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Curry's Art Supplies Online Store - Tips & Techniques. Aquarelle, couleurs, papier, pinceaux. Masmoulin s'est jeté à l'eau . Presque tout sur l'aquarelle et les événements artistiques. Watercolor Articles and Tutorials. Watercolours & Pastels: Free Art Tips - Index. Privacy/Cookies This site uses cookies. If you are happy to accept cookies being used by this site then please continue as usual. If you would like to turn off cookies, See how by clicking the link below. There's also more info about how this site uses cookies More about cookies: Quick Links Free Tips Index Doodles Free Art Forum Interactive Watercolour Adverts: Free Art Tips Index The Free Art Tips section is intended to provide information to help those starting out in watercolour. Hopefully the section will be continually expanded so please visit again.

Contents: Art Topics Other Art related Topics Copyright Advice on avoiding copyright problems. Product Reviews Rosemary & Co Brushes Tests on Sable brushes made by Rosemary Home | Bio | Links | Free Art Tips | Info | Site Map | Galleries | Contact | Terms & Conditions | Use of Cookies Copyright © Peter Saw. Copying or reproduction of any paintings, parts of paintings, text or graphics on this site is not permitted unless otherwise stated. Watercolor Landscape by Mary Ann Boysen. This is where I started watercolor painting, but since then I have traveled the world and painted landscapes in many places.

I've compiled a selection of my watercolor landscapes on this page along with my thoughts on the subject. Winter Feeding Ground 40" x 60" watercolor canvas Looking out my studio kitchen window this winter, I discovered that inspite of the severe cold, there was still water at the bottom of the hill, and the geese found a way to feed. In late afternoon the sun lit up the pockets in the snow on the hill, and I found the scene very serene. Click here for Details Botswana Lagoon 40" x 50" watercolor canvas This was a real challenge! Click here for Details Going with the Flow 20" x 24" watercolor canvas Utilizing the advantages of the watercolor canvas, I could create the counterpoint movement in the water by painting in one direction and lifting in the opposite direction.

Click here for Details Hughes Street, Cape May, New Jersey (Plein Air Painting) The Painted Prism. Jim's Watercolor Gallery. Painting Oaks in Watercolor. Imagine you are standing in front of a tree, how about an Oak Tree. Now look at the silhouette and the general shape, this is most important when Painting Oaks in Watercolor. Viewers of your painting will know this artist has painted an oak tree,.....not a Fir tree.....not a Weeping Willow. This is Watercolor Painting of an Oak Tree. Maybe in the past you painted a Green Lollipop on a stick. For you this is coming to an end. Do this and your Painting Oaks In Watercolor will improve, you can't paint what you have not seen. Use 1/2" flat brush, paint one clump at a time. Hold the brush in the palm of your hand horizontal to the paper. Start with Yellow paint - don't let it dry, now quickly add the other colors. The silhouette must be rough texture, if by any chance it winds up with a hard line on the edge , the brush was too wet,dry scrubbing action is the way to go.

We are now ready for the wooden parts of the tree (trunks, limbs etc.). Painting Fir Trees. How to Paint Trees in Watercolor - Susie Short FREE Watercolor Tips. On 'Rough' or 'Cold Pressed' watercolor paper, paint a patch of color in the shape of a tree. I try to hold my brush flat or sideways, almost horizontal to the paper. The shape should be shiny wet but not wet enough to puddle and run. With a crumpled paper towel, lightly blot away highlights and sky holes. The longer you allow the paint to set the darker the blotted area will be. If you blot too soon the paint will seep back into the blot. When the paint is dry, add some darker areas under the bough above the blots as shown.

Tree #1 Painted with a flat brush. Keeping the trunk lighter at the bottom will allow you to paint in grasses or pretty flowers at the base of the tree. Enjoy painting! How to Paint Gold in Watercolor - Free Painting Lesson #2 - Watercolor Painting - How to Paint Blacks. Catherine Hillis: Hi! I am Catherine Hillis and I am a professional watercolor artist, and I am going to teach you how to paint in watercolors. Right now, I am going to teach you how to paint black and how to mix black in watercolors. Now it's really important to know how to paint in black, and how to mix black, because traditional watercolors does not use black paint. I think, if you learn how to mix your grays and blacks, you will find out that you have a wonderful new venue opened for you. Now the theory goes that 50% of each compliment in watercolors will make black.

