photo Senator , the democratic socialist from Vermont, is waging an improbable presidential campaign, but he won’t disappear after this election.

Sanders’s Message Stands to Resonate Long After Election

Nor will his followers. Mr. Sanders probably has no more than a 10 percent shot at winning the Democratic nomination — and that’s if something bad happens to Hillary Clinton or, less likely, if after winning in Wisconsin this week, he scores a huge upset in New York two weeks later and transforms the race. Yet Mr. The clarity and coherence of the campaign have surprised even those who sharply disagree with him. “Bernie has run a much better campaign than I ever thought he would,” said Trent Lott, the former Senate Republican leader and Mississippi conservative.

Mr. If, as the odds-makers now predict, Mrs. If Democrats, including the next president or the next Democratic Senate leader (likely Chuck Schumer of New York), cozy up to Wall Street, expect a Sanders-Warren barrage. Bernie Sanders just won landslides in 3 diverse states. He's still toast. Over the weekend, Bernie Sanders cleaned up with a series of landslide wins in three caucus states — Washington, Hawaii, and Alaska — that attracted little media attention.

Bernie Sanders just won landslides in 3 diverse states. He's still toast.

This is because media and political elites have basically already decided the Democratic race is over, and feel that nothing in particular hinged on the outcomes in these states. To Bernie Sanders's supporters, this is precisely the problem. They feel that from day one, their champion has been dismissed and underestimated by the media, and that they are currently being victimized by a campaign, orchestrated by or on behalf of Hillary Clinton, to declare his candidacy prematurely over. Bernie Sanders Just Filed Paperwork To Sue The DNC. Here's Why. Late in the day on Thursday, Democratic presidential candidate Sen.

Bernie Sanders Just Filed Paperwork To Sue The DNC. Here's Why.

Bernie Sanders (I-VT) filed paperwork to continue an ongoing lawsuit against the Democratic National Committee. The reason surrounds an incident with the Hillary Clinton campaign that occurred more than three months ago. The lawsuit argues that the DNC unfairly barred Sanders from accessing critical voter information — specifically, a 50-state “voter file” containing information about how to reach potential voters. CDC tells doctors to stop testing patients for marijuana. As part of its plan to change the healthcare community’s cavalier attitude towards the distribution of dangerous prescription painkillers, the federal government has advised physicians across the United States to stop testing their patients for marijuana.

Last week, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released an updated set of guidelines for prescribing opioids to patients suffering from chronic pain. Buried inside the language of this attempt to put a leash on the prescription painkiller epidemic, the CDC urged doctors to modify their drug screening policies in an effort to prevent those testing positive for THC metabolites from being disqualified from treatment. Although the agency wrote that it still believes urine testing is necessary to discover any “undisclosed use” of illicit substances, it specifically states that this rule no longer applies to THC. (Photo Courtesy of Bernie Sanders Is Currently Winning the Democratic Primary Race, and I'll Prove It to You. Nobody cares how well a politician does at the ballot box when he or she is running for an office unopposed. What matters is how a politician performs in contested primaries and general elections, as when it really matters — like it will, for instance, this November — you can be certain of a contested election.

With that said, let’s make an important observation: Bernie Sanders has tied or beaten Hillary Clinton in a majority of the actively contested votes this election season. You doubt it? Okay, let me explain. It’s clear: the world wants Bernie Sanders. As an American living abroad, I rarely think of myself as belonging to any sort of expat bloc, even though, taken together, we would constitute the 12th most populous state: there are 8.7 million US citizens living outside the country. I did, however, vote in the Democratic primary as part of this constituency. Democrats Abroad will send 13 delegates (as well as eight superdelegates) to the Democratic convention, which is more than Wyoming. The results came in a few days ago, and Bernie Sanders is the winner.

He is, in fact, the overwhelming winner: 69% of the vote, to Clinton’s 31%, with just under 35,000 votes cast internationally. In the UK, which had the most overseas voters of any country, he gained 62%. It’s hard to know what to make of this, so far-flung and generally unpolled is this particular subset of voters. If it’s an interesting, and potentially revealing, win for Bernie, it’s not a terribly significant one. The invention of Trump No – I looked it up, and it’s true. Bernie Sanders is set to win several states. Will they be enough? Bernie Sanders is likely to start racking up a series of victories over the next two to three weeks as the Democratic primary heads out West.

The big problem for Sanders is that many of the states where he is expected to do well are small. So while his supporters might be thrilled to see him on a hot streak, it's unlikely that even substantial wins will do much to change the underlying math of the race. "Even if he wins every state from here on out, he probably couldn't catch [Hillary] Clinton in terms of pledged delegates," says Kyle Kondik of the University of Virginia's Center for Politics. Bernie Sanders, in Arizona, Takes On Sheriff Joe Arpaio - First Draft. Political News, Now.

