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If your browser does not accept cookies, you cannot view this site. Setting Your Browser to Accept Cookies. An Error Occurred Setting Your User Cookie. How to Subscribe to the Journal of Periodontology. An Error Occurred Setting Your User Cookie. Comparison of Three types of Tooth Brushes on Plaque and Gingival Indices: A Randomized Clinical Trial. Immediate dental implant placements using osteotome technique. Immediate implant placement using the osteotome technique is a gentle technique and offers several significant advantages over the traditional graded series of drills: 1.

Immediate dental implant placements using osteotome technique

This technique retains the total bone mass which is necessary to preserve the remaining bone and improve its quality, mainly, when the alveolar bone is compromised in quality or quantity. 2. Selective photoantisepsis - Harris - 2016 - Lasers in Surgery and Medicine. The Virtual Periodontium: A Computational Model of the Infected Periodontium The details of the scatter-limited phototherapy model have been described in previous publications [25, 26].

Selective photoantisepsis - Harris - 2016 - Lasers in Surgery and Medicine

We chose to use this model because the speed of the calculations allows one to make a time series of evaluations. Time-dependent temperature profiles of tissue during and after laser irradiation are extremely valuable in understanding laser therapy. The scatter-limited phototherapy model uses measured tissue parameters for absorption, scatter, thermal conductivity, and heat capacity to make these calculations. By recognizing that light is distributed with a Gaussian distribution in homogeneous tissue, we can avoid having to solve inhomogeneous partial differential equations. Since the model uses only measured parameters, it is not a surprise that predictions of thermal damage from the model agree with the actual measurements of thermal damage.

Study suggests benefits of laser treatments for dental problems. Researchers have developed computer simulations showing how lasers attack oral bacterial colonies, suggesting that benefits of using lasers in oral debridement include killing bacteria and promoting better dental health.

Study suggests benefits of laser treatments for dental problems

"The paper verifies or validates the use of lasers to kill bacteria and contribute to better health following periodontal treatments," said co-author Lou Reinisch, Ph.D., associate provost for academic affairs at New York Institute of Technology. Why some dental implants work and others don't. Each year, about 500,000 North Americans get dental implants.

Why some dental implants work and others don't

If you are one of them, and are preparing to have an implant, it might be a good idea to start taking beta blockers, medication that controls high blood pressure, for a while. And to stop taking heartburn pills. A body of research from McGill led-teams indicates that in order to raise the odds that dental implants will attach properly, there are clear benefits to taking certain common medications and avoiding others. Bone cell growth, healing and death "The success of procedures like dental implants depends mainly on how the existing bone accepts the implants to create a connection between the living bone and the surface of the implant," says Prof. The McGill research team reviewed data about the integration of dental implants gathered from over 700 patients who were operated on at the East Coast Oral Surgery Clinic in Moncton, New Brunswick between 2007-2015. Natural tooth repair method, using Alzheimer's drug, could revolutionize dental treatments.

New dental implant with built-in reservoir reduces risk of infections. A multidisciplinary team of researchers at KU Leuven (University of Leuven, Belgium) has developed a dental implant that gradually releases drugs from a built-in reservoir.

New dental implant with built-in reservoir reduces risk of infections

This helps prevent and fight infections. Our mouth contains many micro-organisms, including bacterial and fungal pathogens. On traditional dental implants, these pathogens can quickly form a so-called biofilm, which is resistant to antimicrobial drugs like antibiotics. Root canal treatments overhauled through new device to detect untreated bacteria. A new method of detecting bacteria during root canal treatments could eradicate the need for follow up appointments and prevent treatments from failing, according to a study published today in the Journal of Dental Research.

Root canal treatments overhauled through new device to detect untreated bacteria

The SafeRoot device, created by a team of researchers at King's College London, enables rapid bacterial detection inside the root canal, ensuring the procedure has been successful and reducing the need for tooth extraction or surgical intervention. Root canal treatments remove bacterial infections from the root canal space, while retaining as much of the natural tooth as possible. Around a quarter fail over time due to secondary infections, and most procedures require one or two visits to the dentist. The first appointment is used to remove infected material in the tooth, and to administer an antibacterial treatment.

One million root canal treatments are conducted under the National Health Service each year, costing the General Dental Service £50.5 million. Study: Use of prefabricated blood vessels may revolutionize root canals. While root canals are effective in saving a tooth that has become infected or decayed, this age-old procedure may cause teeth to become brittle and susceptible to fracture over time.