You can also use another brush, and then dip it into the Burnt Sienna and use about the same amount of Burnt Sienna and mix these two together, and we should get a beautiful gray. So have some fun and learn how to mix blacks. This is 300 pound Arches paper that I am using right here. I have a little bit of a drip, so I can pick that up with the end of my brush, that's called the Thirsty brush. Techniques. How to Paint a Water Drop | by Birgit O'Connor. Inspired by flowers in her garden, these bold splashes of watercolor by Birgit O’Connor make very interesting compositions.

To see more floral painting demonstrations from O’Connor, see “Fancy Flowers” in The Artist’s Magazine (March 2008). Summer Rain (watercolor, 22×40) How to Paint a Water Drop By Birgit O’Connor There is a very simple painting technique you can use to add water drops to a painting. A realistic water drop creates a three-dimensional illusion and leaves a lasting impression on the viewer. Get an idea of how this technique works by doing this simple painting exercise. Materials you need Masking fluid1/8 sheet Arches paperLarge wash brushNo. 8 and No.14 synthetic brushesIncredible nib or bamboo drawing penColor: permanent alizarin crimson, indigo Draw the drop: Draw an oblong circle approximately 1 inch long, (MM) and then place a small dot of masking in the upper left hand corner.

Free preview! • Watch art workshops on demand at ArtistsNetwork.TV. Painting Instructions, Watercolor Tips and Techniques, Design and Color. How to paint trees, watercolor free lesson. Mix a green using yellow ochre and ultramarine. Using the side of the brush, drag it across the rough paper to produce a broken effect, leaving sky holes between the foliage. Add some more ultramarine to darken mix. While the first paint is still wet, apply shadow areas, allowing it to merge, giving soft edges.

Allow to dry. Then, using burnt umber, paint in the trunk and add branches that show in the sky holes. With mix of raw sienna and burnt umber. applythe foreground using a dry brush technique. With our original mix add some shrubs either side of our tree. Mix some burnt umber with a touch of alizarin crimson. Add more burnt umber to darken the mix and paint in the shadow areas. With raw sienna and a touch of burnt umber, paint in trunk and branches.

Using our original mix of green, apply foreground with bold fast strokes. Using our green mix, paint the foliage apply with the side of the brush, producing the broken effect. Add a darker mix to trunks and the odd branch. By Rod Webb. Learn Watercolor Painting Techniques Quickly & Easily. Watercolor Tips Lessons Techniques by Watercolor Artist Susie Short. Susie Short Watercolor Artist and Painting Instructor shares watercolor tips for beginning painters, recommends watercolor books and supplies she uses in her watercolor workshops and classes. Susie White Trees in the SnowScratch and Scraped (revised pdf) Happy Holidays! Credit CardTrees(revised pdf) Liens. Pour ouvrir le lien qui vous intéresse , vous n'avez qu'à cliquer dessus. À vous tous les amateurs de casse-tête voici un lien ci-dessous, qui vous permettra de nombreuses heures de plaisir à réaliser ces puzzles de mes oeuvres et celles de mes élèves.

Amusez-vous bien. http:/ / Techniques\aquarelle.doc techniques\corps humains.doc techniques\Les regles de base de la peinture.doc techniques\UN VISEUR.doc techniques\verification ligne d-horizon.doc techniques\jeu couleurs.doc techniques\La perspective.doc techniques\carreau.doc techniques\LE GLACIS.doc techniques\LES VALEURS DANS LA PEINTURE.doc techniques\peinture aux couteaux.jpg techniques\TECHNIQUE POUR COULEUR DE PEAU.doc techniques\portrait au crayon.doc techniques\interet visuel.doc Voici un lien très utile pour établir le prix de vente de vos toiles Vous devez le copier dans votre barre de navigation sur internet pour l'ouvrir.