What Bernie Sanders Has Achieved. As he has been for most of the past year, Bernie Sanders is on the road. On Thursday, he was scheduled to hold a town-hall meeting at the Twin Arrows Casino, east of Flagstaff, Arizona. You read that right: the seventy-four-year-old Vermont senator was set to issue his trademark call for a “political revolution” and to demand more income and wealth redistribution at a capitalist mecca in one of the most conservative states in the Union.

That, in itself, says something about Sanders and the historical significance of his campaign. He has cast aside many of the rules and adages of American politics, one of which is that it’s hard for liberals, never mind self-described socialists, to win support in the Sun Belt. And although Sanders now seems unlikely to win the Democratic nomination for President, he has achieved much more than that.

It is obvious that Sanders has, in the process, put a scare into Hillary Clinton’s campaign. It isn’t just Clinton, either. Russian chess master Garry Kasparov’s harsh critiques of Bernie Sanders and socialism. Former world chess champion Garry Kasparov talks to the media in London on Sept. 8, 2010. How Bernie Sanders is hijacking the Democratic Party to be elected as an independent.

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders challenged frontrunner Hillary Clinton on her paid speeches to Wall Street on the eve of a crucial voting day, with five more states headed to the polls on March 15. Bernie Sanders' big chance to rattle the race. ST. LOUIS — In the final days before Tuesday’s primaries, Bernie Sanders was closing fast in the polls in three of the five states voting, raising the prospect of yet another indecisive Democratic election night, this one marked by Hillary Clinton bolstering her delegate lead but Sanders performing well enough to slingshot into what his campaign argues will be its most important stretch yet.

The Vermont senator’s best-case scenario Tuesday has him pulling out three victories — he’s within single digits of Clinton in the latest polls in Illinois, Missouri and Ohio — an outcome that would rattle the race and raise new questions about the durability of the Clinton campaign. Trump: I 'should get credit, not be scorned' for tone of events. The Republican presidential front-runner said in an interview with CNN's Jake Tapper on "State of the Union" Sunday that he "should get credit, not be scorned" for his handling of the tension at his events. Bernie Sanders Has Strength Among White Men Pinched By The Economy. Bernie Sanders Suddenly Looking and Sounding Like a Front-Runner. DERRY, N.H. -- Bernie Sanders, frontrunner? It sure feels like it on the campaign trail, where the famously independent senator is suddenly acting like a presidential candidate who might have something to lose — complete with a lengthy motorcade, little access to a candidate ensconced in the protection of the Secret Service, and a cadre of top aides more focused on protecting their candidate from mistakes than trying to convince skeptics that yes, he does have more than a snowball's chance in hell of taking on Hillary Clinton.

Clinton Campaign Underestimated Sanders Strengths, Allies Say. Photo. Bernie Sanders Taps Shaun King To Campaign For Him. Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders has invited a controversial activist and journalist who has asserted that white men who like guns are compensating for “small penises and low sex drive” to campaign for him at historically black colleges and universities (HBCU) across the U.S. The journalist-activist, New York Daily News columnist Shaun King, made the announcement on social media on Friday. Bernie Sanders is America’s spirit animal: Why this country is much more progressive than you think. With the races for the presidential nominations heating up, and Iowa and New Hampshire just a stone’s throw away, it is time for Americans to come to terms with the undeniable truth: We are a country of equality-loving, regulation-supporting, bleeding-blue liberals.

Despite the political division in Washington, the far-right rancor being spewed by G.O.P. candidates, and the contention in the Democratic race over Wall Street, campaign finance reform, universal health care, and how to handle ISIS, poll after poll shows that the people of this country strongly support far-left progressive, liberal and democratic socialist ideas. King: Why Bernie Sanders is the best candidate for President. Bernie Sanders, an Independent senator from Vermont running as a Democratic candidate for the White House, is raising more small donations from regular people than anybody in the race.

He hasn't been bought by corporate interests and never will be. Joe Biden praises Bernie Sanders on income inequality, calls Hillary Clinton 'relatively new' to the fight. Bernie Sanders Makes Strong Showing in New Polls - First Draft. Political News, Now. Why Bernie Sanders Doesn’t Want Your Vote. 5 ways Bernie Sanders is gaining ground as the primaries begin. Bernie Sanders’s one-dimensional campaign is hurting him badly. 14 Percent of Democrats Will Not Support Hillary Clinton. Only Bernie Sanders Prevents Low Voter Turnout  Democratic Race Heats Up As Bernie Sanders Gains 10 Points On Hillary Clinton. American Postal Workers endorse Bernie Sanders for president.