Study: Use of prefabricated blood vessels may revolutionize root canals

Now researchers at OHSU in Portland, Oregon, have developed a process by which they can engineer new blood vessels in teeth, creating better long-term outcomes for patients and clinicians. Their findings will publish online in the journal Scientific Reports on June 12, 2017. More than 15 million root canals are conducted annually in the United States. The current procedure involves removing infected dental tissues and replacing them with synthetic biomaterials covered by a protective crown. WaterPik Maintenance. WaterPik Demo. WaterPik Demo. How to use a Waterpik to help Stop GUM DISEASE at home w/ Libertyville IL Dentist Dr. Sam Weisz.

Implant Supported Dentures. Sean Rayment, DMD, DSc, provides several restorative services to help his patients eat, speak, and smile normally once again.

Implant Supported Dentures

Medfield Smiles helps patients in Medfield, Norfolk, Westwood, and the surrounding MetroWest communities improve their smiles with dental implants. Call our practice today to see whether dental implants are right for you. The Dental Implant Process The first step of receiving dental implants is to surgically place the implant post, which is an artificial tooth root. Dr. Why Patients Are Choosing CEREC. CEREC by Sirona Dental Systems is the world's only system for the fabrication of all ceramic dental restorations in one office visit.

Why Patients Are Choosing CEREC

With CEREC at our side, you can be in and out in a single visit with a permanent, all ceramic crown, onlay, or veneer! For you, the patient, this means fewer injections, less drilling, and less time out of your hectic schedule for dental care. So, why are thousands of people world wide choosing the CEREC restorative technique for their dental needs? Single Appointment Dental Care Most dental restorative treatment requires more than one visit. Why a Root Canal is a Dangerous Dental Procedure. Do you have a chronic degenerative disease? If so, have you been told, "It's all in your head? "Well, that might not be that far from the truth… the root cause of your illness may be in your mouth.There is a common dental procedure that nearly every dentist will tell you is completely safe, despite the fact that scientists have been warning of its dangers for more than 100 years.

Every day in the United States alone, 41,000 of these dental procedures are performed on patients who believe they are safely and permanently fixing their problem. What is this dental procedure? The root canal.More than 25 million root canals are performed every year in this country.Root-canaled teeth are essentially "dead" teeth that can become silent incubators for highly toxic anaerobic bacteria that can, under certain conditions, make their way into your bloodstream to cause a number of serious medical conditions—many not appearing until decades later. Splinted dental crown. A comparison of peri-implant strain generated by different types of implant supported prostheses.

Periodontitis - Net Health Book. Regenerative Fillings Heal Teeth from the Inside. Scientists in the UK have developed a new material that can be inserted into teeth to repair and regenerate dentin - the hard, bone-like tissue that makes up the bulk of all teeth. Medscape Access. Medscape Access. Communicating Shade to Labs. 155EmailShare I used to just wrtie “A2” in a box on a lab sheet and hope that the lab would figure it out. That was pretty dumb. Know Your Porcelain: A Guide to the New Ceramics. Boyd Haley PhD explains benefits of OSR and limitations of chelators DMPS DMSA. Healing the Body Through Healing the Mouth. Why a Root Canal is a Dangerous Dental Procedure.

How to know if you have gum disease and how to treat it. How to use a Waterpik to help Stop GUM DISEASE at home w/ Libertyville IL Dentist Dr. Sam Weisz. How to have great teeth - Advice from Dr Gerard F. Judd, Ph.D. Fluoride Destroys Tooth Enamel: Chemistry Prof. Amalgam. What You Think You Know About Gum Disease is Probably Wrong! Teeth. Best Fluoride Documentary! The Truth About Fluoride final cut with Dr Paul Connett MR NEWS. Dr. Thomas Levy on Calcium, Vitamin C and Root Canals. Dental Toxins, Dental Toxicity, Toxicity, Mercury Fillings, Root Canal, Periodontal Disease, Ascorbic Acid, Vitamin C, - Welcome.

Welcome to Dr. Dr Garry Gordon On PEMF, Chelation, Detox, Oxidative Therapies, Infrared, Homeopathy. Heavy Metal Detox Done Right Safe Heavy Metal Chelation and Mercury Amalgam Removal. Welcome to Clifford Consulting & Research Online - North American english version. In modern society we come in contact with many substances every day in the enviroment, the food we eat, the products we use and the treatments we receive. Dr. John Sorenntino - Dutchess County Dentist. February 21st, 2014 | by Dr.

Dr. John Sorenntino - Dutchess County Dentist. January 28th, 2013 | by Dr. Sorrentino | No Comments »