Astuces pour peindre un sapin. Bien démarrer l’aquarellePassion-aquarelle. Initiation aux techniques de la peintures artistique l'aquarelle. Apprendre l'aquarelle. Un forum permet aux aquarellistes amateurs de s'entraider d'échanger et de partager. C'est un site très complet, à voir absolument. Quelques vidéos pour bien commencer : Cours d'aquarelle Ce cours présente d'abord les instruments et le matériel utilisés dans l'art de l'aquarelle.

Il explique ensuite comment obtenir les différents lavis, ainsi que les trois techniques : sèche, humide et mixte. Cours et démos d'aquarellesUn cours d'aquarelle pour débutants d'excellente qualité, des astuces pour pratiquer cette peinture à la montagne, tout pour savoir comment ajouter des textures à votre tableau. Des explications pour apprendre à peindre un arbre au fil des saisons : SuperArt : travailler l'aquarelleCe site explore les possibilités offertes par cette technique, il explique quel type de matériel il faut utiliser et les différentes façons d'obtenir des effets de couleur.

Sketchbook - Comment peindre facilement les arbres à l'aquarelle. Free Art Projects and Tutorials. Try something new by tackling the art projects, or expand your artistic skills and generally brush up your knowledge of painting techniques through the tutorials and demos. Monthly Painting Projects These painting projects were set regularly with the intention of encouraging you to explore new subjects and/or techniques, to challenge yourself in a new way, and to kickstart your creativity. Submissions are closed but you can still read the instructions.

More Art Projects The projects listed here are still open for submissions, and involve painterly printmaking techniques. "In the Style of... " Each of these painting projects take a famous artist or a famous painting as the starting point. Photo Painting Challenges These challenges are to create a painting using the reference photo provided as the subject for a painting in whatever style you choose. Daily Art Ideas Painting every day gets you into a creative habit and routine. Color Theory Tutorials Composition for Paintings Abstract Art Tutorials. How to Paint Realistic Water Drops. Transparent water drops are very appealing things to paint. With a bit of practice and careful planning you'll find they're not as impossible to paint as you might have thought.

The first thing to get decide is which direction the light is coming from in your painting as this will determine where the highlights and shadows in the drops will be. Then apply the following 'rules': There'll be a shadow underneath and to the opposite side of the light direction (in this illustration the light is coming from the right, so the shadow is underneath and to the left). Next page: What Color Are Water Drops? How to paint waterdrops or dew drops in watercolor - Susie Short's Free watercolor painting tips! Our Company. Dossier technique - Aquarelle Marichalar Watercolor. Blogue de secrets-d-aquarelle - L'AQUARELLE est aujourd'hui l'une des techniques les plus appréciées des peintres amateurs... -

Trucs et astuces de l'aquarelliste Brigitte Charland. J'aime utiliser la gomme réserve pour préserver les blancs, parce qu'elle m'offre la paix d'esprit pour peindre en lavis multiples et avoir une gestuelle très libre. J'aime beaucoup utiliser la gomme réserve (ou gomme-cache) Pébéo parce qu'elle est très élastique et grise, donc neutre. Sa couleur n'intervient pas dans mon processus de sélection des tons comme une gomme jaune le peut. Je n'aime pas non plus la gomme blanche parce qu'elle n'est pas assez visible et il est difficile de savoir si elle est bien appliquée. Evitez de la brasser vigoureusement sinon vous serez incommodé par de nombreuses petites bulles à l'application. J'utilise n'importe lequel de mes pinceaux pour appliquer la gomme et ne les gaspille jamais grâce à la préparation suivante; bien mouiller le pinceau en vous assurant d'y remplir la virole, ne pas l'éponger, puis le savonner abondamment avant de le tremper dans la gomme.

Ne séchez pas la gomme au séchoir, laissez-la sécher par elle-même. Atelier de La Salamandre, La technique de l'aquarelle. Croquis de randonnee - Trucs et astuces pour apprendre le dessin. Cours de peinture.