Bernie Sanders’s New Deal Socialism. Bernie Sanders Just Delivered 'The Most Important Speech' Of His Presidential Campaign. Bernie Sanders backed by union super PAC. Missoula & Western Montana. Why Bernie Sanders Was Right To Link Climate Change To National Security. Bernie Sanders Won the Debate. Hillary Clinton Evoked 9/11 and Sounded Like A Republican  Bernie Sanders is history’s champion: Inside the centuries-long battle between inequality & democracy. Bernie Sanders' momentum stalls in an unlikely place: union halls. Bernie Sanders is the most humorless 2016 candidate. How did he land the comedian vote?

Bernie Sanders isn't changing tune on Hillary Clinton's emails - Bernie Sanders called 'honest leader' in first TV ad, begs comparison with Hillary Clinton. Ask A Native New Yorker: Why Can't Bernie Sanders Be President?: Gothamist. Emily’s List Official Accuses Bernie Sanders Team of Sexism - First Draft. Political News, Now. Bernie Sanders Vows To Fight Back Against Islamophobia In The 2016 Race. Yes, Polling Trajectory Shows Bernie Sanders Defeating Hillary Clinton and Winning the Democratic Nomination  Bernie Sanders Urges End to Federal Marijuana Ban - First Draft. Political News, Now. Bernie Sanders Sided With Marijuana Advocates, but It May Not Matter. Ben Bernanke is no fan of Bernie Sanders' 'delusions' - Oct. 22, 2015. Bernie Sanders’ theory of change isn’t serious: The Vermont senator’s “political revolution” isn’t going to happen. Watch Bernie Sanders 'Un-Demonize' the Word 'Socialist' In Serious Gaffe, Sanders Treats Opponent with Dignity and Respect.

Bernie Sanders Just Explained Why Hillary’s Email Scandal Is Such a Sideshow. Air show traffic jam blamed on contractor. More Americans support Bernie Sanders than Donald Trump. Democratic debate 2015: National union to march for Bernie Sanders - Bernie Sanders’s big black voter problem. Why Sanders may not enjoy his first faceoff with Clinton as much as he might expect. Why libertarian Penn Jillette likes Bernie Sanders - How Bernie Sanders became a serious contender - Bernie Sanders’ Strategist: This Is How We Win. How Bernie Sanders became a serious contender - Bernie Sanders Focuses On Wealth Inequality During Boulder Rally.

With Democratic presidential debate looming, Bernie Sanders calls for tougher gun laws. Forbes Welcome. Bernie Sanders Rocks The Southwest By Drawing 13,000 To Rally In Tucson, AZ. Bernie Sanders is raising more money than every Republican candidate. Bernie Sanders Has One Pro-Wall Street Vote. Bernie Sanders Gets His First Endorsement From A Member Of Congress. Dissent on Israel Not Permitted at Bernie Sanders Event. Bernie Sanders Doubles Down On Gun Control. How Bernie Sanders Almost Matched Hillary Clinton in Fundraising. Robert Reich destroys Washington Post’s hit piece on Bernie Sanders. The Last Thing Bernie Sanders Needs Right Now Is A Conversation About Guns : It's All Politics. Why the Washington Post's Attack on Bernie Sanders Is Bunk 

Bernie Sanders’s $26 million cash haul is a major problem for Hillary Clinton. Hillary Clinton's Not-So-Subtle Message to Bernie Sanders. Bernie Sanders Takes Out Jeb Bush and The Koch Brothers With A Hurricane Of Liberalism. Bernie Sanders's Revolutionary Politics. Fear of a Bernie Sanders presidency: How the silly elite media creates phony stories to dodge real issues. Bernie Sanders is dominating Hillary Clinton in a crucial early state - AOL. Bernie Sanders’ Refusal To Attack Hillary Clinton Isn’t Just Principled—It’s Political Genius. Poll: Hillary Clinton trails Bernie Sanders in New Hampshire -

Bernie Sanders Landslide Victory? Non-White Democrats and White Liberals Could Unite to Make This Happen  Fact-checking a viral graphic critical of Bernie Sanders. Bernie Sanders Joins Striking Government Workers Ahead of Pope’s Visit. Web graphic says Bernie Sanders doesn't support compulsory K-12 education. Is Bernie Sanders Really Unelectable? Poll: Hillary Clinton's lead over Bernie Sanders grows - Bernie Sanders knocks Ben Carson for saying he wouldn’t support a Muslim president. Serj Tankian, Red Hot Chili Peppers Endorse Bernie Sanders. Stephen Colbert Explains Why Bernie Sanders Is Rocking Rallies All Over the Country. Hillary Clinton stumps to a nearly half-empty room in New Hampshire. Bernie Sanders: A Moment of Truth for Democrats  Election 2016: Bernie Sanders NYC Fundraiser Draws Campaign Supporters Who Are 'Feelin' The Bern'